Actor: Gino Anthony Pesi
Gender: Male
Type: Human
Relationships: Dead Kai, acquaintance
Dead Endo, acquaintance
Status: Deceased
Cause of death: Bitten by Zuri Ellis
Job: Gang member
TV Show: "Eyes of the Beholder"

Dread was a member of the Seattle based gang, 7th Street Savages, who appeared in "Eyes of the Beholder".


"Eyes of the Beholder"Edit

After exiting a diner, Jared Ellis stumbled upon Dread, Kai, and Endo beating up Alonzo Banks and Mercedes in the parking lot. Alonzo woged, but he was killed with a blow to the head by a bat, causing Jared to shout. Endo and the other two men advanced on him, but they decided to flee after another customer walked out of the diner.

Near a bus stop, Jared's girlfriend, Joy, hung up after talking with him. Joy got to the bus stop, but Dread was also there, and he kidnapped her.

Dread met up with Kai and Endo. Kai told Dread that he and Endo were going back after Jared tomorrow, but Dread said they wouldn't have to because he would come to them, and he showed them that he had captured Joy, who was in the trunk of his car.

When Jared later called Joy, Dread held the phone up to her ear, and she was ordered to read off a notepad inviting Jared over. Jared noticed something was wrong though, and he asked her what was going on. She quickly warned him that the gang members were at her house, and Dread immediately covered her mouth and hung up the phone before she could say anything more.

Jared ran up to Joy's front door, but as soon as he entered, he was knocked to his knees by Kai. Kai and Endo dragged Jared by his arms as Nick, Hank, and Zuri drove up. Inside the house, Dread questioned Jared and asked him what he told the cops. Jared said nothing, and Endo came up to Dread and told him that cops just pulled up. Dread told Kai and Endo to take care of them. Dread was just about to start hitting Jared with a baseball bat, but Jared woged into a Yaguaraté and attacked him. He tackled him, causing Dread to slam into the wall, knocking him out. A few minutes later, Dread woke up and went after Jared and Joy, who were outside trying to escape over a fence. Jared helped Joy over the fence, but before he could get over, Dread ran up and pointed his gun at him. Just before he shot Jared, a woged Zuri tackled Dread and bit his throat out, killing him.


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