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"Eve of Destruction"
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Air date: January 29, 2016
Viewers: 3.81 million[1]
Written by: Thomas Ian Griffith
Directed by: John Behring
Opening Quote: Great Expectations
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Co-stars: Spencer Conway as Alexander
Nurmi Husa as De Groot
Scott Thomas as HW Soldier
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"Eve of Destruction" is the seventh episode of Season 5 of Grimm and the ninety-fifth episode overall. It first aired on January 29, 2016 on NBC.

Press Release[edit | edit source]

NICK IS ON THE HUNT FOR THE TRUTH AFTER A SHOCKING REVELATION AND THE WESEN UPRISING ESCALATES - JACQUELINE TOBONI AND DAMIEN PUCKLER GUEST STAR - Nick (David Giuntoli) and the gang are still reeling from the scope of the ambush and the surprise return of "Juliette" (Bitsie Tulloch), but not everything is as it seems. In light of the heightened Wesen violence, Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) and Rosalee (Bree Turner) seek answers from the Wesen Council. Meanwhile, Trubel (guest star Jacqueline Toboni) has some information for Nick that will help him get what he is looking for. Russell Hornsby, Sasha Roiz, Reggie Lee and Claire Coffee also star.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

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Nick, Hank, Monroe, Renard, and Wu are all in disbelief after briefly seeing who they think was Juliette. ("Wesen Nacht") Renard asks Nick how that could have been Juliette if she was dead, and Nick replies, "Her hair was different, the way she moved was different, but it was her; I know it was her." Wu asks, "So whoever took her body brought her back to life?" Nick tells the others he knows it doesn't make sense, but he can't explain it. Monroe notes that whoever it was just saved their lives. Nick leaves after telling the others that he's going to go talk to Trubel because she was at the house the night Juliette was taken, ("The Grimm Identity") so she probably knows what happened. Renard says to fingerprint the bodies so they can leave because they don't want to be tied to this. Hank gets a call from Rosalee, worried she lost contact with Monroe. Monroe tells her he is fine and he just dropped his phone. Rosalee asks what she should do with Xavier and they decide she should take him to the spice shop.

Nick arrives at the loft, waking Trubel up, and she quickly grabs a knife and stands up. Nick starts yelling at Trubel, demanding her to tell him the truth about Juliette still being alive. Trubel tells Nick that she didn't know for sure that Juliette was still alive, and Nick tells her she's either dead or she isn't. Trubel tells him, "All I know is that she was alive when Chavez took her, but... I didn't know if she was gonna survive what they were gonna do to her." Nick asks what they were going to do to Juliette, and Trubel tells him they were going to break her. Adalind walks into the room, shocked to learn that Juliette is still alive. Trubel tells them that Chavez knew that Juliette was a Hexenbiest and wanted to use her as a weapon. Nick asks where they took her, and Trubel says the last time she saw Juliette was when she was placed into one of Hadrian's Wall's vehicles the night they took Juliette. Trubel says, "They sent me on assignment that night. It wasn't till I got to Bangkok that... I heard rumors about them trying to turn a Hexenbiest into a warrior, but nobody told me if it worked." Nick says, "It did. She just took out 20 Wesen who tried to kill me." Adalind asks where Juliette is now and Trubel says she doesn't know. Adalind suggests that Meisner might and Nick goes to get Chavez' phone to call Meisner.

Xavier tries to talk to Rosalee, but she repeatedly tells him to shut up, until Monroe, Hank, and Renard arrive at the shop. Monroe immediately punches Xavier, and Rosalee tells Monroe, "You're safe now. That's all I care about," and they hug each other. Renard tells Xavier to tell them the truth, or else he'll leave him with Monroe, and Hank asks who got to him. Xavier stumbles with his words and Renard grabs him. He asks who set them up, and Xavier says that Dallas and Billie were the only ones who talked to him and that they wanted him to join them. Monroe asks what they wanted him to join them for. Xavier says, "It's too late. They're crazy. They can't be stopped." Hank asks what they can't be stopped from doing, and Xavier answers, "From taking over! All Wesen must join. Anybody who doesn't agree with them will be killed. You don't understand. This is happening now. It's a revolution! There's no stopping them."

