Opening Quote: "One could have called that shape a woman or a boy: for it seemed neither and seemed both." – Hermaphroditus

Scene: Renard dreams about when he was shot by Weston Steward.

Renard: [He wakes up and finds blood all over his chest] Ahhh! Oh, no. Oh, no. No, no, no, no. No, no, no, no. [He turns a light on and sits up. He takes his shirt off to wipe the blood off of his chest and he finds no open wounds]

Scene: Nick looks outside as he waits for Juliette to come home.

Nick: [He calls Juliette but gets her voicemail] Juliette, call me. We need to talk about this.

Scene: Cody Carson tries to flirt with women in a bar.

Bartender: [To a customer] You good?
Cody: [To the woman next to him] I love Portland. Don't you?
[The woman gets up and walks away]
Cody: Time for me to go. [He pays the bartender as Stacy Balouzian sits down near him]
Bartender: What can I get you?
Stacy: A decent husband. Sorry, just a dirty martini. [She sighs]
Cody: Excuse me. Are you okay?
Stacy: Yeah. Yeah. I'm fine. Oh, God. This is so stupid.
Cody: What?
Stacy: Coming to a bar and watching myself cry. I mean, I can just do that at home.
Cody: Why would you want to do that?
Stacy: My husband just left me.
Cody: Oh.
Stacy: [She is brought her drink] Thank you.
Cody: [He is given his change and leaves a tip] Well... I hope everything turns out all right.
Stacy: Well, he was a liar, so it turned out for the best. I was just with him for half of my life and I don't even know what it's like to be single anymore.
Cody: Well... [He chuckles] It's not all that great. But, I mean, a beautiful woman like yourself...
Stacy: Oh, you're just being nice.
Cody: I'm being honest.
Stacy: I haven't had honest in a really long time.
[Cody and Stacy go to a condo, and they make out. They end up in the bedroom, and Cody's phone falls out of his pocket as he starts to take some of his clothes off]
Stacy: [She closes the curtains and takes her jacket off] Be right back. [She closes the bedroom door and goes into the bathroom]
[Cody continues stripping down]
Stacy: [She takes her earrings out] Be there in a second.
[Cody is about to take his underwear off, when Linus Balouzian bursts in with a gun]
Linus: What the hell do you think you're doing?
Cody: Oh, my God! What? Nothing!
Linus: Where is she?
Cody: Who?
Linus: My wife. I followed you here.
Cody: Your wife? She said that-that you left her.
Linus: [He picks up Cody's wallet] Oh, yeah? How long have you been seeing her, [He looks at Cody's i.d.] Cody Carson?
Cody: We just met! We haven't done anything. We just got here.
Linus: Shut up! I'm gonna kill you. I'm gonna kill both of you.
Cody: No! Please. Please, no. You don't want to do that. There's $500 in that wallet. You can have it.
Linus: I don't want your money.
Cody: Please, just take it and let me go. I have kids and a wife!
Linus: I love her so much.
Cody: [He starts putting his clothes on] I'm-I'm just gonna-here. [He hands Linus the money from his wallet] I'm just gonna leave you two to work out your marital problems. Okay? Work things out. I'm sorry. Sorry! [He grabs his clothes and leaves the room] Oh, my God. [He puts the rest of his clothes on and leaves the condo, and he starts jogging away as he buttons his shirt] No way. What the- [He continues to jog away and then checks his pockets] Where's my phone? Where's my phone! [He goes back to the condo and sees Stacy leaving] Why did you lie to me about your husband?
Stacy: Let go of me.
Cody: You told me that he left you. I want my money and my phone back.
Stacy: Get off of me!
Cody: I want them back, or else I'm gonna call the police.
Stacy: Mm, well, you're pretty brave when it's just a woman.
Cody: What?
[Stacy woges into a Huntha Lami Muuaji. She grabs Cody's wrists and rubs the side of her slimy head on Cody's face. He screams as his face burns]

Scene: Juliette wakes up as a garbage truck goes by after spending the night in her car.

Scene: Wu leads Nick and Hank to Cody's body.

Wu: Victim was found early this morning by a maintenance guy.
Hank: Witnesses?
Wu: Not yet.
Nick: It looks like an acid attack.
Hank: [Looking at Cody's i.d.] Cody Carson, Augusta, Maine.
Nick: So what was Cody Carson doing in Portland?
Hank: We've got a key for the Benson Hotel. All the credit cards are here. No cash.
Wu: Robbery gone bad?
Nick: They usually don't put the wallet back after stealing the money.
Wu: Unless you wanted the police to think it wasn't a robbery gone bad.

