Opening Quote: "Foretold our fate, by the gods' decree, all heard and none believed the prophecy." – Aeneid

Scene: Renard continues to be in shock at the site of Meisner.

Renard: You're not real.
Meisner: Real enough that you're talking to me.
Renard: No. No, you're dead.
Meisner: Does that really matter?
Renard: [He lowers his gun] What do you want?
Meisner: What do you want?
Renard: I want you to get the hell out of here.
Meisner: I'm not gonna make it that easy for you.
[Renard reaches out to Meisner's chest and is shocked that Meisner feels real]
Meisner: Oh, I'm here. You sure you wanna do this so soon after your little tussle with Nick?
[Renard's phone rings]
Meisner: Go ahead, take it. I'm in no hurry.
Renard: [He answers] What?
Black Claw Member: I saw what you did on the news.
Renard: That wasn't me.
Black Claw Member: Do you know how much time and blood it took to get you elected mayor?
Renard: That was the Grimm.
Black Claw Member: How?
Renard: If you really want to know, it's an ancient Hexenbiest shapeshifting spell called the Verfluchte Zwillingsschwester.
Black Claw Member: You're a Zauberbiest. You should have known this would happen.
Renard: Oh, really? You have a lot of experience with the Verfluchte Zwillingsschwester?
Black Claw Member: If Bonaparte was still alive, you wouldn't be. Your mistake has cost us more than you know.
Renard: No, my mistake was thinking that you knew what you were doing. [He hangs up and realizes Meisner is gone]

Scene: The group talks with Diana about Nick looking like Renard.

Diana: Why did Nick look like Daddy?
Adalind: Uh, it's complicated. Daddy was in trouble, and... we were trying to help.
Diana: Why didn't you help him?
Adalind: I did.
Rosalee: We all did.
Monroe: But... Nick was the one who had to become him so that he could do what your daddy couldn't do when he needed to-to... do something he couldn't really do. Because, well, you know—
Hank: Nick. Nick's here.
Wu: Okay, glad you got those clothes changed so quickly.
Diana: Those are my daddy's clothes.
Nick: Yeah, I had to borrow them.
Diana: Is Daddy okay?
Adalind: He's better now.
Nick: Are you okay?
Diana: I want to see my daddy.
Adalind: Uh, we'll see Daddy soon, honey, but, right now, we are gonna go and live with Nick and Kelly. It's Kelly's turn to be with his Daddy now, okay?
Diana: [She walks over to Rosalee] You have a baby in you. No, not a baby.
Rosalee: What?
Monroe: Oh, God.
Diana: More than one.
Wu: I'm guessing we didn't know this.
Monroe: How many more?
Diana: I don't know. Just more.
Hank: Well, congratulations.
Adalind: I think we should be going now.
Nick: Yeah, I'll-I'll get Kelly. [He walks away]
Adalind: Come on, honey. [She and Diana walk away]
[Diana looks back at Monroe and Rosalee as she follows Adalind]
Monroe: What kind of look was that?
Rosalee: I don't know-that was a look.
Monroe: Yeah, that was a look. That was a creepy look. I mean, am I the only one who thinks that was a creepy look?
Rosalee: Don't go there.
Monroe: I've already gone there. "More than one." Huh!

Scene: Isidoro Malpica does an Internet search for Portland babies.

[Isidoro groans in discomfort as he comes across photos of baby Auggie Maler uploaded by Auggie's mom, Haley on social media. Isidoro then groans in pain, holding his head. He shakes it off and searches for the Maler's house, groaning in more discomfort as he finds the address he is looking for]

Scene: Haley Maler takes pictures of Auggie and her husband, Paul.

