609-Kinoshimobe awakens
Notables: Kinoshimobe

An Elemental is a type of Non-Wesen being. The only known elemental is a Kinoshimobe. They have a deep biological drive to protect nature and the surrounding area in which they reside, awakened and able to detect whenever there is harm inflicted upon and to their territory. Elementals take on a humanoid-like form, sharing the characteristics of the element they represent, such as the Kinoshimobe resembling a humanoid-like tree creature. Elementals are perhaps rarely encountered in the wild because they are largely dormant until some kind of harmful action being taken stirs them into action, and those that cross paths with them normally don't survive when they become an Elemental's target. While they are indeed powerful creatures, they do not kill indiscriminately, as they only go after those that cause harm. That said, they do not differentiate between intentional and incidental harm.

As Elementals are formidable protectors, they likewise share a symbiotic relationship with an entity of their given element that can protect them as well, such as the Kinoshimobe's relationship with a Jubokko tree. If a given Elemental is dying, the partner in their symbiotic relationship can save or preserve their life and act to protect them from further injury. Elementals view their symbiotic partner in a reverential way, as this is the ultimate being they live to serve.