An Empousai (EH-boo-sahy; Anc. Gr. έμπούς (empous) en- "one" + pous "foot") is a chimera-like Wesen that was seen in a Grimm diary in a promotional image for "Map of the Seven Knights". Several Wesen were worshipped in Ancient Greece, with the Empousai once considered to be a demigoddess in Greek mythology.


When woged, an Empousai, as traditionally depicted in Ancient Greek art, has hair of fire, one leg of a donkey, and one brass prosthetic leg.


  • The Empousai is based on the real mythology of Empusa. As a demigoddess in Ancient Greece, Empusa was the beautiful daughter of the goddess Hecate and the spirit Mormo. She was initially based on vampires and was said to feast on blood by seducing young men as they slept, before drinking their blood and eating their flesh. Later on, Empusa's role in mythology was reduced to a species of spectre called an empuse or empusa.
Unseen Wesen in Grimm
Afrotherian Wesen Bhari Kadama
Amphibian Wesen Fossegrim
Avian Wesen Augapfel-Aushacken
Bovine Wesen Mordstier
Canine Wesen Lob Hombre, Volkodlak
Chimeric Wesen Ammit, Empousai
Chondrichthyan Wesen Ak-Moho-Alii
Decapod Wesen Karkinos
Feliform Wesen Abartige Aasfresser, Bastet
Feline Wesen Ukufu Okusheshayo
Hexapod Wesen Khepri, Sairento Shi
Lupine Wesen Grauhund
Meline Wesen Rotznasig Carcaju
Mephitid Wesen Faeteo fatalis
Monotreme Wesen Shnabeltiermörder
Pantherine Wesen Rißfleisch, Tefnut
Perissodactyl Wesen Abath
Primate Wesen Amarok, Handwerksburschen
Procyonid Wesen Waschbar
Pseudosuchian Wesen Trasque
Rodent Wesen Schmerzen-Kaninchen
Ruminant Wesen Spokelseshorn
Unknown Wesen Curupira, Fétide Taillader, Gefrierengeber, Leshy, Peau de la Mort, Sangrienta Manos, Schneetmacher, Waage

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