Opening Quote: "Oh, remember that you fashioned me from clay! Will you then bring me down to dust?" – Book of Job

Scene: The two men wearing masks get out of the truck, with one of them holding a brick, while Monroe, Rosalee, and Elizabeth begin to work on a potion for Nick.

Elizabeth: This doesn't make sense.
Rosalee: What doesn't make sense?
Elizabeth: How Adalind did this. For this to have worked, Adalind would've had to have lost her powers at some point.
Monroe: Uh, yeah, she did.
Elizabeth: Then that would explain the Grimm's blood at work here.
Rosalee: Actually, Nick's blood, that's how she lost her powers.
Elizabeth: Even so, she would've had to undergo the Contaminatio Ritualis while she was pregnant... with my grandchild, which makes the child even more valuable than I'd imagined. I should've given Adalind more credit. This is gonna take much longer than I thought.
[Suddenly a brick comes flying through a window]
Monroe: Whoa! What the hell?
Rosalee: Monroe!
Monroe: Someone threw a brick. [He looks outside as tires screech]
Elizabeth: It's not just a brick. [She picks the brick up]
Monroe: What? [He takes the brick] A Wolfsangel. It's German. It means wolf trap.
Elizabeth: It's a warning.
Rosalee: Is it because a Grimm showed up at our wedding?
Monroe: Uh-uh, I think it's because we got married.
Elizabeth: It's mischehen. Some Wesen are against mixed marriages. You must know that.
Rosalee: Yes, but a brick through the window?
Monroe: I'm calling Nick.
Rosalee: If it's Wesen, he can't help.
Elizabeth: If you're interested in your friend ever being a Grimm again, let's board up the window and get back to work.

Scene: Juliette arrives home, and Nick is making dinner.

Juliette: Wow, that smells great.
Nick: In the kitchen.
Juliette: Well, I didn't think it was coming from the bathroom. Ooh, stir-fry. Good idea.
Nick: It's ready when you are. Want to get Trubel?
Juliette: Yeah, I'll get her. [She goes up to Trubel's room] Trubel? Dinner. [She opens Trubel's door and finds out that Trubel is gone] Nick, you better get up here.
Nick: [Coming into the room] Where is she?
Juliette: She's gone. Her bag, everything.
Nick: Did she say anything to you?
Juliette: No, anything to you?
Nick: No.
[Juliette finds Trubel's chess piece]
Nick: I can't believe this. Something must have happened. She wouldn't have just left without saying anything.
Juliette: Maybe she did. She wouldn't have just left this.

Scene: Monroe, Rosalee, and Elizabeth continue to work on the potion.

Elizabeth: Ferula tingitana?
Rosalee: I got some in the back room. Do you need anything else?
Elizabeth: Time.
Monroe: That would be next to the parsley and sage, of course.
Elizabeth: No, the other kind.
Monroe: I should've known you-will you excuse me? [He goes to the back room to talk to Rosalee] Look, I just want you to know that when all this is over, however long it takes, we are gonna have our honeymoon. [He and Rosalee begin kissing]

Scene: Keith Harrow pulls up to Sara Fisher's house as she tells her son it's time to get ready for bed.

[David imitates an airplane engine as he plays with a toy plane]
Sara: All right, bedtime. Lights out in ten. And I don't want to hear that video game, mister.
David: Okay, mom. [He leaves]
[Keith knocks on the door]
Sara: You can't be here, Keith.
Keith: I want to see my family.
Sara: You're drunk.
Keith: Sara! I want to see my boy and my wife.
Sara: I am not your wife anymore.
Keith: You are my wife!
Sara: It's over. Deal with it.
[Keith starts slamming on the door]
Sara: Don't do this. I'm calling the police. [She goes to grab the phone as Keith breaks in the door]
Keith: You can't take away my family!
Sara: Get out.
[Keith grabs her and hits her across the face as David watches before trying to help]
David: Leave her alone!
Keith: This is between your mom and me. You go to your room.
David: No!
Keith: [He woges into a Siegbarste] I said, you go to your room! [He throws David across the room and retracts. To Sara] Ow! You do this to me, you know. You make me hurt you. [He pulls out a bottle of alcohol and takes a drink]
Sara: [She grabs a fireplace tool and starts hitting Keith] I don't do this to you. This is who you are!
Keith: Ah!
Sara: Go! David, go! Go, go, go, go. It's okay. Good boy, run. [She and David get into their vehicle, and drive away]
Keith: Get back here! Sara! Stop, stop! If you don't come back, I'll kill us all!

