Force du Sang
613-Force du Sang
Owned by: N/A
Others: Nick Burkhardt
Adalind Schade
Dead Zerstörer
Purpose: Destroy evil creatures that precede apocalyptic events
Location: N/A

Force du Sang (FOHRS doo SAHNG; Fr. "Power of Blood," or "Strength of One's Blood") is a very powerful and complex spell, usually used as a last resort to destroy extremely evil beings that typically precede an apocalyptic event. In addition to being difficult to make and taking quite a long time to concoct, it is considered almost impossible to do because it requires the blood of three opposing forces: a Grimm, a Hexenbiest, and another Wesen.

It is essential that when adding the blood of all three that their blood collectively flows into the potion simultaneously. Their hands must be pierced by a fourth individual and can not be done by one of the three adding their blood to the potion. After this is done, the wound made in all three participants' hands will fully heal within seconds.

When Force du Sang was used on Zerstörer, he was injured momentarily and unable to fully defend himself nor attack, but the potion was not fully successful because only the blood of a Grimm, such as Nick, and the Grimm's ancestry was truly capable of destroying Zerstörer. ("The End")


Blood Potion

  • A Sparrow's Tail feather
  • 3 drops of Silver Water
  • 1 teaspoon of Volcanic Ash
  • The last petal of a Dying Flower
  • 4 dried Poppy Heads
  • Juniper berries, mixed with snail water
  • Saffron, ground by marble
  • Roasted Vipers tongue
  • Milk of a Possum
  • Decoction of Plantain
  • Hog Lard
  • Nightshade
  • Crushed Onyx
  • Palladium Spoon
  • Blood of Wesen
  • Blood of Hexenbiest
  • Blood of Grimm


Combine the silver water, volcanic ash, petal, poppy heads, and juniper berries in a bowl. Stir to combine with the tail feather. Add the hog lard, possum milk, plantain, and vipers tongue, and stir to combine. Wait 72 seconds precisely, and add Nightshade, a teaspoon of Onyx, a healthy dose of Saffron and mix again. Finally, taking the hands of the Wesen, the Hexenbiest, and the Grimm, press them together so the blade pierces them together. Let the blood flow together into the potion and do not move until the flow is stopped, lest everything be lost.

The blood will not mix - take the palladium spoon to mix, and this too will join the spell.

Use as needed.


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