Nick calls Meisner and tells him he wants to see Juliette. Meisner tells him he doesn't think that's a good idea. Nick tells him he doesn't care and asks where she is. Meisner tells Nick, "The woman you knew doesn't exist anymore." Nick says he wants to talk to her and Meisner tells him it's not that easy. Nick tells Meisner that he should have told him Juliette was alive and Meisner tells him to give him some time, and hangs up. Nick then tells Adalind and Trubel what Meisner said.

Xavier continues to be questioned and he says that he was taken to some old warehouse. He admits he was told to say what he said about escaping. Renard asks why they chose him instead of killing him, and Xavier hesitantly says it's because he knows Monroe. Xavier says they started asking questions about the Grimm and that this was about getting to Nick and the people around him, adding that he was going to be killed if he didn't have them go to the warehouse. He says they have to help him and starts to woge despite Monroe and Rosalee trying to get him to calm down. He ends up woging, grossing everyone out. He retracts and apologizes. The gang steps aside to discuss what to do with Xavier and Renard says they should put him in protection so they can figure out everyone he came into contact with. Renard starts walking Xavier to the exit and he tries to apologize to Monroe, but Monroe wants nothing to do with Xavier. Hank, Renard, and Xavier leave, and Rosalee notes that they have Monroe's picture, so they'll be breaking down their door next. Monroe suggests that they should contact the Wesen Council and Rosalee agrees.

Xavier is brought to the precinct and taken to a holding cell. Renard and Hank go over to Wu, and Renard updates Wu on what they're doing with Xavier. Wu says he got IDs on all the bodies from the warehouse, but none of them were Billie Trump. Renard suggests they check out her place because they may get lucky. Hank gets a call from Nick, and Nick updates him on the Juliette situation. Hank tells Nick that it looks like Billie got away, so they're heading to her place now. Nick tells Hank he'll meet him there, but Hank tells Nick that they got this since he is dealing with a lot. Nick tells Hank, "Juliette has got to be connected to this. She either followed us, or she knew we were being set up." Nick hangs up and tells Trubel that he needs her to stay at the loft while he's gone.

The police raid Billie's house and search all over. Billie isn't home and Nick finds a cache of explosives and says they need the bomb squad to come. Hank notes that her clothes are still there, and Renard says to put 24 hour surveillance on the house. Wu brings over a picture of Billie and her parents and says, "Got some photographs over here. Wonder what mom and dad would say if they knew what their little girl was up to."

507-Dead Black Claw members.png

Lucien Petrovitch arrives at the warehouse and looks around at all the bodies. As he checks Dallas' body, there is a faint thud, and he looks up as someone tries to hide. He goes to investigate and Billie comes out. Lucien asks how this happened and Billie says, "She wasn't like anything I've ever seen before." She tells him that a Hexenbiest killed everyone. She then apologizes and says she failed. Lucien says, "It's just one battle. And our army is growing. We will honor our dead... and find the bitch who did this," and hugs Billie.

Rosalee dials the Council as Monroe paces around. Rosalee tells him to sit down because he's making her nervous, so he apologizes and sits. Rosalee places the call and states her name. After her identity is confirmed and she is asked what she is reporting, she says, "I need to speak with the Wesen Council. Please call me back as soon as possible. It's an emergency." She is told the Council will review her request and the call ends. Monroe tells Rosalee that there is something he didn't tell her. He tells her that when they were ambushed, they only got out alive because Juliette saved them. Rosalee asks what he is talking about and Monroe says Juliette is alive. Rosalee has trouble believing him, saying it's impossible. Monroe says he knows it's impossible except for the fact that they all saw her. Rosalee starts to warm up to the idea and wonders how she could still be alive.

The Wesen Council prepares for a meeting in The Hague. Alexander goes up to De Groot and tells him that there was an urgent call from Rosalee. De Groot asks, "Now what?" Alexander tells him she didn't say, only that she wants them to call her back. De Groot tells Alexander to see what it's about and Alexander walks away to call.