Haley: Smile. [She takes a couple pictures]
Paul: Okay, we're done.
Haley: No, no, just a couple more.
Paul: No, no, no, no, please. No more. You have enough to choose from, don't you? You've got a hundred you took yesterday, and the day before that and the day before that. [He lays Auggie down] Get that little head down.
[Haley takes a couple more pictures of Auggie]
Paul: I think he feels a little warm.
Haley: Yeah?
Paul: Mm-hmm.
Haley: [She feels Auggie] Maybe it's a fever?
Paul: I don't know. I was holding him for a long time.
Haley: I'm taking his temperature. [She grabs a thermometer]
Paul: Just don't take any pictures of him.
Haley: One day, you'll thank me for recording our son's young life. [She starts taking Auggie's temperature]
Paul: I don't think I'll live long enough to go through all the pictures.
Haley: 99.3.
Paul: If it gets any higher, you should take him to the doctor in the morning.
Haley: Okay. [She and Paul kiss]
Paul: Going to bed.
Haley: Yup, I'll be right there. I'm just gonna upload these photos.
Paul: Yeah, I know. [He heads to bed]
[Isidoro watches the house from outside. In the middle of the night, Auggie cries, waking Haley and Paul up]
Paul: Is it my turn?
Haley: [She laughs] I'll go.
Paul: Thank you.
[Haley laughs as she sits up]
Paul: Thank you.
[Inside Auggie's room, Isidoro picks Auggie up as Haley walks in]
Haley: What? Oh, my God, what are you doing?
[Isidoro woges into an El Cuegle]
Haley: What are you doing? Put him down! Put him down! Put him down! [She goes after Isidoro]
[Isidoro snarls and throws Haley into a dresser, causing her to hit her head and get briefly knocked out. Isidoro then escapes with Auggie]
Paul: [He sits up] Haley? [He goes to Auggie's room]
[Haley groans on the floor]
Paul: Haley, Haley.
Haley: It took our baby. It took our baby!
[Paul checks Auggie's bed and sees that he is missing]

Scene: Eve walks through the tunnels.

Scene: Nick, Adalind, Diana, and Kelly arrive at the loft.

Adalind: Home sweet home.
Nick: Welcome back.
Diana: I've been here before.
Nick: Right. So I guess you don't need a tour.
Diana: Where's my room?
Adalind: It's not like Daddy's place, honey. We've got a little less space here.
[Diana finds a blood stain on the floor]
Nick: What's wrong?
Diana: A lot of people died here. I wanna see Daddy.
Adalind: I'll take you to see him tomorrow, okay? I know it's hard moving around this much, but I'm just trying to keep us together and safe. [She hugs Diana]
[Diana looks at Nick]
Adalind: I'm so proud of the way you're handling all of this.

Scene: Eve arrives at the ladder to the loft.

Adalind: Diana's asleep.
Nick: You sure?
Adalind: Yeah.
Nick: [He sighs] She knew Rosalee was gonna have a kid. She could sense that people died here.
Adalind: She has amazing abilities, ones I don't understand, and I don't know where they came from.
[Eve climbs part way up the ladder]
Adalind: And Sean doesn't know either.
[Eve pauses, listening]
Adalind: We have to protect her.
Nick: I know.
Adalind: I'm so happy to be back here with you.
Nick: Yeah, me too. I thought I was gonna go crazy without you.
[Eve climbs back down the ladder. Her face ripples and she goes to where the stick is hidden, sitting against the opposite wall. Flashback of Nick putting the stick away in "Oh Captain, My Captain"]

Scene: Renard sits in his office looking at a newspaper article and an article on his computer about him abdicating the mayorship.

[There is suddenly applause as Nick and Hank arrive at the precinct]
Man: All right, hey!
Nick: Hey.
Man: Welcome back, guys.
Nick: Good to see you. Good to see you. Thank you so much. [He looks at Renard in his office before he and Hank walk over to Wu]
[Someone whistles]
Wu: Whoo!
Nick: Thank you.
Wu: Hey. Look at that.
Hank: Thank you. How's the Captain taking it so far?
Wu: He hasn't come out of his office.
Nick: Well, he's probably waiting for us.
Wu: Well, let's not rest on our laurels too long.
Hank: Aw, can't we bask in our glory a little longer?
Wu: Uh, nope. We got work to do. We have an attack and kidnapping.
Renard: [He comes out of his office] You three. My office.
Wu: I'm guessing this will be the presentation of medals.
[The three of them go to Renard's office]
Renard: Why don't you close the door?
[Wu closes the door]
Renard: [He clears his throat, sniffs, and then sighs] Well, we've all made mistakes. That was one hell of an undercover operation that "we" pulled off.
Nick: Yeah, you looked pretty good on TV.
Renard: Yeah, well, you didn't.
Nick: People really seemed to like it.
Hank: I know I did.
Wu: Sometimes, Captain, you have to sacrifice for the good of the pe—
Renard: Shut up. Let's get one thing straight here: I'm in charge of this precinct. Any of you get out of line again, you will be outta here.
Nick: So... no medals, then?
Renard: Get out.
[Nick, Hank, and Wu leave]
Meisner: Well, I don't think that was in the spirit of reconciliation.
Renard: You can get out too.
Meisner: I would, if I was here.
Renard: You think I'm scared of you just 'cause you're-'cause you're dead?
Hank: [Watching Renard] Is he talking to himself?
Nick: It looks like it.
Wu: Maybe he's on speaker phone.
Meisner: Aren't you worried about the fact that you're talking to someone who isn't even here?
Renard: Oh, let's see how here you really are.
Meisner: Whoa, now wait a minute, Sean, that's hot coffee.
[Renard flings his coffee at Meisner and it splatters against the window]
Wu: Well, whoever he was talking to got him hotter than his coffee.
Nick: Not our problem. Let's go.
Meisner: Talk about coffee going right through ya.
Renard: Why are you doing this?
Meisner: Well, my calendar's pretty open, seeing as how I'm dead.
Renard: Look, if this is some kind of revenge haunting, don't forget I shot you to put you out of your misery.
Meisner: Oh, thank you for that. Really. But don't forget you betrayed us all. It's the real reason I'm dead.
Renard: No, I gave you an opportunity to join me.
Meisner: Don't think you cleared that with your friend Bonaparte.
Renard: All right, I don't have to listen to any of this. [He walks to the door]
Meisner: And, by the way, Bonaparte says hi.
[Renard leaves, slamming the door behind him]

