The subject of the article is involved with season 2
This page lists characters, including Wesen, who appear only in "Face Off"

Al Eckert

Actor Jeb Berrier 213-Al.png
213 - Scharfblicke.png
Gender Male
Type Scharfblicke
Status Living
Comments Al Eckert was a locksmith or a thief known to Sean Renard. He met Renard at Nick's trailer, woged into his Scharfblicke form, analyzed the lock, and gave Renard a key he determined would unlock the trailer. Renard told him to forget he had been there.

Female Officer

Actor Eleanor O'Brien Female Officer (Face Off).jpg
Gender Female
Type Human
Status Living
Comments The Female Officer released Adalind Schade from her jail cell. She claimed to not know why Adalind was being released, but stressed that Adalind had no choice.
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