Monroe tells Rosalee more about what happened at the warehouse and Juliette's appearance. Rosalee then gets a call from Alexander and she tells him about the Wesen-on-Wesen attacks of local businesses. Alexander asks if anyone was killed and she tells him, "One. And the same people tried to kill Nick and Monroe." Monroe says to tell him about the mark and Rosalee does. Alexander says the group is called Schwarzkralle, or Black Claw in English. Alexander says they are aware of the problem and it has been addressed. Rosalee says the Council needs to do something about it and Alexander tells her they are and that he'll get back to her.

Nick arrives home and thanks Trubel for staying up. Trubel tells him, "If you want me to leave, I can find someplace else to stay." Nick says, "You're not going anywhere. Look, I don't blame you for what happened to Juliette. If you weren't at my house that night, I'd be dead." Trubel admits that she should have said something and Nick responds, "I just can't believe this is happening. She was dead. I saw her die. And now what? What, she saved my life?" Nick gets a call from Monroe and Rosalee, who inform him that the group is called Black Claw. Monroe says the Council knows about them, and Nick asks what they are going to do about it. Rosalee says they don't know, but Alexander is going to get back to them. Rosalee then says, "And, Nick, Monroe told me about Juliette. You really think it was her?" Nick says he knows it was her and tells Monroe and Rosalee to let him know when they hear back from the Council. He hangs up and asks Trubel if she has heard of Black Claw. She tells him yes and that her last two jobs in Lisbon and Bangkok had to do with them. Nick asks what else she knows, and she says, "They're Wesen, all kinds. Not afraid of dying for whatever it is they believe in." Nick tells Trubel to get some sleep and heads to bed himself as well, but he is surprised to see Adalind still up. Adalind tells him, "It's kind of hard to sleep after finding out that the woman who tried to kill me and you and helped the Royals steal my daughter is alive and well." Nick says he won't let Juliette hurt her, but Adalind isn't convinced because Trubel said that Juliette is a weapon. Adalind asks, "What if she's like the old Juliette and wants you back? I know you feel responsible for what happened to her..." She tells him that makes both them and Kelly vulnerable. Nick reassures her by saying, "Juliette being back does not change the way I feel about Kelly or you."

507-Wesen Council meeting.png

The Council begins their meeting. De Groot starts off by stating, "Mounting reports from Juárez, Damascus, Istanbul, and several cities in Sub-Saharan Africa are equally as troubling." An Italian Council Member says that according to agents, the political unrest in Asia and Europe is being instigated by Schwarzkralle. Other members start murmuring. De Groot says, "They are organizing far beyond what we thought them capable of. This threatens all of us, and it cannot be tolerated. We need to take the vote on implementing our response. Make no mistake. We are at war! And we can have no mercy on those responsible. All in favor." All members raise their hands except one. Instead, he stands up and says no. He woges into a Drang-Zorn and loudly declares, "Occultatum Libera!" He pulls out two automatic guns and begins shooting the Council members, killing everyone besides Alexander who manages to escape.

Nick wakes up in the middle of the night to faint clattering. He and Adalind get up and Nick checks the security monitor and notices Trubel leaving on her motorcycle. Trubel travels until the early morning when she arrives at a large building where Meisner is waiting for her. Meisner tells her, "You shouldn't have come here." Trubel angrily asks why he didn't tell her that Juliette was alive and asks where she is. She tries to get past Meisner, but he pushes her back and tells her he'll contact Nick when the time is right. Trubel tells him that's not good enough, and she then tries to punch him, but he ducks and they start fighting. Meisner tells her she is still hurt and not to make it worse. Trubel attacks again, but Meisner ends up locking her arm, causing her to yell in pain. Trubel asks, "What did you do to her?" Meisner replies, "What we had to!"

