Elly Mahario


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Actor: Stephanie Nogueras
Gender: Female
Type: Naiad
Relationships: Sarah Mahario, half-sister
Anna Mahario, half-sister
Abel Mahario, legal father
Status: Living
TV Show: "One Night Stand"

Elly Mahario is a Naiad who appeared in "One Night Stand". She was deaf and communicated with sign language and lipreading.


"One Night Stand"Edit

She was spying on her sisters, Sarah and Anna, while they were with Jake Barnes and Dan on the beach. When Sarah saw her, she went up to Elly and told her to leave. Elly protested about what was happening because she loved Jake. Sarah told her that Jake did not know she existed. When Sarah and Jake went into the water, Elly stole Jake's phone to look at his pictures.

After Dominic and Jesse had attempted to drown Jake and Dan, she pulled Jake from the water and resuscitated him.

She was hiding in the water while the detectives interviewed her father and sisters.

Elly later went to see Jake and showed him her true form, but she was captured by Dominic and Jesse. They took her back to the marina and were about to cut the skin between her fingers and toes when she was rescued by Nick and Hank.



  • She was the first deaf character to appear on the show.
  • Her deaf/mute nature may be a reference to the Hans Christian Andersen tale, The Little Mermaid," wherein a sea dweller trades her soul and voice for legs.

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