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Exotic Spice & Tea Shop
Spice Shop
Location: Portland, Oregon
Issue 1 Exotic Spice & Tea Shop

The Exotic Spice & Tea Shop is a specialty herb and tea shop owned and operated by Rosalee Calvert. The address is 402 NW Fulton Street, Portland, Oregon. ("Fugitive") Its former owner, and Rosalee's brother, Freddy Calvert, was murdered in the shop by two Skalengecks searching for Jay. ("Island of Dreams") The shop features an array of herbs, spices, and teas that can be used for a variety of concoctions meant to help, heal, or harm an individual. The shop doubles as a type of Wesen clinic, with Rosalee serving as an apothecary of sorts to the community.

Since Rosalee became friends with Nick, the shop has also served as a base of operations for him and their friends, the other formerly being the trailer. As of "You Don't Know Jack", the basement is also used for storing several weapons and Grimm diaries from the trailer that were salvaged from the fire that Juliette started. ("Iron Hans") Occasionally at times of crisis concerning Wesen, the shop has also been a chief location for many Wesen in the Portland community to meet and discuss what's going on. ("Natural Born Wesen") ("Wesen Nacht")

At one point during Freddy's ownership, the shop also featured "exotic" ingredients, namely human organs. After the events of "Organ Grinder", the shop no longer sold them.

Excerpt from "Antidotes"Edit

The human body contains many organs that when consumed by Wesen can have psychedelic, healing or aphrodisiac effects. In my dissection of this human, I experimented over 45 different organs that can be harvested, dried, powdered, liquified, or vaporized for Wesen consumption.

The human heart is a significant organ for Wesen hallucination in large quantities, but when consumed in small doses, it can provide an Eisenbiber with better memory and thought processing.

The liver, when powdered and snorted can give Fuchsbaus a rush of energy that may also cause the Wesen's heart to beat more quickly. This can lead to unconsciousness or cardiac arrest and death.

The human lungs can be refined into a paste and added to pastries. When consumed by a Mellifer, the Mellifer will experience visions of colors and shapes. This may enhance honey producation when administered to an active hive.


Behind the ScenesEdit


  • The Exotic Spice & Tea Shop's open hours are from 10 AM to 5 PM every day of the week.


Grimm - On Set in the Spice Shop

Grimm - On Set in the Spice Shop

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