Scene: Nick, Hank, and Wu arrive at the Maler's house.

Wu: Parents were asleep when they heard the baby crying. Mom got up and went to the nursery to find her son Auggie in the arms of a monster.
Hank: She said "monster."
Wu: According to first officer on scene she said, quoting now, "monster."
Nick: So we're thinking Wesen.
Wu: Yes, we are.
Hank: [He sighs] What else is new?
[They go inside]
Nick: Mrs. and Mr. Maler?
Haley: Yes.
Nick: Detective Burkhardt. This is Detective Griffin.
Paul: Thank God.
Haley: Please, you have to do something, my baby-
Hank: We're doing everything we can. First, just tell us what happened.
Haley: Um, we were-we were asleep, and Auggie started crying.
Nick: About what time was this?
Haley: I don't know-what?
Paul: We went to bed about 10:00, 10:30. Uh, I heard Auggie crying about 1:30 in the morning.
Haley: We called 911. I mean, don't you have - this information?
Hank: Ma'am. Please. [He motions for Haley and Paul to sit down] Just walk us through what happened.
The Malers sit down on the couch and Hank sits in a chair across from them]
Haley: Okay, sorry. Um, like I said, Auggie was crying, and I went up to go get him. I thought maybe he had a fever, but when I walked into his room, there was this-this man standing over his crib, reaching in. And when he turned around, he had Auggie, but he wasn't a man—
Paul: Haley-
Haley: He wasn't a man, Paul. He wasn't a man!
Paul: Haley, stop it!
Haley: I know what I saw.
Nick: You didn't see this, sir?
Haley: It was some kind of monster.
Paul: She doesn't know what she's saying right now.
Haley: With three arms and three eyes.
Paul: She hit her head. When I came into the nursery, she was on the ground. She clearly hit her head, and when she woke up, Auggie was gone, okay? And that's what we know. So can we please find the person that took my son?
Haley: Paul, I am not making this up. [To Nick] Please, you have to believe me.
Nick: Can you draw what you saw?
Haley: Yes, yes I can. [She goes to get paper and something to draw with]
Paul: No, we don't have time to be drawing pic—
Nick: Sir, it's okay.
Hank: Can you show us where this happened?
Paul: Yes, of course. It's-it's upstairs. This way, please. [He leads Nick and Hank to Auggie's room] So, uh, this is where he was taken. I found Haley on the ground right here. Look, my wife's not thinking straight right now. And I'm sure you guys understand she's freaking out. We're both freaking out, but she hasn't been sleeping well, and- Listen, I love my son, all right? But she's obsessed with him. She spends all day glued to her phone, posting pictures of him on the Internet.
Hank: A lot of new moms do stuff like that.
Paul: Not like this.
[Haley walks up to the doorway with Wu]
Paul: She hasn't been herself. What she saw isn't real—
Haley: Stop saying that, Paul. Just because you don't believe me doesn't mean it didn't happen. [She hands Nick her drawing]
Paul: Haley, that is not helping us find our son.
Haley: Please, you've gotta help me find my baby.

Scene: Auggie cries while Isidoro paces around the room.

[Isidoro picks up a newspaper clipping from an Idaho paper about a man arrested for murder. He then has a brief vision and falls to his knees in pain, as Auggie cries loudly. Isidoro walks over to him and woges before picking him up. He sits down, softly rubbing Auggie's face with his third arm and then retracts]
Isidoro: [In Spanish] I know, little one. I know, you're sick. I will get you some medicine.

Scene: Eve removes the stick's box from its hiding place and takes the lid off.

Scene: Nick looks at all the pictures Haley posted on social media.