Scene: Nick and Hank inform Renard on Cody.

Hank: Mr. Carson checked into the Benson Hotel three days ago. According to the hotel manager, Carson wasn't due to leave for another week. His clothes and his suitcase were still in his room.
Nick: The victim was here on business. He works for Mason Freight. We found a cellphone charger, but no cellphone on his person, in his car or in his room.
Renard: Apparently he left it wherever he was last night.
Hank: Yeah, we got his number from the hotel. We're trying to run it down.
Renard: Do we know how the victim got these burns?
Hank: According to the M.E., the victim choked to death on viscous matter which then ate its way through his lungs and moved onto other organs. The substance is consistent with a parasitic enzyme like necrotizing fasciitis. It's a skin-eating bacteria found in contaminated water.
Nick: Apparently there are certain animals that produce this enzyme that eat your body tissue. Spiders, earthworms, snails, slugs, insects and some plants like the Venus flytrap.
Renard: Sounds Wesen to me.
Hank: Or we're looking for a big-ass snail.
Renard: Do we know what the victim was doing in that neighborhood?
Nick: Not yet. Car was parked on the street. No restaurants or bars nearby.
Renard: Maybe he had a friend in the area?
Hank: That's what we're thinking.
[Knock at the door]
Renard: Yeah.
Wu: [He walks in] Got an approximate location to the victim's cell. It's in a condo, near where his body was found.

Scene: Nick, Hank, and Wu track down Cody's phone.

Wu: Getting warmer. Warmer. Warmer. [He stops outside the condo] This is it. Phone's inside.
Nick: You know who owns it?
Condo Manager: It belongs to Matt Robbins, but he's not here right now. He moved to New York last year, rents out the condo through an Internet service.
Hank: We're going to need his phone information.
Condo Manager: I've got that in my office.
Nick: Can you get us inside?
Condo Manager: Uh, yeah. I have the key, but it's rented out right now.
Hank: To who?
Condo Manager: I don't know. I have her name in the file. I gave her the key. That's what I do for the owner.
Nick: Can you describe her?
Condo Manager: Yes. She was very pretty. Taller than me. Dark hair, brown eyes. Seemed about 30. Very nice. God, I hope nothing happened to her in there. [She knocks] Hello? It's the manager. I'm here with the police and we have to come in. [She unlocks and opens the door]
Hank: You can just wait right here.
[Nick, Hank, and Wu head to the bedroom to look around]
Wu: Got to be somewhere in here.
Nick: Looks pretty empty.
Wu: Nothing here. Not even a sock.
Hank: Doesn't look like anybody lives here.
Nick: If she was here, she's gone now.
Wu: [He finds the phone] Got it!
Hank: Oh. What do we think Cody was doing in a bedroom with a pretty woman some time last night?
Wu: No sign of foul play.
Nick: Let's get CSU in here, check for semen, dust for prints.
Wu: Yeah. [He leaves]
Hank: Well, whatever happened here, they sure cleaned up pretty good. Was the woman with him? Did she kill him?
Nick: Well if you're going to kill him, why do you kill him outside? Where anyone can see you. Why don't you do it in here?
Hank: Maybe it wasn't the woman. Maybe it was someone else.
Nick: I think we better find this pretty woman.

Scene: Renard goes to a doctor to get a checkup.

Doctor: [He checks Renard's lungs with a stethoscope] Well, I don't hear or see anything abnormal. The scar tissue looks fine, no sign of any tears. How much blood was there?
Renard: [He thinks back to waking up covered in blood] Maybe less than I thought. It was the middle of the night. I was half-asleep.
Doctor: Well, I can do an MRI, but I'm not seeing anything out of the ordinary. How do you feel?
Renard: Actually, I feel okay.
Doctor: Well why don't we go ahead and schedule the MRI just to make sure, but you know, I wouldn't worry.

Scene: Nick and Hank go to the precinct to look up information on who was renting the condo.