Nick and Adalind talk about Trubel leaving in the middle of the night. Adalind tells Nick she wishes there was more she could do to help him. She also says, "I wish that having this baby had been our choice. I can't help but wonder if you think this should have been Juliette's child, not mine." Nick says he and Juliette had a chance at a normal life after he lost his Grimm powers, but they didn't take it. ("Cry Luison") ("Highway of Tears") Adalind tells him, "I wish I could take it all back, everything I did to you." They both agree on what "everything" entails, albeit with Kelly being the exception, which brings a smile to Adalind's face. They then stare into each other's eyes before kissing. Adalind immediately says that was not a good thing to do, and Nick tells her it's just complicated, but it's probably safer to just think about for now. Adalind says, "I don't think there's anything safe about us, but if anything ever does, you know, get going, we should make sure it is about us." Trubel arrives at the loft and tells Nick and Adalind that she saw Meisner. She tells Nick, "You're gonna see Juliette today. He'll contact you later. It'll be a public place." Nick gets a call from Hank, who tells him they found Billie's parents. Nick says they should pay them a visit and Hank agrees. Nick then tells him that he is going to be meeting with Juliette later in the day.

Members of Black Claw gather together as the bodies of the members from the warehouse are burned. Lucien makes a speech and ends it by saying, "The days of hiding in shadows are over, but the nights of vengeance have just begun." Billie asks what about Xavier, since everyone is dead because of him. Lucien tells her, "The cops still have him. He'll pay for what he did." He then goes over to Jed Baim and whispers into his ear.

507-Billie's parents woged.jpg

Nick and Hank go talk to Billie's parents. Nick and Hank question them, but they say they don't think Billie is involved in any groups or gangs. Nick then shows them a picture of the Black Claw mark, and their attitudes quickly change and they briefly woge into Skalengecks. Billie's dad says they have nothing more to say. Hank tells them that their daughter is in real danger, but Billie's mom says, "Billie is living her life with courage and conviction." Billie's dad tells Nick and Hank to get off their property, and he and his wife head inside their house.

Jed is placed in the holding cell next to Xavier. He pretends to act like he didn't do anything, but once the jailer walks away, Jed glares at Xavier, who is lying down with his back to Jed.

Rosalee gets a call from Alexander to tell her about the Council massacre. He says, "I probably shouldn't have called you, but... no help will be coming." Rosalee asks what he is going to do and he tells her he's going to run. The lock on Alexander's door is shot and Alexander goes quiet as Monroe and Rosalee wonder what happened. The call ends and two Black Claw members go into Alexander's room, but they find that he has escaped out his window.

Jed "complains" to Xavier about why he was arrested. He then takes off one of his shirts and makes a noose out of it. He acts like he is going to hang himself and Xavier calls for a guard. Jed grabs Xavier through the bars and says, "You should've listened to Billie. She told you what would happen." He woges into a Coyotl and repeatedly bangs Xavier against the bars.

Nick and Hank go tell Renard about their meeting with Billie's parents. Nick tells him they said they were proud of Billie. Wu then knocks and opens the door, telling them that there is an attack in the jail. Nick, Hank, Renard, and Wu go to the jail as Jed continues to smack Xavier against the bars. The jailer has his gun out and he is scared as he sees Jed woged. Jed rips Xavier's throat out, killing him as Nick and Hank try to get the jailer to put his gun down. Nick tries to get the gun away from the jailer, but he shoots Jed first. Wu and Renard go into Jed's cell as he retracts. He gets blood from his wound onto his fingers and draws the Black Claw mark on the wall as he dies. Nick, Hank, Renard, and Wu head back to Renard's office. Renard says, "This was not a random act. This was hit." Hank notes that they must have somebody on the inside. Renard tells them, "All right, from now on, we have to assume we've been compromised. Anything to do with Black Claw, we deal with outside this precinct." Nick gets a call from Monroe and Rosalee telling him that he needs to get to the spice shop as soon as he can. Nick asks what the problem is and Rosalee tells him it's Black Claw, but they can't talk about it on the phone.

Meisner lies in bed, thinking about his time with Adalind. There is a pounding on his door and one of the soldiers comes in. He hands Meisner a tablet, saying they know where someone is going. Meisner starts heading out of the room, saying they have one hour.