Nick: He was not exaggerating when he said Haley posts their entire lives on the Internet.
Hank: Clearly she thinks there's no such thing as TMI.
Nick: And every photo is tagged with a location, usually their house.
Hank: Could be how our monster found them.
Nick: Well, her account isn't private, so that's a possibility.
Wu: [He walks up with a laptop] I dug through some old case files and found three other kidnappings with the same M.O. Baby taken straight from the cradle by a supposed monster.
Hank: In Portland?
Wu: Nope, all over. One in Nova Scotia 2 years ago, another in Chiapas 5 years ago, and the third in Idaho Falls 18 years ago. The parents in Nova Scotia are Trevor and Darla Shabtai. Take a look at Dad's profile.
Hank: [He sighs] Their social media addiction sure made them easy targets.
Nick: We're gonna need some book time. [He suddenly gets light-headed]
Hank: Something wrong?
Nick: I don't know, I... got light-headed. I must've stood up too fast. [He sits back down]
[The scene shifts to Eve in the tunnels holding the stick. Suddenly she is forced to drop the stick, and she falls back as it burns her hand. Flashback of Nick using the stick to heal Eve in "The Beginning of the End". Eve then falls onto her stomach]

Scene: Monroe looks at the picture that Haley drew as everyone looks through the Grimm diaries.

Monroe: Three eyes and three arms? You sure it wasn't a one-eyed, one-horned flying purple people eater?
Hank: Well, I've got one with two heads.
Nick: Maybe it isn't Wesen.
Monroe: What do you mean, like a real monster? Please don't don't me you think they exist.
Hank: Wait, I think I found it. [He gives the book to Nick]
Monroe: [He looks at the picture in the book. To Rosalee] You don't need to see that.
Rosalee: Why not?
Monroe: You're pregnant.
Rosalee: Oh, my God, don't tell me it's another baby eater.
Monroe: Well...
Nick: [He begins reading] "I've had the good fortune to never encounter this Wesen personally. However, I knew of a woman who was not so lucky. She was preyed upon by the savage three-eyed, three-armed beast in the mountainous region of Cantabria, a part of Spain where this notorious Wesen is known as El Cuegle."
Monroe: Okay, so, at least we know it's Wesen.
Nick: [He continues reading] "The Evil El Cuegle stalks mothers and kidnaps their newborn babes. He keeps them for the Hours of Dread."
Monroe: What are the Hours of Dread?
Rosalee: And how many are there?
Nick: I don't know, it just says "until El Cuegle is certain."
Hank: Certain of what?
Nick: Something called "Abortar Mal Futuro."
Monroe: Even I hablo enough Español to know what that means. "Abort the bad future."
Rosalee: Abort?
Hank: How does he do that if the baby's already born?
Monroe: You know, he gets rid of them.
Rosalee: You mean he eats them.
Nick: Yeah, something like that.
Monroe: This is just wrong... [He woges his eyes] and we have gotta stop this baby-eating bastard.

Scene: Isidoro goes to a mini-mart to get medicine for Auggie.

Isidoro: [He grabs some baby cough syrup and suddenly gets a strong pain in his head and has a vision of screaming and yelling, as well as gunshots] No, no, no, no, no! [He falls to his knees and knocks lots of things off the shelves]
Employee: Sir? [He walks towards Isidoro]
[Isidoro groans]
Employee: Sir, are you okay? Could somebody call 911, please? Sir?
[Isidoro looks up at the employee, woged]
Employee: Oh! [He jumps back, frightened]
[Isidoro then stands up]

Scene: Nick and Hank look over investigation reports for the three similar cases.

Hank: Nova Scotia, Chiapas, Idaho Falls the description of the kidnapping monster is the same in all the cases.
Nick: Then El Cuegle has broadened his hunting ground outside of Spain.
Hank: Yeah, and these are the only cases where we have a description of him. Could be more babies he took without being seen.
Nick: Or the ones that saw him and didn't want to say anything 'cause they didn't want to sound crazy.
Hank: Paul wasn't exactly supportive of Haley's side of the story. There's a lot more unsolved cases involving abducted newborns.
Nick: El Cuegle has to be responsible for some of those.
[Wu walks up]
Hank: Well, how many babies can one guy eat?
Wu: Is that a real question or a riddle?
Nick: It's Wesen.
Wu: Three arms, three eyes?
Hank: Yep.
Wu: We got a name on this baby-munching Wesen?
Nick: El Cuegle.
Wu: Well, you can tell me on the way, 'cause we got a call reporting a monster in a mini-mart.

Scene: Monroe and Rosalee talk about their future in Portland.