Hank: The owner of the condo hasn't been in Portland for about a year. He rented the condo to a woman from Omaha, Alexis Toynbee, but Alexis Toynbee is 60 years old and she's still in Omaha.
Nick: So we've got a case of identity theft.
Hank: Whoever rented the condo used Toynbee's name and credit card.
Nick: But who goes to the trouble of getting a fake i.d. and credit card just to rent a condo for one night?
Hank: Someone who wanted to do something bad in the condo and not leave a trail.
Wu: [He walks up] Got a hit on the fingerprint inside the condo, but it's not a woman's. Thought it might just be a random 'til I got this. [He sets down a laptop] Linus Balouzian, Louisville, Kentucky. Got a record as a conman and a car registered in his name.
Nick: Well, you got a last known?
Wu: In a way. Condo gets cleaned after every rental. It was cleaned this last Friday, so that puts Mr. Balouzian in the condo this week.
Hank: So, Mr. Balouzian and our victim were in a condo rented by an attractive woman with a fake identity. Sound like a con to anybody else?
Nick: Maybe Linus is working with this mystery woman. And Cody got caught up in whatever game the two of them are playing.
Hank: Well, my guess is, you come all this way to Portland, you're going to play this game more than once.
Wu: Checked with Robbery. They've been hearing about businessmen, single guys from out of town, being trick-rolled.
Hank: Put out an APB on Balouzian's car.
Wu: Yeah. [He walks away]
Nick: If Balouzian's the guy who attacked our victim, he could be Wesen.
Hank: What kind is the question.
Nick: And if they're gonna pull this again, where?
Hank: If they rented the first condo using Toynbee's identity, maybe they used it more than once.
Nick: Let's run the name again, see if we can come up with any other fraudulent charges.

Scene: Linus blames Stacy for what went wrong at the condo.

Linus: Stacy, this is all your fault. If you'd just gone out the back like I told you, he never would've seen you. [Looking in the mirror] Now the cops are gonna be all over us. So you better get your sweet ass ready 'cause you are going out again tonight. Find us another one! And no more screwups! [He woges into a Huntha Lami Muuaji] Are you listening to me?
[A little while later, Stacy finishes getting ready before going out]
Stacy: You think this is my fault? Linus, you are such an idiot. I can't believe he's blaming me. This is such crap. [Looking in the mirror, putting earrings in] Without me, this wouldn't even work.

Scene: Renard goes to see Monroe and Rosalee at the spice shop.

Rosalee: Thanks, Brad. See you next week.
Brad: Okay.
[Renard comes into the shop]
Rosalee: Sean.
Renard: Rosalee. I think I might have a problem.
Monroe: A problem? What kind of problem?
Renard: You helped my mother figure out what Adalind had done to Nick and how to fix it.
Monroe: Yeah. Good times.
Renard: There was a book that Adalind used to cast a spell.
Rosalee: Yes, we still have it.
Renard: Okay, good. I was hoping you did.
Monroe: What's the problem?
Renard: I'm not exactly sure, but it appears to be related to what my mother did to save my life-some sort of residual effect from my visit to the other side.
Monroe: You mean, as in when you were dead?
Renard: Yeah. I keep reliving the moment that I was shot over and over. And I wake up... And I have blood all over me, and it's as though I've just been shot again and I'm bleeding to death.
Rosalee: That does not sound good.
Monroe: And you're hoping the answer to this is in the book?
Renard: I am.
Rosalee: Your mother shut the book. [She hands Renard the book] So I'm hoping you can open it, because we can't.
Renard: [He tries to open the book] How'd she open it?
Monroe: Uh, with her blood. Big knife right in the middle of her-
Rosalee: She's your mother. Maybe your blood will work.
Renard: No, if that kind of lock has been cast upon it, then only Hexenbiest blood can open it.
Rosalee: Don't suppose she's coming back to town anytime soon?
Renard: Not that I know of.
Monroe: And I'm guessing you don't want to bring Adalind in for help on this.
Renard: No, not really.
Rosalee: Well, know any other Hexenbiests?

Scene: Nick stands outside the trailer and calls Juliette, who is sitting in her car outside of Renard's house.