Scene: Sara's brother Ben arrives at the hospital to see his sister.

Ben: Excuse me, I'm looking for Sara Fisher. She was just admitted. I'm her brother.
Nurse: Room 404, which is right over there, but just so you know, visiting hours are about to end.
Ben: Thank you. [He goes into Sara's room] Hey. That son of a bitch.
Sara: Ben, don't.
Ben: Did you call the police?
Sara: I didn't have time, but the doctors did once I got here.
Ben: Oh, God, Sara. I'm sorry. How long are they keeping you?
Sara: Just overnight in case of concussion.
Ben: If he ever touches you again...
Sara: Please. It's been a rough night. Okay?
Ben: [He goes over to David who is coloring] How you doing, David?
David: Okay.
Ben: What happened to your wrist?
Sara: He sprained it when he fell.
Ben: Did your stepdad do that to you?
Nurse: [She comes into the room] Sir, I'm gonna have to ask you to leave. It's past visiting hours.
Ben: [To David] It's okay. [He goes over to Sara] Never again, Sara. [He then leaves]

Scene: Nick goes to the trailer to look for Trubel.

Nick: [He sees Trubel's bag] Thank God she's here.
[Trubel comes into the trailer suddenly, surprising Nick]
Nick: Don't do that.
Trubel: I had to make sure you weren't followed.
Nick: You don't think I know what I'm doing?
Trubel: Yeah, you don't know everything. That's why I'm here. I didn't tell you something.
Nick: Yeah, that you were leaving.
Trubel: That's why I left my black knight, so you'd know I was here. I was trying to be safe. You know that FBI agent, I think her name's Chavez? She's Wesen.
Nick: You saw her woge?
Trubel: Yeah, when she kidnapped me.
Nick: What are you talking about?
Trubel: I wasn't supposed to tell anybody. It was sort of like a threat against me and you, which is why I'm here.
Nick: Why would the FBI want to kidnap you?
Trubel: No, she said it had nothing to do with the FBI. There were three guys with her. They grabbed me off the street when I was riding Juliette's bike, put a bag over my head, and took me to some old warehouse, and then she woged right in my face. She wanted to see if I was a Grimm, Nick. Did she come and see you?
Nick: Yeah, she did. She said it was just between the two of us. [Flashback of Chavez asking Nick about Trubel in the interview room in "Octopus Head"] But she was very interested in you. What did you say to her?
Trubel: Nothing, but, Nick, she said there were people that were very interested in my services, said that being able to identify and destroy Wesen influence in society was, like, a very valuable gift. She wanted me to be a part of some group. And she told me to think about it and not to tell anyone, otherwise... they'd, you know, have to kill us or whatever.
Nick: She didn't say anything else about who this group was or where they were?
Trubel: No, she just said she'd be in contact with me. I was hoping you'd know who they were.
Nick: I have no idea.
Trubel: I'm sorry I didn't tell you. I was afraid they'd hurt you and Juliette.
Nick: I think you should come back home.
Trubel: Nick—
Nick: If they find out that you just suddenly left, they might think that you told me. You and I have to remain very close, at least until we can figure out who Chavez is and what it is we're dealing with. Now, if she contacts you again—
Trubel: Trust me, I'm telling you.
Nick: Good.

Scene: Monroe and Rosalee finish closing up the broken window, and Monroe tells her about the Wolfsangel.

Monroe: Look, all I'm saying is, is a Wolfsangel isn't necessarily a symbol of hate. Like in the 17th century, royal foresters used them, you know, as, like, a boundary marker.
Rosalee: Royal foresters didn't throw a brick through our window, Monroe.
Monroe: I know, I know, and to be fair, it was unfortunately appropriated by an S.S. Panzer division in World War II. But originally originally, a Wolfsangel was a trap. Literally, "wolf-hook." In fact, a lot of Blutbaden perished as—
Rosalee: Okay, you're not helping.
Elizabeth: We're done.
Rosalee: Done?
Monroe: That's it?
Elizabeth: For tonight. It needs to garenlassen.
Monroe: What do you mean, like, ferment?
Elizabeth: In a way. I suggest you two go home and get a little sleep.
Rosalee: What about you?
Elizabeth: [She woges into a Hexenbiest] No! I won't be done for a while.
Monroe: Uh, yeah, uh, sleep is good.
Rosalee: Make yourself at home. [She and Monroe leave]

Scene: Ben pulls out a scroll and begins reading it after getting some clay out of a jar.