Rosalee: How are we gonna do this?
Monroe: What, catch El Cuegle? I don't know, but Nick and Hank better think of something, or I'm gonna go rogue on this creep.
Rosalee: No, stay here in Portland.
Monroe: Wait, what?
Rosalee: I mean, after everything that's happened around Nick and us, he doesn't exactly attract family types.
Monroe: I mean, he's a cop. And a Grimm.
Rosalee: Yeah, and a close friend, but now you and I are starting a family.
Monroe: [He sighs and sits down] No, I know. I've been thinking about that too.
Rosalee: I mean, I never, I mean, honestly never cared about having kids or getting married. It wasn't a priority to me. I couldn't imagine putting anybody's needs before my own. But you changed all that.
Monroe: And you changed all that for me. [He stands up]
Rosalee: But listen, Monroe, I am- I am-I am scared, I am, like, heart-racing, pit in my stomach, I can't breathe type of scared because now that I have everything that I never even knew I wanted, I feel like it's all going to get taken away from me. And I can't- I will not live like this. I can't be this vulnerable all the time.
Monroe: I know, I know. It's exhausting.
Rosalee: You know that saying, "Waiting for the other shoe to drop"?
Monroe: I do. [He walks closer to Rosalee] It surfaced in the late 19th century when people started moving to big cities and living on top of each other in these massive apartment buildings, where night after night after night they had this shared experience where the tenants would hear their neighbors, like, by the thousands, come home after work, sit down, take off one shoe, drop it on the floor, right? Then there'd be this pause between the first shoe and the second, where the downstairs neighbor would cover their ears... Waiting...
Rosalee: Hmm.
Monroe: For the other shoe to drop.
Rosalee: Oh.
Monroe: Right? I mean, we live in a world full of, you know, people with shoes. I mean, several pairs each, and so we can't go through life with our ears covered or our eyes. We have to just be prepared for that... other shoe. No matter where we are. [He and Rosalee hug, and he kisses her]
Rosalee: I just want to live in a place without shoes, okay?

Scene: Nick, Hank, and Wu look over security footage at the mini-mart.

Hank: You told the officer he stole something?
Employee: Infant cold medicine. There, that's him.
Nick: Looks like he's in some kind of pain.
Hank: Can't really see his face.
Wu: Any more cameras?
Employee: No, it's just these two on the inside and one outside for the parking lot. You can see how freaked I was. If that was a mask, it looked way real. I mean, I hope he wasn't a disabled person or something. I mean, that wouldn't really explain the third eye, but maybe he was disfigured in a nuclear accident somewhere. Here's the parking lot stuff.
Wu: There he goes.
Nick: Stop it. Well, we got a plate. It's a little blurry.
Wu: No, we can clear that.
Nick: Then run it, put out an APB.

Scene: Eve briefly crawls around on the ground before sitting back up against a wall.

[Eve looks at her hand then wraps the stick back up in the cloth. She puts the stick and cloth back into the box and puts the box back in its hiding place. Eve looks at her hand again and sees the burn has formed one of the symbols from the cloth that she saw during her death grip experience. Flashback of Eve's death grip trance in "Fugitive". Eve then starts to carve drawings into a wall]

Scene: Adalind drops Diana off with Renard at the mansion.

Diana: Daddy.
Renard: Hey, honey. [He hugs Diana] Oh, I'm so happy to see you.
Diana: I missed you.
Renard: I missed you, too.
Adalind: I will be ready to pick you up tomorrow, or before, if you change your mind.
Diana: I'll be okay. I love you.
Adalind: I love you too. [She hugs Diana]
Renard: Oh, listen, there's something you both need to know. Um, we're gonna be moving.
Diana: Why?
Renard: Because I'm not gonna be the mayor anymore.
Adalind: Where are you going?
Renard: I'll send you the address.
Adalind: Okay. [To Diana] Bye. [She leaves]
Renard: So what do you feel like doing? Do you, uh, wanna watch a movie, or are you hungry?
Diana: Why don't you love Mommy?
Renard: Well, um... your mommy and I just haven't had the chance to really get to know each other.
Diana: Is it because of Nick?
Renard: Yeah, it is.
Diana: Mommy said you'd say so and that I shouldn't believe you.
Renard: Well, maybe you shouldn't listen to everything Mommy has to say either.
Diana: [She sighs] Mommy loves Nick.
Renard: And I love you.
Diana: I guess we all love each other, then. Come on, I'm hungry.
Renard: Let's go.

Scene: Nick and Hank discuss Isidoro's actions at the mini-mart.

