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Fourth Crusade and the Seven Knights Templar
Fourth Crusade
Participants: Dead Knights Templar
Location: Constantinople

The Fourth Crusade was supposed to be an expedition to conquer Muslim-controlled Jerusalem through Egypt. Instead, in April 1204, the Crusaders of Western Europe invaded and sacked the Christian city of Constantinople. It seems to have been a turning point in the history of the Grimms.

Following the sacking of Constantinople, the knights in service to the Seven Houses returned to western Europe with a treasure so powerful that they feared the consequences of its coming into the possession of the houses they served. They hid the treasure in a catacomb in the Black Forest, sealed the treasure shut in a box that could only have its seal broken by the blood of a Grimm, and created a map consisting of seven sections, each on the handle of a key. Nick's Keys are five of the seven. One of the seven Knights Templar, Grigory Wolf of Zollern, Schwarzwald, is believed to be the paternal ancestor of a Grimm, Josef Nebojsa, who formerly possessed three of the keys. ("Map of the Seven Knights")

Known Knights

  • Grigory Wolf of Zollern, Schwarzwald - believed to have been the paternal ancestor of the mighty Grimm clan of Nebojsa. ("Map of the Seven Knights")

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