Ben: [In Hebrew] Lord God of all the earth, guide your hand... and cast your protection on the blood of my blood.

Scene: Keith comes out of Sara's house with a bat and a bottle of alcohol after hearing dogs bark.

Keith: Sara! Shut up, you damn dogs. [He steps into a bubbling puddle of clay] What the hell?
[A Golem rises from puddle and engulfs Keith]

Scene: Nick and Hank meet Wu at the scene of Keith's body.

Hank: What do we got?
Wu: Nothing but fun and games, and by that, I mean I don't know what the hell we're dealing with. Victim's name is Keith Harrow.
Nick: Who found the body?
[They start walking towards the body]
Wu: That would be me. Woman who lives here, Sara Fisher, was signed in at Treeview hospital last night. Hospital made the domestic abuse call. Ms. Fisher has a restraining order, which the vic didn't pay much attention to. In retrospect, he should have.
Nick: Looks like there's something coming out of every orifice.
M.E. Bindra: Clay, I think. My guess is ultisol, judging by the reddish color. Not exactly native to northwest climate.
Hank: I've heard of Russian mob guys pouring cement down an informant's throat, but clay's a first.
Nick: Where would they get it all?
Wu: Maybe they brought a cement mixer... with a lot of clay in it.
Nate: [He hops the wall] What's going on? Keith!
Wu: Hey, sir, you can't come out here!
Nate: That's my brother! What happened?
Hank: Hey. We got it, Wu. What's your name?
Nate: Nate Harrow.
Nick: Your brother's body was discovered by one of our officers in response to a domestic abuse call.
Nate: Oh, my God. He's dead?
Hank: Yes.
Nate: I don't believe it.
Nick: This is an active crime scene, sir.
Nate: My brother was murdered?
Nick: We won't know that until after the autopsy.
Nate: Was he shot? Stabbed? What's that all over his body? Who did this?
Hank: Did you know your brother had a restraining order against him being on this property—
Nate: Where's Sara? [He starts running to the house, but is quickly stopped]
Hank: Answer my question.
Nate: Yeah, I knew. He tried calling me last night, but I didn't get the message till this morning. But I could tell he was messed up. He said he was coming over here. If anybody killed him, it was Sara.
Nick: His ex-wife.
Nate: She hated him. Keith wasn't no Saint, but he was trying to get his life together. She either did this or hired somebody to.
Hank: Sir, this officer's gonna take down your information. We'll call you when we know more.
Officer: Come on.
[Nate goes with the officer]
Hank: [He sighs] There's no way his wife was strong enough to do that to him unless she's Wesen.
Nick: Yeah, what kind of Wesen would use clay to kill somebody?
Hank: I think we need to talk to her. But the only way we're going to find out if she's Wesen is to bring... just in case.

Scene: Ben talks with Sara at the hospital.