Hank: Why woge inside a store just to steal some medicine?
Nick: Built-in mask.
Hank: No. He fell to the floor. Why? He didn't slip, he didn't trip, nobody was around him, he wasn't pushed, and he's holding his head like it was about to explode.
Nick: Okay, he had a migraine.
Hank: Before he has the migraine, he takes infant medicine off the shelf, not adult, and it's not for migraines.
Nick: Well, Paul and Haley said baby Auggie was coming down with a fever.
Hank: But why would El Cuegle take a chance stealing baby medicine?
Nick: Maybe he is keeping Auggie healthy until, you know, he... dines.
Hank: Maybe, but this guy's got a car. You're telling me he can't afford 10 bucks for some medicine, he's gonna risk getting caught for that?
Nick: Maybe he didn't mean to woge.
Hank: I got a feeling something's really off with this Cuegle dude.
Wu: [He walks up] Got a good read on the license plate. It's a rental-address given on the rental contract is an apartment in Santo Domingo Pueblo, New Mexico. I ran that address. The apartment building's owned by Mr. De La Torre, but Mr. De La Torre doesn't live there. He rents the apartment out, most recently to one Isidoro Malpica, who has a New Mexico driver's license. [He pulls up Isidoro's DMV photo] Doesn't say anything about a third eye or a third arm. Makes you wonder which hands they printed.
Hank: Mm.
[There's a beeping]
Wu: Hold on.
[A BOLO notification pops up]
Wu: They got the rental car. Apartment building in St. Johns.
[Nick, Hank, and Wu leave]

Scene: Nick, Hank, and Wu meet with an officer outside Isidoro's apartment building.

Nick: Where's the car?
Officer: Parking lot of the building. Third spot from the entrance on the right.
Hank: Anyone approach the car?
Officer: Not since I've been here.
Wu: We know which unit it is?
Officer: It's parked in the spot for unit 64.
Nick: Now you stay here, we'll check it out.
Operator: [Over the officer's radio] Confirming the address, 3710 South.
[The scene shifts to Isidoro laying Auggie down inside his apartment. Nick then kicks in the door and Isidoro woges and attacks Nick. They both fall to the ground]
Hank: [He goes to help Nick] Wu, get the baby.
Wu: Yeah.
[Isidoro holds Nick down with his main two hands, while punching him with his third hand]
Wu: Baby's fine.
[Hank tries to pull Isidoro off Nick, but Isidoro knocks him back into Wu. Isidoro then attacks Hank. He pins Hank against a wall and punches him. Nick gets up and he and Wu pull Isidoro off Hank, and Hank punches him, knocking him to the ground. Nick and Hank then jump on Isidoro to arrest him]
Hank: I got three arms and two cuffs.
Nick: You don't see this every day.
Isidoro: Grimm.
Nick: Settle down.
[Isidoro retracts]
Hank: That was really weird.
Wu: Baby seems okay.
Isidoro: No, no, no, no, no, you can't take him! [Nick and Hank pull him to his feet] You don't understand. Ahh!
Hank: You have the right to remain silent. [He and Nick put Isidoro up against a wall]
Isidoro: No, don't take him!
Hank: Anything you say or eat will be used against you in the court of law. [He and Nick take Isidoro away]

Scene: Renard and Diana work on making dinner.

[Diana opens a box of pasta]
Renard: No, honey, you have to wait till the water boils until you pour that in.
Diana: It is. [She woges her eyes]
Renard: Sweetie, the stove's not even... on. [He realizes the water started boiling]
[Diana pours the pasta into the water]
Renard: [He chuckles] It must be fun being you, isn't it?
[Diana starts putting butter onto bread]
Renard: [He sighs] Honey, do you know what happened to Daddy's friend, Bonaparte?
Diana: Yes.
Renard: You wanna tell me?
Diana: He died.
Renard: Really?
Diana: Mm-hmm.
Renard: Do you know how he died?
Diana: You killed him, Daddy.
Renard: Did I?
Diana: Uh-huh.
Renard: Do you know why I did?
Diana: Because he hurt Mommy. Men shouldn't hurt mommies.
Renard: Well, that's very true, they shouldn't.
[Diana goes to stir the pasta and Renard walks over to her]
Renard: You know, honey, you don't always have to protect everybody. You can always come to me. But if you ever do see something when I'm not around, like, uh... well, for example, if- if Nick was ever to hurt Mommy.
Diana: Oh, he'd be very sorry.
Renard: [He smiles] Yes, he would.

Scene: Nick and Hank return Auggie to his parents.