Nick and Hank go to the spice shop and are told about what happened to the Council and that they knew about Black Claw. Monroe says, "When word gets out the Wesen Council's been wiped out, I don't even know what's gonna happen." Rosalee says she thinks Xavier knows more than he's telling them, and Nick then informs her that Xavier is dead, surprising Monroe and Rosalee. Nick says, "He was killed by a Coyotl who woged in front of the jailer." Monroe asks if he was woged like he didn't care who saw him and Hank says yes. Rosalee says, "Oh, God. These nuts are woging in public? That means we've crossed a very dangerous line." Nick then gets a text telling him when and where to meet with Juliette. Nick says he has to go and Hank says they'll back him up. Nick tells him he has to go alone and Rosalee asks what if it's a setup. Monroe tells Nick, "You don't know what you're dealing with here. This woman is not exactly in the most stable place right now." Nick tells them that he needs to bury Juliette one way or another and leaves, much to the displeasure of Monroe.

Nick arrives at a restaurant to meet with Juliette. He goes inside and looks around. He soon finds her sitting in the back. He pauses and looks at her before walking over to her table. He tells her, "I thought you were dead. Oh, Juliette." She tells him she is now called Eve because she is starting over. Nick asks if she thinks it's that easy and she tells him it wasn't. Nick asks, "You want to know what isn't easy? Knowing that you set me up... and that you set up my mother." Eve just looks at him and he asks if she is going to pretend like she doesn't remember. She tells Nick that she remembers everything and that she would have killed him. Eve looks to her left as Nick asks what they did to her. She tells him they did what they had to.
507-Juliette regains consciousness.jpg
Eve tells him that they saved her and also points out she saved him. She then looks to her left again as Nick asks her why she saved him. He says, "Tell me why. Look at me!" She looks back at Nick, and he asks why she even agreed to meet with him. She tells him, "Because they need you." She looks to her left as three men get up to leave. Nick asks what he is needed for as Eve stands up and starts walking towards the men. She puts up her hood, pauses, and woges, telekinetically making one of the men's eardrums rupture, causing otorrhagia, and killing him. The other two men pull out guns and woge into Schakals as Eve leaves. Nick runs up to the men and fights them. He ends up killing them both by throwing a knife at one and throwing the other through a window, causing glass to stick in his neck, just before the police arrive. Nick goes outside once he confirms that Eve is gone. He tells an officer what happened and shows him where the bodies are. Nick then gets a call from Meisner as he watches from across the street. He tells Nick, "The man is Samuel Rankin, one of the organizers for Black Claw. This was the one opportunity we had. The others are his bodyguards. You probably figured that one out." Nick says a lot of innocent people could have been hurt and Meisner tells him that's why they wanted him there. Nick asks if this was some kind of test and Meisner responds, "It was. I'll be in touch. Sorry about the mess."

Nick goes to the loft and tells Trubel and Adalind about meeting with "Eve."

507-Eve in cell.png

Meisner talks with Eve at Hadrian's Wall's compound. She asks what's next, and Meisner tells her to get some rest because she is going to need it. Eve heads towards her cell, taking her wig off on the way, and closes the cell door behind her.

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Production Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The episode was filmed from September 15-September 24, 2015.
  • The introduction sequence included brief footage of Eve from "Wesen Nacht".
  • Footage from "Mommy Dearest" and "Synchronicity" was reused (flashbacks). Expository flashbacks that revealed new information as to what occurred in "The Grimm Identity", and possibly soon after, were also featured in the episode.
  • The Wesen Council meeting scene was shot in the Grimm writers' room.[2]
  • CGI was used for the shattering glass window that Nick flipped one of Samuel Rankin's bodyguards through.[3]

Continuity[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The episode title is a reference to the 1991 film Eve of Destruction, which also features a character named Eve that is secretly created as an undercover weapon.
  • Rosalee dials the number 011-31-0-70-352-41 to contact the Wesen Council. 011 is an international code required to dial several countries from North America, 31 is the country code for the Netherlands, and 70 is the city code for The Hague.
  • Two names of the Black Claw members that were shown on Wu's computer, Gary Parks and John Petty, are actually crew members on the show. Gary Parks has been the show's VFX On-Set Coordinator since "Pilot" and, as of this episode, John Petty has been credited once as the Transportation Captain in "Clear and Wesen Danger".
  • The emblem depicted on the back wall of the Wesen Council meeting room resembled the emblem on the Flag of the United Nations and included two sword fighting lions, a common symbol in heraldry.
  • Simone Leorin, who portrayed the Italian Council Member, also portrayed Hundjäger Two in "Season of the Hexenbiest".

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