Ben: I'm not letting you go back to that house unless he's behind bars.
Sara: He never stays in jail, Ben.
Ben: Well, then-then you and David will come live with me.
Sara: He'd find me. You don't know what happens when he gets like this. He changes.
Ben: Yeah, into something evil.
Sara: No, it's more than that. Something happens to him-I can't-I can't explain it. Maybe I'm just crazy.
Ben: No, you're not. It's okay. This is not your fault. Sara, please. You just-you married a monster, that's all.
[Nick and Hank come into the room, while Trubel stands in the doorway]
Nick: Sara Fisher?
Sara: Yeah.
Nick: I'm Detective Burkhardt. This is my partner, Detective Griffin. We've just come from your home.
Ben: This about Keith?
Hank: Your name, sir?
Ben: Oh, I'm Ben Fisher. I'm Sara's brother. Did-did you arrest Keith?
Hank: [Pointing at David] This your son?
Sara: Yes, that's David.
Nick: It's probably best if David waits outside with Theresa while we speak with you and your brother.
Trubel: [She walks into the room] Hey, David.
Sara: David, can you go outside with Theresa while your Uncle and I talk to these men?
Trubel: [Looking at David's toys] That's a pretty ugly looking bad guy you got there. You know, I've seen a few like that.
David: You have?
Trubel: Sure. You want me to tell you about 'em?
David: Okay.
[They go just outside the room]
Trubel: Let's go right here.
Sara: What happened?
Nick: An officer went to your house in response to the report of domestic violence. He found your husband's body.
Sara: Keith's dead?
Nick: I'm afraid he is.
Ben: How? Did-how did that happen?
Hank: We're waiting for the autopsy, but until we figure out cause of death, we're investigating it as a possible homicide.
Nick: Tell us what happened last night.
[The scene shifts to Trubel and David outside the room]
Trubel: How'd you hurt your wrist?
David: I fell.
Trubel: Does it hurt?
[David shrugs]
Trubel: Whoa, looks like the bad guy's winning.
David: He always does.
Trubel: That doesn't seem right. Why don't you let the good guy win?
David: Because he doesn't.
Trubel: Sounds like you've seen the bad guy.
David: Mm-hmm.
Trubel: Did he do that to you?
David: Yeah.
Trubel: Was it your dad?
David: My stepdad. When he gets mad, the monster comes out.
Trubel: You mean, like, maybe there's a monster inside him?
[David nods]
Trubel: What did he look like?
David: Real bad and scary.
Trubel: Hey, you know, when I was a kid, I saw some real scary monsters too. Some of them had big, black eyes, big, yellow teeth. Others were really hairy, and you know what?
David: What?
Trubel: Some of 'em stunk so bad, I couldn't even breathe.
David: [He laughs] Wow. Did they hurt you?
Trubel: They tried.
David: What did you do?
Trubel: I fought back.
David: Did you kill any of them?
Trubel: One or two.
David: How?
Trubel: I guess by believing I could. That scares them, you know? I bet you could scare some bad guys too.
David: [He smiles and nods] Mm-hmm.
Trubel: Yeah, a strong guy like you.
Nick: [He and Hank come out of the room] We're done.
[David goes back into the room]
Trubel: Bye, David.
David: Bye, Theresa.
Nick: Anything from Sara?
Trubel: No woge, but David said, when his stepdad gets mad, he turns into a monster.
Hank: So stepdad's a Wesen.
Nick: Too late to figure out what kind.
Hank: You think Sara knows?
Nick: I'm not sure I know how to ask that question right now. If she saw something, she might just think she's crazy.
Hank: I hear that.
Trubel: But if David's stepdad was Wesen, what killed him?

Scene: Ben examines the clay where Keith's body was.

Scene: Nick, Hank, and Trubel do research in the trailer.

Trubel: You ever wonder how many Grimms there are in the world?
Nick: Occasionally.
Trubel: However many there are, there aren't enough.
Nick: Well, I'm not finding anything with Clay as its M.O.
Hank: Maybe what killed him wasn't Wesen, like a Volcanalis or that ghost lady.
Trubel: Whoa, wait a minute. You're saying there's more than just Wesen?
Nick: Yeah, actually.
[Hank's phone rings]
Trubel: Oh, great. Just when I was getting a handle on this. Perfect.
Hank: [Answering his phone] Detective Griffin. Mr. Fisher. Where are you? Okay, stay there. We'll come over. [He hangs up] That was Sara's brother, Ben. He's interested in confessing to the murder of Keith Harrow.

Scene: Nick and Hank go talk to Ben at his synagogue.