[Juliette sends the call to voicemail]
Nick: Juliette, it's me. We need to talk. Please, please call me back. [He hangs up and goes inside the trailer]
Hank: Hey, I think I got something. This looks like some kind of Grimm medical book. Date on it is... 1917. You okay?
Nick: Yeah. Juliette and I are having a little problem.
Hank: You want to talk about it?
Nick: I'm still trying to figure it out myself. Tell me what you got.
Hank: Well, I think this is what we're looking for. It's a Huntha Lami Muuaji. They're some kind of a wormy Wesen. "Much like the flatworm Platyhelminthes, the epidermis of the Huntha Lami Muuaji secretes enzymes that feed on its host's skin."
Nick: That sounds like our guy.
Hank: This is kind of interesting. "Huntha Lami Muuaji always travel in pairs, one female, one male. But no female has ever been captured or killed. The males are extremely dangerous. Decapitation upon contact is the best course to take. Unlike other Wesen, the Huntha Lami Muuaji appear to have only one Wesen state, visible to all, but whoever has seen it has died. Even Grimms have been especially cautious in dealing with this Wesen and the data recorded by them is incomplete."
Nick: So we got a pair-Linus and the woman he's working with. No ID on the woman.
Hank: But she's the one picking the guys up.
Nick: And only one fingerprint in the room. That's the guy's.
Hank: So where did the woman go? I think we better run this by Monroe and Rosalee.
Nick: Let's bring the book. [His phone rings] Hey, it's Wu. [He answers] Wu, what do you got?
Wu: Got a hit on Toynbee's name in the system. Apparently, her credit card was used to book an apartment three blocks away from the condo.
Nick: Then the suspect's working the same neighborhood.
Wu: Looks like.
Nick: All right, get a list of all bars and restaurants that are within walking distance.
Wu: Already did. There's one that caters to businessmen. It's called Olive or Twist. Get it?
Nick: We're headed to the spice shop. Let's regroup later.
Wu: Okay.

Scene: Renard is sitting at home looking at the book, when his doorbell rings.

Renard: [He checks his camera and sees Juliette] Oh, this can't be good. [He sighs and answers the door] Yeah.
Juliette: [She comes into the house] I slept in my car last night. I'm not doing that again.
Renard: All right-what do you mean?
Juliette: [She sighs] What I mean is I need a place to stay with somebody who... understands me.
Renard: Oh, uh... Look, I'm not sure this is the best place for you.
Juliette: No, I can't go home until I figure out what I am.
Renard: Does Nick know where you are?
Juliette: [She sighs] No.
Renard: You planning on telling him?
Juliette: I don't know.
Renard: You realize this puts me in a very awkward situation again.
Juliette: You want to talk awkward? Listen, you have lived with this your whole life. You know what it's like. I need to know what I'm supposed to do to deal with it.
Renard: Well, first off, you need to be more careful. Obviously, most people can't accept what we are. Reactions can be violent. Deadly, even. [He goes to pour himself a drink]
Juliette: I mean, is there anything comforting in all of this?
Renard: Well, you do have abilities that defy explanation. How you learn to use them will determine what you become. You're more than I'll ever be. The way this happened to you... You're one of a kind. Now, I don't know what that means, ultimately. [He takes a drink]
Juliette: So what you're saying is, I just kind of have to wing it.
Renard: Don't we all? I do have a favor to ask you.
Juliette: What?
Renard: I need you to open a book.

Scene: Nick and Hank go talk to Monroe and Rosalee about Huntha Lami Muuajis.

Monroe: [Looking at a picture in the book] So that's a Huntha Lami Muuaji. Okay, so what's the plan? How you gonna catch these varmints?
Nick: Well, we think the woman's gonna be at Olive or Twist tonight.
Monroe: Olive or Twist, I love that place. Prices'll scare the "Dickens" out of you, though.
Rosalee: So what, somebody goes to the bar and tries to get picked up by a pretty woman?
Hank: Exactly.
Rosalee: So which one of you good-looking guys is gonna be the bait?
Nick: We'd like to use someone who knows what they're up against.
[Everyone looks at Monroe]
Nick: If Rosalee's okay with it.
Rosalee: Well, I mean, as long as it doesn't get out of hand.
Hank: We'll be backing him up the whole way.

Scene: Stacy arrives at the bar. She looks around and ends up sitting next to Monroe.

