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Drew Wu
Actor: Reggie Lee
Gender: Male
Type: Human
Status: Living
Job: Police Sergeant
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Wu is a sergeant police at the same precinct as Nick Burkhardt and Hank Griffin.

He serves as an assistant to Captain Renard and he often arrives at the scene of a crime before Nick and Hank.

Wu and Hank Griffin are friends, and Wu vomited on Detective Griffin after drinking too much at a Christmas party. Wu is a very capable police sergeant, with skill going from surveillance to programming, and has a rather dry sense of humor.


Season 1


Wu is bumped into by Nick back at the precinct, and is then present at the murder scene of Sylvie Oster.

"Bears Will Be Bears"

Wu arrives on the scene of a break-in at the Rabe's residence. When Nick and Hank arrive on the scene with Gilda Darner, Wu briefs them on what had happened.

He later helps arrest Gilda, Rocky, Barry Rabe and the Colbert brothers.


When Hank and Nick first arrive at the murder of Serena Dunbrook, Wu informs them of what had transpired.

Later at the precinct, he sent out a notice for all the people that had participated in the flash mob to appear at the precinct. He then told the two detectives when the people did arrive.

He is also responsible for letting Hank and Nick know about the second flash mob murder and for being part of the bait for drawing out Melissa Wincroft.


When Reaper shows up at the precinct and asks for Nick, Wu states that they cannot give out information on who shot Hulda. He later tells Renard about it.

"Danse Macabre"

Wu was the first responder to the scene of Paul Lawson's murder. He also briefed Hank and Nick on the situation and opened up the car, which released a swarm of rats.

"The Three Bad Wolves"

Wu is present at the scene of Hap Lasser's house, which had been exploded.

"Let Your Hair Down"

Wu went with Hank to question James Addison about an old kidnapping of Holly Clark that had been re-opened.

"Game Ogre"

Wu and Officer Messina respond to a house alarm at Judge Logan Patterson's residence. They enter the residence to find tht the Judge had been brutally murdered.

"Of Mouse and Man"

"Organ Grinder"

"Three Coins in a Fuchsbau"

Wu arrives at the scene of a bank robbery along with Hank and Nick. Inside the bank, they find that the vault door had been blown open and that the owner who had hidden inside was dead.

"Plumed Serpent"

Wu meets up with Nick and Hank at the scene of a double homicide and attempted robbery. They go into the basement of the warehouse to see the two dead bodies. Jordan Vance, the fire investigator, tells them that whatever set them ablaze had to get hot really fast. It was not gasoline, since there was no gasoline odor.

Wu later interrupts the to detectives to tell them a witness has just come in. He also alerts them to a 9-1-1 call, placed by the owner of the building that had been almost robbed, a few minutes later.

Back at the warehouse, Wu, Nick and Hank enter the building. Nick tells everyone to use walkie-talkies to alert one another to where the suspect is. While looking for him, Wu gets sprayed with an oily substance and it becomes hard for him to breathe. He is knocked out of the way of a fireball a few seconds later by Nick.

"Island of Dreams"

115-wu visions

Wu's visions after drinking the curing potion.

Wu appears at the police station, and seeing Hank has a cookie on his desk subtly encourages Hank to give him a bite. Hank refuses, but as soon as he and Nick leave, Wu steals the cookie. Unfortunately, the cookie was from the batch drugged by Adalind's Zaubertrank 23 potion intended only for Hank.

Wu arrives at the spice shop as backup as instructed by Nick, but when he walks in Monroe and Rosalee see he is sweating and out of breath. When they ask if he is alright, he suddenly falls to the floor. Horrible welts grow on his face, which swells up, as Monroe and Rosalee look in horror. Fortunately, Rosalee has seen these symptoms before and quickly makes a potion to cure him. Nick arrives just in time to help them make Wu drink it. The cure unfortunately causes him to have hallucinations of everyone's face melting off. After awhile, observing that the welts on his face have faded, Rosalee says he will probably be alright.
115-wu face2

Wu after taking the Zaubertrank 23 potion.

Rosalee says that Wu will be unconscious for 8-9 hours and it will be better if he wakes up in familiar surroundings. They then transport an unconscious Wu to his apartment. Nick comes back when Wu regains consciousness, telling Wu that if he needs anything he should call and Wu agrees. Nick offers to get him food, but Wu says he has plenty. As soon as Nick leaves, he unzips his sofa pillow and starts eating the stuffing as this was one of the effects of the Zaubertrank 23 potion not cured by Rosalee.

"The Thing with Feathers"

Wu walks over to Hank's area and asks if he has any plans for the weekend. Hank says he does not have any plans and then asks if Wu does. To which Wu replied that he was going to sit on his coach with his cat and watch "The Apprentice". He then proceeds to take a paperclip and eat it.
116-Wu paperclip

Wu eating a paperclip.

