Frank Rabe

Frank Rabe

Jagerbar Rabe1

Actor: Currie Graham
Gender: Male
Type: Jägerbar
Relationships: Diane Rabe, wife
Handcuff Barry Rabe, son
Status: Living
Job: Lawyer
TV Show: "Bears Will Be Bears"

Frank Rabe is a lawyer and a Jägerbar. He appeared in "Bears Will Be Bears".


"Bears Will Be Bears"Edit

He lives in a house on two hundred wooded acres with his wife, Diane, and son, Barry. When Nick Burkhardt and Hank Griffin were questioning the family, based on a statement from Gilda Darner that her friend Rocky had been captured by someone in the house, his son Barry woged, and he realized that Nick was a Grimm.

He did not know that his wife was encouraging their son to honor his ancestors by engaging in rituals that involved hunting humans while in bear form.  He helped Nick Burkhardt track down his son and save the lives of the human prey. Frank's son was unharmed and taken into custody by Nick and Hank. His wife Diane, however, fell into a trap constructed to kill the humans and was badly hurt, though not fatally.


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