Haley: [She runs down the stairs] Oh, my God, oh, my God, oh, my God! My baby. [Hank hands her Auggie and she kiss Auggie]
Paul: Can't tell you how grateful we are. You have no idea what this means to us.
Nick: Actually, I do. I have a son.
Haley: How did you find that monster?
Paul: Honey, it's just a man. Give it a rest, okay?
Haley: I know what I saw, Paul.
Nick: Auggie's safe, that's all that matters now.

Scene: Nick and Hank interrogate Isidoro.

Isidoro: Where's the baby?
Hank: Oh, that's not how this works. We ask the questions.
Isidoro: You can't let him live with his parents. You don't understand.
Nick: Yes, we do understand. El Cuegle. [He sits down] Hope that's how you pronounce it.
Isidoro: You may be a Grimm, but you don't understand this.
Hank: Why don't you tell us how many kids you kidnapped?
Isidoro: It's complicated.
Nick: It's not complicated. It's cannibalism. If I wasn't a cop, you'd be holding your head in your hands right now.
Hank: All three of them.
Isidoro: I don't do this because I want to. I have to.
Nick: What, do you get a headache if you don't?
Isidoro: I get visions.
Hank: And these visions tell you to do what?
Isidoro: Stop the evil. You Grimms think you know El Cuegle, but you don't. You never have. You don't know the horror of why we have to do this terrible thing.
Hank: If you think it's so terrible, why don't you just stop?
Isidoro: Because I can see the past with one eye and the present with the other, and the third... with that eye, the future can be seen.
Hank: So you're some Dickens character in "A Christmas Carol."
Isidoro: I am not a monster.
Nick: No, you're Wesen.
Isidoro: My visions tell me about children who will do monstrous things. That is why I have to take them. That is why I have to eat them.
Hank: That's your reason for kidnapping Auggie? You might wanna rethink that if you're gonna use that as your defense.
Isidoro: When Auggie turns 19, he will do something terrible.
Hank: What?
Isidoro: His parents' marriage will continue to fall apart. It will become violent. Auggie will grow up isolated and unstable.
Hank: That is not a crime worthy of your punishment.
Isidoro: On his 19th birthday, he will murder his parents. And that is only the beginning.
Nick: How do you know that?
Isidoro: I know when the Hours of Dread have run their course.
Nick: And how many Hours of Dread are there?
Isidoro: They're never the same. It's never more than two days, never less than one.
Hank: So let me get this straight. You want us to let you go so you can chomp down on Auggie? That's pretty damn bold.
Isidoro: Look up Kenneth Slater. See what happens when I don't do what I must.
Hank: Kenneth Slater? He's one of the victims that was kidnapped on the case I was looking into. But he was returned alive. This has nothing to do with you.
Isidoro: It has everything to do with me. You know what Kenneth did when he grew up?
Nick: What?
Isidoro: He killed 10 innocent people in Idaho last year. And I could've stopped him. But I was weak. I couldn't do it. I took him back, I failed. Please, you have to let me go. I can't afford to make the same mistake again.
[Nick and Hank start walking out the door]
Isidoro: If you could stop Ted Bundy, wouldn't you want me to?
[Nick pauses and looks back at Isidoro]
Isidoro: Please! Please.
[Nick leaves]
Isidoro: Please.

Scene: Nick and Hank look up info about Kenneth Slater.

Hank: Kenneth Slater. Kidnapped in Idaho Falls 18 years ago. Missing for two days, found on his own front porch on the third day. Baby was in good health, suspect never found.
Nick: Look at this. Kenneth Slater was arrested for killing 10 people in a local diner in Idaho Falls last year.
Hank: What, so El Cuegle wants us to believe he knew Slater would grow up to do that?
Nick: That's what he's saying.
Hank: He's screwing with us. He could've looked that up in the newspaper.
Nick: Unless that explains the migraines, which could be the visions. Hank, you said something is off with this El Cuegle dude. Maybe he is telling us the truth.
Hank: How do we find that out?
Nick: Dig deeper. See if he was anywhere near Idaho Falls 18 years ago.
[The scene shifts to Isidoro in the interrogation room as his head pain and visions get stronger]
Isidoro: Mm... [He groans in pain]
[Isiodro's vision begins]
Haley: Son, son, don't do this.
[Auggie wraps a gun in a baby blanket]
Haley: Auggie, please, listen to me. Please don't do this.
Auggie: I'm sorry, okay?
[Isidoro groans as the vision continues]
Haley: Auggie, please, baby, listen.
Paul: Why are you doing this, huh?
Haley: Auggie, please, listen.
[Isidoro's pain gets worse]
Paul: We're your parents.
Haley: We love you, Auggie.
Paul: What do you think you're-
[Auggie shoots]
Paul: I'm your-
[Auggie shoots three more times. The vision ends as Isidoro foams from the mouth]
Officer: [He goes into the interrogation room. Into his radio] We have a medical emergency. We need paramedics in interrogation room 2.
[Isidoro woges and slams the officer's head against the table. The scene shifts to Nick and Hank gathering info about Kenneth Slater]
Hank: Even if he is telling the truth, what are we supposed to do, let him eat- Oh, crap. He got a DUI. Idaho, 19 years ago. Isidoro was in the state.
Nick: [He goes to look at Hank's computer screen] We need to talk to him again.
Hank: [He sees paramedics through the hall] Oh, that doesn't look good. [He and Nick go to see what happened and see the officer knocked out on the ground, while Isidoro is gone]
Nick: He's going after Auggie.