"Love Sick"

At the scene of a double murder (courtesy of Captain Renard), Wu informs Hank and Nick of the known details. His belief is that the two men shot each other. As he talks to Nick alone, he uses chapstick, and then proceeds to bite off a chunk of it. Nick is of course disturbed by this, yet when he inquires Wu honestly doesn't remember doing such a thing. Later, down at the police station, Wu buys a soda from a vending machine--the change he swallows. When he visits Nick and Hank's work stations, he does so with the purpose of giving them his review of the airline records...comedically. The extent of his comedic behavior is apparently unusual, and Hank ends the conversation. Hank proceeds to leave, and Nick asks Wu if he is alright. Wu responds that he has been gaining weight and experiencing stomach problems, and that his diet has been normal when Nick brings up it. A few moments later, Wu warns Nick that he is about to pass out and does so.

Wu ends up in the hospital. Nick is told by the nurse that Wu has pica, a disorder that causes people to eat inedible objects. She says that stress could be a source of the disorder and that Wu will need help. Nick calls Monroe and Rosalee and relays the news, and they manage to concoct an antidote to the potion. They arrive in the nick of time as Wu experiences a seizure while eating his rug. But after the three administer the antidote, Wu awakens with no memory of what he's been doing. His pica has apparently vanished.

"Cat and Mouse"

"Leave It to Beavers"

Wu is present at the scene of Robert Grosszahn's murder. When Nick and Hank arrives, he fills them in on what happened, telling them that Robert had been drowned in cement.

"Happily Ever Aftermath"

Wu arrives at the scene of Mavis Kerfield's murder. He says that she might have died from falling from her balcony, if it weren't for the claw marks and burst eyeballs that denoted differently. He also made it quite clear that the exploded eyeballs sickened him.

When he arrives at the scene of Tiffany's murder. He states that he had hoped to never see something like that again.

"Big Feet"

"Woman in Black"

Wu is sent to guard Renard. At the time, Akira Kimura is in the room interrogating Renard when Wu interrupts and has Renard answer through the door.

Later, Wu is among the officers to enter the room that Kimura had rented. Inside was The Woman in Black. While escaping, she kicked Wu over the second floor balcony and onto his squad car below.

Season 2

"Bad Teeth"

He is among the officers who arrest Akira Kimura at Nick's house.

"The Kiss"

"Bad Moon Rising"

Wu approaches Nick, complaining that while both Nick and Hank are out there doing actual "police work", they left Wu to handle the paperwork.


After running a background check on recently-decease Carl Stanton, Wu finds out he had a wife and goes to their house. Sgt. Wu arrives at Stanton's house and finds it in disarray. He calls out for Mrs Stanton, but get no response. She suddenly appears, appearing sick with something, and comes at him with a knife and screwdriver. Wu has no choice and shoots her several times. She then falls dead straight onto him.

Personality and Abilities

Wu's demeanor is defined as somewhat sarcastic, and with a dry sense of humor; he is also very by the book, and follows protocols to the letter. Wu is particularly skilled in surveillance technology (he attributes this to being Asian) and is often called by his superiors to help them review recorded videos of crime scenes, making him a valuable asset to the Portland Police

Memorable Quotes

"So let me get this straight: in the last six hours you've arrested six felons, you've saved a damsel in distress, and reunited a family, while I filled out three dozen overtime reports and scrubbed out the coffee maker. Yeah, we've all put in a rich, full day."- Bad Moon Rising

"It's obvious- it was committed by a barefooted man carrying a wolf."-Big Feet

"Actually, that was a paraphrase. I left out all the bad language because I couldn't write that fast"- Of Mouse and Man

Sean: Well no matter how you look at it, this is still cannibalism. Wu: I believe it's pronounced capitalism.

Wu: I guess they're gonna have to face the music. Hank: Really, you went there? Wu: Somebody had to- Danse Macabre

"Clean up aisle 4"- To Protect and Serve Man

(Upon telling Nick he found a copy of Thomas Paine's "Rights of Man" in a suspect's apartment)- "So we know he's literate"

Wu's encounter with the Zaubertrank potion

After Wu ate a cookie meant for Hank that contained the Zaubertrank 23 potion, his face swelled up (as seen in the above images). After Nick, Monroe and Rosalee reversed the harmful effects of the potion with an antidote, he has not been normal. Ever since, all he has been seen eating are objects not meant to be eaten. In "Island of Dreams", he ate foam from his couch cushion. In the next episode, he snacked on some crunchy paperclips. In the next episode, "Love Sick", Wu is shown (on to be munching on his white rug. He also eats a number of other objects, including chapstick and coins.


  • Wu (吳) is a common Chinese surname. Not to be confused with wu (五), which means the number "five".
  • Wu describes himself as having a very low tolerance for pain.  ("Let Your Hair Down")
  • The foreign objects Wu ate while under the spell of Adalind Schade in Season 1 were actually prop food made to look like foreign objects; the sofa padding was pound cake, the carpet was cotton candy, and the coins were chocolate. The paper clip, of course, was real and not actually eaten.[1]


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