417-Fossegrim Grimm Diaries

A Fossegrim (FOS-uh-grim; Nor. Foss "waterfall") is a frog-like Wesen that was seen in the Grimm diaries in "Hibernaculum". Fossegrims are known for living in waterfalls and playing the fiddle. They are willing to teach others to play once they gain their trust.

As Hank and Nick looked through some Grimm diaries in the trailer for any possible information on a Wesen that could freeze its victims, Nick found some pages in one of the books describing the Fossegrim.

Excerpt from Grimm DiariesEdit

A Fossegrim lives in bodies of water such as waterfalls and... lures victims into the water. The music is most dangerous to women... especially pregnant women. I trapped one to study his behavior and... he grew despondent if he did not have regular contact with a water source.

He sang particularly depressing songs about his loneliness and his longing for... which he never shall have as he is Wesen and not...

After some time of keeping him... he began to trust me and taught me to play the fiddle as well as he.

Though I came to realize these beings are mostly harmless, their... to drown women and children... occasion gave me a reason to...

417-Fossegrim Grimm Diaries 2


  • This Wesen is based on Nordic mythology, which describes the Fossegrim (known as "grim" in Norway and Strömkarlen/Näcken in Sweden, which means "river man") as a water spirit or troll that is exceptionally talented at playing the fiddle.
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