Scene: Haley holds Auggie, happy that he is home again.

Haley: My baby boy. I was so worried about you. This is the best day of my life.
Paul: Haley...
Haley: Yeah?
Paul: Honey, I'm- I'm concerned.
Haley: Paul, Auggie's back. We have nothing to worry about.
Paul: No, I'm talking about you. You're gonna have to deal with what you think happened here.
Haley: With what I think happened?
Paul: I need you to go see a psychiatrist.
Haley: I can't believe you. I really think that you need to cons-
[The phone rings]
Paul: [He answers] Hello? Yes, this is- Wait, what? Yes, yes, it- What are we supposed to do? I- I'm locking all the doors and windows right now.
Haley: Paul, what—
Paul: It was Detective Burkhardt. The man who kidnapped Auggie just broke out.
Haley: Oh, my God. Oh, my God, no.
[As Paul goes to lock a door, Isidoro breaks through the glass, and slams Paul's head against the door, knocking him out]
Haley: Paul!
[Isidoro enters the house as Auggie cries. Isidoro then woges. And walks towards Haley and Auggie]
Haley: [She starts running] No, no, please, please, no! No!
[Isidoro chases Haley upstairs as sirens blare. Haley locks herself and Auggie in a room, as Isidoro tries to break in. Nick and Hank run up the stairs and Isidoro throws a lamp at Nick. Nick and Hank briefly fight Isidoro before Nick kicks him over the staircase railing. Nick and Hank then go down the stairs]
Isidoro: [He retracts. Weakly] The bears. The bears. [He dies]
[More sirens approach]

Scene: Eve continues to scrape drawings into a brick wall in the tunnels.

Scene: Nick and Hank talk about Isidoro's final words.

Hank: What do you think he meant-"the bears"? What's that supposed to mean?
Nick: People say a lot of weird things when they're dying.
Hank: Never heard "the bears" before.
[They hear Haley and Paul arguing]
Haley: Just because you didn't see it doesn't mean I'm wrong.
Paul: Do you have any idea what you sound like right now?
Haley: Do you have any idea what you sound like?
Paul: I'm not the one telling everybody I see monsters!
Haley: Oh, go to hell, Paul. [She walks away]
Paul: Haley, Haley, do not walk away from me. [He reaches out for Haley]
Haley: Don't touch me.
Paul: Haley, would you listen to me for a second?
[Haley reaches for Auggie's blanket, but Paul grabs it first]
Haley: Paul, Auggie needs that blanket.
Paul: Forget this damn blanket [He slams the blanket onto the table] and talk to me.
Nick: Hey. Let's tone this down.
Paul: I think you guys need to leave our house right now.
Nick: No, you need to cool it. Unless you want to leave this house with us.
Paul: Maybe you don't care if everybody thinks my wife's crazy, but I do.
Haley: I'm not crazy. [She walks away and goes upstairs]
Paul: Yeah? Haley, Haley-
Nick: Listen, you probably don't want to hear this right now, but your wife is not crazy.
Paul: [He scoffs] Wow, I guess you would know, huh? [He goes after Haley] Haley-Haley-
Haley: No, no, I'm done talking to you, Paul!
Paul: I'm not done talking to you!
Haley: Paul, I know what I saw!
Hank: [He notices Auggie's blanket has bears on it] Nick.
Paul: Haley, wait-
[Hank picks up the blanket]
Haley: Oh, my God, don't you trust me?
Paul: I don't know. You're not thinking right!
Haley: Paul, look at me! I'm not lying!
Hank: [He shows Nick the blanket] The bears.
[There's a thud upstairs]
Haley: Why can't you just believe me?
Paul: Because, Haley, I live in the real world!
[Nick and Hank just look up the stairs]


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