Stacy: [She acts like she's crying] Stop it. Get it together. [She sighs]
Monroe: Hey. You all right?
Stacy: Yeah. [She chuckles] Not really. Sorry.
Monroe: Anything you want to, you know, talk about, I-
Stacy: I don't know-my husband left me a week ago, so I'm still trying to figure out what to do with myself.
Monroe: Oh, I'm sorry. That's-that's tough. Let me buy you a drink.
Stacy: Okay.
Monroe: [To a bartender] Excuse me, can we get a cocktail menu? [To Stacy] Pick your poison.
[Stacy laughs. Monroe then goes and calls Nick]
Monroe: Hey-yeah, so I'm pretty sure I made contact with our gal. She fits the description. She says her name is Stacy. I don't know-I think it's going pretty well because she invited me back to her place. Want me to play this out or what?
Nick: Well, you have to so we can find out if it's who we're looking for. Now, if she doesn't go to the apartment, call it off. She's not the right one.
Hank: And you got to be careful. She could be a Huntha Lami Muuaji too.
Monroe: Okay, look, I-I got to get back. Okay. [He hangs up]

Scene: Renard tells Juliette how to open the book.

Renard: [He grabs a knife] All you have to do is just cut yourself and then drip the blood onto the book, like this.
Juliette: Really? All I have to do is cut myself and bleed for you.
Renard: I've been doing a little bleeding on my own lately.
Juliette: Why can't you do it, again? Aren't you half Hexenbiest?
Renard: Why does everybody keep making that mistake? I am not a Hexenbiest. I'm a Zauberbiest. There's a difference.
Juliette: How much blood?
Renard: I don't know-just enough to open the book, whatever that is.
Juliette: Aren't you supposed to be helping me?
Renard: You got a place to stay, don't you?
[Juliette cuts her hand and drips the blood onto the book, causing it to open]
Renard: Oh, thank you.
Juliette: What is this book?
Renard: It's the book that Adalind used to do what she did to you and Nick.
Juliette: This I want to read.

Scene: Monroe arrives at the apartment with Stacy.

Stacy: I don't know if this is a good idea.
Monroe: Whatever you want to do.
Stacy: I really don't want to be alone.
Monroe: Okay. We can just talk.
Stacy: Okay.
[Wu watches as Monroe and Stacy go inside]
Stacy: I don't want to just talk. Unless we're talking dirty. [She tries to kiss Monroe]
Monroe: Uh... [He falls back onto a bed] Whoa!
[Stacy laughs and partially unbuttons Monroe's shirt before taking off her coat]
Monroe: Oh. Um...
Stacy: [She strips down to her bra and underwear] Don't move. [She goes into the bathroom]
[Monroe quickly stands up and looks out the window as the scene shifts outside]
Wu: [He gets into the car with Nick and Hank] Monroe and a woman just went in.
Hank: Any sight of Linus?
Wu: No. I checked the apartment. It was empty. And Linus has not gone into the building. And there's only one way in or out.
Hank: All right, we have to wait till Linus makes his move. We can't do anything until he shows up.
[The scene shifts to Stacy taking out her earrings in the bathroom]
Stacy: Be there in a second.
Monroe: [He looks out the window and paces around] Guys. Oh, boy.
Linus: [He bursts through the door and points his gun at Monroe] Where's my wife?
Monroe: Oh, wife? Wait a minute. She said you left her.
Linus: Well, I didn't; I knew she was seeing somebody and now I know who.
Monroe: Please-I've never been here before.
Linus: You been sleeping with my wife? I'm gonna kill you.
Monroe: No! No, wait! Please, no. I just-I'll give you anything you want. Whatever-my wallet, anything. Just-just, please, let me go. [He looks out the window]
Linus: What are you looking for?
Monroe: Nothing! I'm just-I'm scared you're, you know, gonna shoot me. [He tries to signal Nick, Hank, and Wu]
Linus: What are you-get away from the window.
Monroe: No, I-I got a cramp.
Nick: [Noticing Monroe's signal] Oh, crap. Linus is in there.
Hank: How'd he do that? [He, Nick, and Wu get out of the car]
Linus: Let me see your wallet.
Monroe: I'm sorry, what?
Linus: Don't argue with me. Give me your wallet.
Monroe: You got it. [He tosses Linus his wallet]
[Nick, Hank, and Wu run up to the condo]
Linus: [He looks through Monroe's wallet] 22 bucks. Is that all you got?
[Monroe woges]
Linus: Damn it, Stacy! [He throws Monroe's wallet onto the ground]
Monroe: [He shoves Linus into a wall as Nick, Hank, and Wu arrive] It's him. He's in the bedroom.
Nick: Where's the woman?
Monroe: In the bathroom.
Wu: You all right?
[Linus goes out the window]
Nick: Don't let the woman get out. I'm going after Linus. [He goes out the window and runs after Linus]
[Linus runs and then goes around a corner. He woges and then turns into Stacy. Stacy walks away as Nick runs up. Nick finds Linus' coat with Stacy's earrings in the pocket]
Nick: [He continues looking for Linus] Hey, have you seen a guy run by?
[Stacy rides by Nick in the back of a taxi]
Nick: [He returns to the apartment] I lost him. Where is she?
Hank: Well, she's not here.
Monroe: I'm telling you, she went into the bathroom and never came out.
Hank: Well, there's a door on the other side of the bathroom-no clothes in the closet, nothing. It's the same setup as the condo. She must've left when Linus came in.
Wu: How'd she get past us?
Hank: I don't know.
Nick: [He shows Monroe the earrings from Linus' pocket] Was she wearing these?
Monroe: [He grabs an earring to look at] Yeah. Where did you get these?
Nick: Linus' coat. When I chased him, he left it on the ground. I found these in the pocket.
Wu: How the hell did her earrings get into his pocket?
Nick: What if she didn't go anywhere?
Hank: Well, she had to go somewhere because she ain't here.
Nick: The book says the female is never found. What if they're the same person?
Monroe: You're saying, what if this Wesen, this Huntha Lami Muuaji, whatever, is both? Like, male and female?
Hank: They can woge from one to the other?
Nick: I'm just guessing, but that would explain why the woman is never caught. And the Grimms always kill the male when he woges. That would explain why they never find the female.
Hank: Oh, that hurts just thinking about it.
Wu: That explains why she's got no record; only Linus does.
Monroe: Okay, so how do we find him? Her. Them.

