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El Cucuy (Wesen)
El Cucuy
Other languages: German: El Cucuy
Hungarian: El Cucuy
Russian: Эль Кукуй
Farsi: ال کوکو
Notables: Mrs. Garcia

An El Cucuy (el KOO-koo-ee; Span. El Coco "the Bogeyman") is a bogeyman-like Wesen that appeared in "El Cucuy".


When woged, El Cucuy gain yellow eyes, a wide mouth filled with razor-sharp teeth, sharply pointed ears, and long claws. They possess gray hair on their heads and chins and have an inexplicable ability to hear cries for help from miles away. They are very strong and agile in their woged form; unlike other Wesen, their abilities don't appear to diminish the least with advanced age. El Cucuy can concentrate their woge to just their eyes, as well as their ears, which lets them listen to those praying for them without revealing their true form.


For many years, El Cucuy have inspired legends in Spanish speaking cultures of a bogeyman-like namesake who punishes those that have done wrong. The tale is especially used as motivation for children to listen to their parents. El Cucuy rarely woge in front of others to hide their identity. They behave in a vigilante-like manner and are known to administer justice (or at least vengeance) for those who seek it. Their attacks are very brutal, and their typical modus operandi involves aggressively slashing their victim's throat. They hold no sympathy for their victims and appear to actually enjoy delivering the fatal punishment. Murders committed by El Cucuy are usually assumed to be done by feral dogs, although individuals familiar with actual dog attacks (such as veterinarians or Blutbaden) can easily tell the difference.

Pilar suggested that El Cucuy are called to a community plagued by injustice by the collective cries of that respective community's women, and they then proceed to kill those plaguing that community, such as robbers, rapists, drug lords, etc. one by one until it is safe again. After El Cucuy are finished in a community, they will move on to the nearest community in need of help.

While they don't fear Grimms, they're somewhat unsure about how to react around them. There was no available record of El Cucuy in the diaries, so it is unknown if any Grimm had ever encountered one before.

Season 3 Blu-ray Grimm Guide ProfileEdit

A terrifying vigilante-type Wesen with yellow eyes, razor sharp teeth, and huge claws. With a huge ear that can hear cries for help, it travels from neighborhood to neighborhood, keeping people safe from evil.



Creature Profile El Cucuy - Grimm

Creature Profile El Cucuy - Grimm


  • The myth of the Coco originated in Portugal and Galicia. According to the Real Academia Española, the word coco derives from the Portuguese côco, which referred to a ghost with a pumpkin head.
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