Nick: Mr. Fisher.
Ben: [He sighs] Thank you for coming.
Hank: Not every day someone wants to confess.
Nick: You killed Keith Harrow?
Ben: I did.
Hank: Want to tell us how?
Ben: There's something I need to show you, in my study. Please, this way.
[They all start walking to Ben's study]
Nick: You're a rabbi?
Ben: For ten years. I was a grad student in linguistics. My thesis was translating ancient kabbalistic texts. Eventually, I read myself into a new calling. What I'm about to tell you will be hard for you to understand, let alone believe.
Hank: Try us.
Ben: All right.
[They go into Ben's study]
Ben: In the 16th century, several rabbinical sources recorded Rabbi Yehuda Loew, the Maharal of Prague, raising a Golem from clay, using this scroll.
Hank: Golem is Jewish folklore, right?
Ben: Exactly. It's an anthropomorphic creature that's supposed to protect its people from the holy Roman emperor, Rudolf II, only it proved too dangerous to wield. Now, the remains of the Golem were supposed to be kept in the attic of the Alt-Neu Shul in Prague, the synagogue, but... [He grabs a jar] the remains were reported missing in 1984 when a documentary film crew went looking for it.
Nick: Are you telling us that this jar contained the remains of a Golem?
Ben: Well, I didn't really think so. The rabbi before me, Meisel, he brought it over with several other artifacts when he emigrated from Moravia. I didn't think it would do anything, but I was desperate, so I prayed. I prayed because I was so angry. This man was destroying my family.
Hank: So you read that scroll and called up a Golem to kill Keith Harrow?
Ben: I did.
Nick: And you believe your prayers were answered.
Ben: I know they were.
Hank: We appreciate you wanting to confess, but we can't arrest you for praying for someone to die.
Ben: Yeah, but I'm telling you the truth, and you don't believe me.
Nick: Doesn't matter what we believe. It's what we can prove. Praying isn't a crime.
Ben: I'm telling you, this is what happened.
Hank: We'll take the jar and test the residue. If it's the same clay that killed Keith Harrow, our lab will verify it.
Ben: And if they do?
Nick: We'll start believing.
[Ben hands Nick the jar, and Nick and Hank leave]

Scene: At the precinct, Nick and Hank get the results of the clay residue.

Hank: Residue from the jar matches the clay at the crime scene.
Nick: So we have a murder weapon.
Hank: All we need is a "how in the hell," and we got this one wrapped up.
Nick: And how do we arrest a Golem?
Hank: Or Ben praying for one. Can't wait to explain that to the D.A. Hey!
[Renard arrives to work for the first time since being shot, and the precinct cheers]
Wu: Whoo!
Renard: Thank you. All right, thank you. Please. Thank you. [He chuckles] Well, you know, lying in a hospital bed really gives a man a chance to think. These past few years, this precinct has basically been my home, and I-I just want you all to know how grateful I am to each and every one of you for all of your support, and it's great to be back.
[The precinct applauds Renard as he goes to his office]

Scene: Ben brings Sara and David home from the hospital.

Ben: Sara, please. You really need to hear me. Sara, when I left you at the hospital, I went to the temple, and I prayed. I prayed for a Golem.
Sara: Stop it, Ben.
Ben: Listen to me. That is what killed Keith. You have to believe me.
Sara: Ben, you didn't kill Keith, and neither did a Golem. I am not looking for a reason, and I'm not asking for one. Whatever happened to him, he deserved.
Ben: Sara—
Sara: David? Come on, let's go inside, sweetie.
[All three of them go inside]
Sara: We're good, okay? [She sees Nate sitting in a chair] Nate, what are you doing here?
Nate: Somebody killed Keith, and I'm thinking you and your brother had something to do with it.
Ben: What? What?
Sara: I don't give a damn what you think.
Ben: Hold on. Hey, you have to leave now.
Nate: [He punches Ben in the face, knocking him onto the couch] You know what happened to my brother that night, don't you, Davey-boy?
Sara: No, I am calling the police—
Nate: [He throws Sara to the ground as David goes to hide under a table] Be a good boy and tell your Uncle Nate who they've been talking to. [He woges into a Siegbarste] Tell me!
Sara: Stay away from him! [On the phone as she gets David out from the other side of the table] Yeah, my brother-in-law is attacking us. 33 Evergreen. Kenton.
Nate: When I find out how you two killed my brother, I'm gonna rip you apart. You should've told me, boy. [He leaves]
David: [Whimpering] I saw the monster. Don't let him get me! [Sobs]
Sara: I know. It's okay, it's okay.
David: Don't let him get me.
Sara: I'm sorry.

Scene: At the precinct, Nick and Hank are informed that Sara reported an attack at her house.