Scene: Linus and Stacy switch back and forth to talk to each other.

Linus: This is great, Stacy. Just great.
Stacy: I'm really not in the mood for your crap right now.
Linus: You screwed us good this time.
Stacy: We are not screwed.
Linus: You really know how to pick them, don't you? I can't believe you brought home a Blutbad with 22 bucks. I can't believe you're such an idiot!
Stacy: Don't call me an idiot. How was I supposed to know? You picked the bar. We can't go anywhere for 22 bucks. We got to do it again, but this time, I pick the bar. Oh, and just so you know, I'm cutting my hair short again.

Scene: Nick, Hank, Wu, Monroe, and Rosalee discuss how to keep Linus from turning into Stacy since he has the criminal record.

Rosalee: So the suspects you're after are one and the same person? This Wesen sounds like the epitome of an identity crisis. I can't even imagine how it must feel to be both a man and a woman.
Wu: Got to be complicated.
Nick: Yeah, and the problem is, after the woge, it looks like he or she can return to him or her. And we need the he.
Hank: Linus is the one with the criminal record.
Monroe: So you want to lock him into Linus?
Wu: And prevent him from turning into Stacy.
Monroe: Wait a minute-forcing someone to be one sex sounds like one of those ethically ambiguous morally-gray-area-type situations. I'm just saying, the feminist inside me is cringing.
Nick: Cringe away 'cause we don't have another choice. They're murderers.
Rosalee: It sounds like the woge is neutral ground, hormonally speaking, so I think that's your moment of opportunity. But you're gonna have to use something to keep him from turning into Stacy mid-arrest.
Nick: Well, can you even do that?
Rosalee: I've never tried anything like this before, but maybe something like hormone therapy might work. Maybe giving him a dose of testosterone, like how bodybuilders use steroids. It's the same idea.
Monroe: You're gonna need a lot. This was a pretty good-looking woman.
[Rosalee shoots Monroe a quick side-eye look after hearing Monroe's comment]
Hank: Yeah, but how much is too much?
Rosalee: I don't know. Better to be on the safe side, especially if you want to keep him as Linus.
Nick: How do we inject him with the hormones?
Rosalee: I can make a pretty potent batch of hormones, but you're gonna have to figure out how to get it into him. You can't get too close to this Wesen, remember. He's got flesh-eating slime.
Nick: Darts.
Monroe: Doppelarmbrust.
Nick: Crossbow.
Hank: Perfect.
Wu: Huh?

Scene: Adalind checks the results of her third pregnancy test.