Officer Mays: Sara Fisher, wife of your Vic...
Hank: Yeah.
Officer Mays: Just reported somebody attacking at her house. Units en route.
Hank: Thank you.
[Nick and Hank leave as Wu watches before going to talk to Renard in his office]
Renard: Come in.
Wu: Good to have you back, Captain.
Renard: Thank you.
Wu: Got a minute?
Renard: Sure.
Wu: Have you, um-have you had the chance to read the report of when you got shot?
Renard: Yeah, I did. And I especially want to thank you for how you handled it. I'm not sure I would've made it if you didn't get me into that ambulance as quick as you did.
Wu: Then you read about Theresa Rubel.
Renard: Yeah, the young woman staying with Nick?
Wu: [Sighs] Maybe I got this all wrong, but... [He pulls out the surveillance photo of Trubel from the drive thru] surveillance photo of a suspect in a double homicide Burkhardt and Griffin were working a few weeks ago. Suspect was identified as Theresa Rubel. Then later, Nick and Hank brought her to a crime scene and introduced her as a criminology student.
Renard: And you think it might be the same person.
Wu: I do. I didn't want to bring this to you, but I think Nick's protecting her for some reason. Look, Captain, I don't like going over anybody's head, and I have the greatest respect for him, but... I just- [He chuckles] I can't figure this out.
Renard: Let me see what I can find out.
Wu: Thank you, sir. [He leaves as Renard looks at the photo]

Scene: Nick and Hank arrive at Sara's house and are informed on the situation.

[Police radio chatter]
Hank: What's the status?
Officer: Suspect is the brother-in-law of the victim, Sara Fisher. She's inside with her brother and son.
Nick: What about the suspect?
Officer: Left the scene before we got here.
Hank: [He and Nick go inside] You want to tell us what happened?
Sara: Keith's brother Nate was here when we got home.
Ben: He thinks we have something to do with Keith's death.
Nick: And he hit you?
Ben: Yeah, that doesn't matter. He threatened Sara and David.
Hank: Do you know where he lives?
Sara: Off Germantown road.
Nick: We're gonna leave officers here until we make sure that we've got him.
Sara: Okay, thank you.
Ben: I should go with you, 'cause it's very remote. Okay
Nick: Be out in a second. [Clears throat]
[Hank and Ben go outside, and Nick sits next to David]
Nick: How you doing, David?
David: He was mean, like my stepdad.
Nick: Well, I want you to know that nobody should do that to you.
David: Where's Theresa?
Nick: She's at home.
David: [Sighs] Can she come over? She sees the monsters too.
Nick: I can give her a call.
Sara: Thanks.

Scene: As thunder rumbles outside the Kronenberg Castle, inside, Adalind climbs multiple flights of stairs with Hofmann.

Adalind: How much further? We got to be at the top of the castle by now.
Hofmann: Shh. Don't wake them!
Adalind: There's nobody here.
[A face comes out of the wall]
Face #1: I'm here. I heard you.
Hofmann: Now you've done it!
Face #1: No, don't go. I know where your baby is.
Adalind: What?
Face #1: I know where she is.
Face #2: [In German] I know where she is.
Adalind: Where?
Hofmann: Don't listen to them!
Face #3: [In French] I know where she is.
Adalind: C'est vrai?
Hofmann: We must go now.
Face #1: I know where your baby is.
Adalind: Where?
Unknown Face: I know where your baby is.
Adalind: Would you please just tell me where she is?
Face #3: [In French] I know where your baby is.
Unknown Face #2: I know where your baby is.
Adalind: Where?
Face #4: [In French] I know where your baby is.
Adalind: Tell me where she is!
[Multiple faces come out of the wall, speaking different languages and telling Adalind they know where her baby is]
Adalind: Shut up!
[Adalind sits against a wall and starts crying, which causes the faces to cry too. Water pours out of them and the water level rises]
Adalind: Please just tell me where she is! No, no! Stop crying! Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! Please stop! Stop, just stop! Please just stop. Stop! Stop! This can't be happening now. Oh!
[After Adalind climbs a few stairs and turns a corner, she sees another crying face emerge out of a wall]
Adalind:No, no, no, no. You have to-you have to stop. Stop crying. You have to stop. Stop crying! Stop!

Scene: Monroe and Rosalee arrive at the spice shop and look for Elizabeth.

Rosalee: Elizabeth?
Monroe: We're back.
Elizabeth: [Disguised as Adalind] So am I.
Monroe: You need to leave.
Elizabeth: Really? Why? Didn't you miss me?
Monroe: Where's Elizabeth?
Elizabeth: Oh, she's long gone. Did you really think she could undo what I did?
Monroe: Actually, no, but maybe I can. [He starts going after her, but Rosalee stops him]
Rosalee: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. It worked.
Elizabeth: Oh, Rosalee. You're taking all the fun out of it.
Monroe: What fun? What are you talking about?
Rosalee: It's not Adalind. It's Elizabeth.
Elizabeth: Oh, I hope you don't mind me borrowing your shirt. I just felt a little sluttier as Adalind. Is that a terrible thing to say about the mother of my granddaughter?
Monroe: Oh, my God! No wonder Nick fell for it.
Rosalee: So what, do you just sleep with Nick now?
Elizabeth: You can't possibly think it's... [She changes back to herself] that easy.
Monroe: Okay, that was really unsettling.
Rosalee: So what, do you have everything you need now?
Elizabeth: No. We're missing the most important ingredient.
Monroe: Then we'll get it.
Elizabeth: It's not up to you... or me.
Rosalee: Well, then who is it up to?

Scene: Adalind tries to keep her head above water as the water level quickly rises to the ceiling.

Adalind: No! [She fights to stay above the water, but she goes under as the water level reaches the ceiling]

Scene: Nate tries to drive away, but his tire gets stuck in clay.

Nate: Damn it. [He looks at the clay as the Golem rises] What the...
[Nick, Hank, and Ben arrive as the Golem is engulfing Nate]
Hank: Oh, man.
Ben: My God, it's real.
[They all get out of the car, and the Golem sinks back down]
Ben: That's Nate. I don't believe it. It killed Nate.
Nick: Why did you call it back?
Ben: I didn't!
Hank: It just happened to kill the guy after he threatened your family.
Ben: I was with Sara and David.
Hank: You said you prayed for this thing.
Ben: Look, the Golem, it's a guardian. It's not a mercenary. I didn't pray for it to kill someone. I-I just prayed for it to protect David. That's it, okay?
Hank: For how long?
Ben: I wasn't specific. I just prayed, that's it.
Nick: So this thing's just gonna keep killing anyone who threatens David for any reason.
Ben: As long as David feels threatened.
Hank: I'd hate to be the one who scares him next. This kid's gonna leave a trail of bodies with a guardian angel like that. We better find this thing. And until we do, we have to pull the police off Sara's house. They could be in danger if he shows up again.
Nick: Well, if he does, you got a prayer to get rid of it?
Ben: I need the scroll.

Scene: Trubel arrives at Sara's house.

Sara: Thanks for coming. You must have made quite an impression on him.
Trubel: Hey, David.
David: Hi.
Trubel: Oh, no, more monsters, huh? [She sits down] Well, we'll see what we can do about that.

Scene: Nick, Hank, and Ben arrive at Ben's synagogue.

Ben: In order to stop the Golem, I have to write a shem.
Hank: Don't know what that is, but if that's what it takes, write one.
Ben: It means "the name of God." You have to put the shem inside the Golem's mouth. Unfortunately, there's nothing in the text which will bring the Golem to me.
Ben: We can't put an A.P.B. out on a mud slick.
Nick: The Golem is David's protector. It should show up to destroy whoever threatens him.
Hank: You want to threaten the kid?
Nick: No, I don't want to, but is there another choice?
Ben: I'll do it. The Golem is my responsibility.
Nick: No, you worry about stuffing the shem into its mouth.
Ben: All right, come with me.

Scene: Trubel and David play with David's toys.

Trubel: Oh, oh, oh, oh. Oh.
David: You can't keep moving him like that.
Trubel: That's what the good guys got to do. Otherwise, the monsters win. Huh? You got to tire 'em out. And then, when they least expect it... oh, you nail 'em! [Her phone rings] Hold on, I got to take this, bud. Hey, Nick. Yeah, just sitting here on the couch with David. Yeah? No way. Okay, I got it. [She hangs up. To Sara] The Detectives are coming back.
Sara: What'd they say?
Trubel: They just want me to stay here until they get back.

Scene: Nick, Hank, and Ben arrive at Sara's house.

Hank: You sure you can handle this?
Ben: I don't know, the kid's been through a lot already.
Nick: If he doesn't feel threatened, it's gonna be a no-show.
Ben: It's my sister I'm worried about. She doesn't believe any of this.
Hank: Then the less she knows, the better.
Nick: Let's do this.
Sara: [She lets Nick and Hank into the house] Hey.
Hank: Hey.
Sara: So did you arrest Nate?
Hank: You don't have to worry about Nate. He's taken care of.
Sara: Where's Ben?
Nick: He's outside. We want to talk to David about what happened.
Hank: And I want to talk with you.
Sara: Okay. David? Your Uncle's outside, and he wants to talk to you, okay? Okay?
Trubel: It's okay, I'll come with you. Hmm? Come on.
[They go outside]
Sara: Is he dead?
Hank: Yes.
Sara: This is unbelievable.
Hank: Hey, why don't you sit down, and we can talk about it?
Sara: Okay.
[The scene shifts to outside]
David: Hi, Uncle Ben.
Trubel: Don't forget that. [She hands David a toy and goes to stand by Nick]
Ben: You know how much I love you, right?
David: Yeah.
Ben: Yeah. And you know I would never do anything to hurt you.
David: Yeah.
Ben: I'm so sorry, but this has to happen.
David: What do you mean?
[Ben walks away and Nick comes over]
Nick: David... what's wrong with you? Why would you lie to all of us? Listen to me. Now I'm gonna have to arrest you and take you to jail, and-and you can't play with toys in jail. Come on.
David: No! Uncle Ben!
Ben: Stop, it's not working. Stop! Don't!
Trubel: [Holding Ben back] No, don't!
[The scene shifts to inside the house]
Sara: Here you go.
Hank: Thank you.
David: [From outside] Stop it! Let go!
Sara: What the hell is he doing?
Hank: Please don't.
Sara: What is going on?
David: Stop it! You're hurting me!
Hank: You're gonna have to trust us.
Sara: No, that's my son out there! Let me go.
David: Leave me alone!
[The scene shifts to outside]
David: Why are you doing this?
Nick: You can make all this stop if you just tell me what you did!
Trubel: Nick!
[The Golem rises behind Nick]
Sara: [Running outside] Oh, my God. David!
Ben: The shem!
Nick: Do it now.
David: No!
[Ben tries to put the shem in the Golem's mouth, but it knocks him to the ground, and he drops the shem]
David: Uncle Ben!
Sara: Ben.
Ben: It didn't work.
[Nick tries to attack, but the Golem hits him to the ground. Trubel then goes after the Golem and accidentally shoves David to the ground, getting the Golem's attention]
David: Ow! Theresa!
Trubel: [She attacks, but the Golem starts engulfing her] I can't move!
David: Don't hurt her! [He picks up his toy and runs at the Golem] Get away from her!
Ben: [To Sara] It's okay.
David: [He repeatedly hits the Golem with his toy] Leave her alone! Get away from her! Stop it! Go away!
[The Golem sinks to the ground and leaves]
Trubel: David. You got him.
David: I got him. I got him, mom!
Sara: [Hugging David] I guess you did.
David: I got him! I got him.
Sara: Anybody want to tell me what the hell just happened?
David: I got him. I got him, didn't I?
Nick: That's the last time I ever yell at a kid.

Scene: Trubel talks with Juliette about the Golem.

Juliette: So the Golem was an answer to a prayer.
Trubel: A real badass prayer.
Juliette: That's kind of big deal, don't you think? I mean, maybe somebody should be proclaiming this from a mountaintop.
Trubel: Yeah, I tried to proclaim a lot of things. Look where it got me.
Nick: If David hadn't turned on his protector, we wouldn't be having this conversation right now.
[There's a knock at the door]
Trubel: Hmm.
Nick: I'll get it.
Juliette: Being a Grimm didn't help?
Trubel: Mm. That thing wasn't Wesen.
Nick: [He answers the door for Monroe, Rosalee, and Elizabeth] Uh-oh.
Monroe: No, no, hear us out, and then you can "uh-oh."
Elizabeth: We've identified exactly what Adalind did to you.
Monroe: Yeah, we figured out a way for you to get your Grimm back.
Rosalee: It's a spell but a complicated one.
Nick: How complicated?
Elizabeth: There's a key ingredient missing, and you're not gonna like what it is.
Nick: What is it?
Elizabeth: [Looking at Juliette] Her.
Juliette: What?


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