Adalind: Please. Please, please, please, please, please. I can't go through this again. [She sees the positive result] Oh, God. I can't have another baby. [She woges] I don't even know where the first one is! [The mirror cracks and she retracts] Okay, breathe. Breathe. I can do this. Just think. I'm gonna have to find you another father. That's not gonna be easy. I need to sleep with somebody. Fast. [She hears Viktor talking in a nearby room]
Viktor: I adamantly oppose this.
Adalind: Viktor. [She goes to listen outside the door]
Viktor: May I remind you, nobody understands the complexity of the situation like I do.
Frederick: And no one has exercised as much patience as I have.
Viktor: I need more time.
[Adalind opens the door as Viktor is escorted out]
Frederick: And you will have plenty, Viktor, in Vienna. Adalind, so nice to see you again.
Adalind: Your Highness.
Frederick: You're looking lovely as ever.
Adalind: Is Viktor going somewhere?
Frederick: Yes.
Adalind: Am I leaving too?
Frederick: No, you're staying here.
Adalind: Alone?
Frederick: No, dear. I would never leave you alone. You are far too important. Another member of the family will be joining you soon.
Adalind: Will I get a chance to say goodbye to Viktor?
Frederick: No.
Adalind: W-will I ever see him again?
Frederick: Grown rather fond of him, have you?
Adalind: We've just been through so much together.
Frederick: Just so you know, I never really approved of him throwing you in the dungeon like that. On the other hand, you did betray the family by leaving Vienna with the Resistance.
Adalind: I was so confused.
Frederick: The world is confused. People like the illusion of being in control of their lives. But ultimately, what they crave is protection, safety. And none of that happens without singular vision of the future. Your child has a very important part to play in that future. She has Royal blood. And we will get her back where she belongs.

Scene: Stacy walks to a bar to find her and Linus' next target.

Stacy: [Admiring her reflection in a car window] You know, Linus, you so wish you could be me.

Scene: Monroe and Rosalee work on making the batch of hormones.

Rosalee: A little more.
Monroe: What, are you trying to turn this guy into a Tyrannosaurus?
Hank: A little more won't hurt.
Nick: [He arrives with the Doppelarmbrust] Got it.
Monroe: All right, we're almost ready here.
Wu: What's in the case?
Nick: Our delivery system. Which should we use: the 4-inch, 6-, 8-... Or the jumbo?
Hank: Let's not take any chances. Jumbo.
Rosalee: All right, it's ready. Let's fill it up.
Hank: [His phone beeps] APB picked up Linus' car outside Los Portales Bar on Thurman. They've got it under surveillance.
Wu: Uh, let's pull the surveillance once we get there. I don't want to have to explain this to anyone else.
Nick: I hope this works.
Hank: Yeah, you and me both.
Nick: Thanks for your help.
Monroe: Good luck, fellas.
[Nick, Hank, and Wu leave]
Rosalee: So... how pretty was she?

Scene: Stacy leaves the bar with a businessman.

Stacy: Are you sure you want to hear my tales of woe? This is your last chance.
Businessman: Hey, I'm from Detroit. I know woe.
Stacy: [She laughs] Well, then maybe I should listen to you.
Businessman: My car is across the street.
Stacy: Oh, my place is really close. We can just walk.
Wu: [He walks up] Sir. Sorry to interrupt, but I need to see some ID.
Businessman: Uh, excuse me-why?
Wu: You match the description of a robbery suspect.
Businessman: Are you kidding me?
Wu: Sir, if you don't cooperate, I'm afraid I'll have to place you under arrest.
Businessman: Look, I don't know what he's talking about. I had nothing to do with anything.
Wu: I need you to step away from the woman-this way.
Businessman: This is unreal. [He goes with Wu]
Wu: This way.
Businessman: This is outrageous. I didn't do anything.
Wu: Just take a second to check your ID, sir.
Businessman: [He hands Wu his ID as Stacy walks away] Can you please tell me what I'm supposed to have done?
[Stacy continues walking until Nick tosses her earrings at her feet]
Nick: Hey, you dropped something. Hey, Stacy. I thought you might want those back.
Stacy: Those aren't mine. I don't know what you're talking about.
Nick: Oh, then they must belong to Linus? I'd like to talk to him.
Stacy: I don't know anyone named Linus.
Hank: [He walks up] We think you do. You're not going anywhere.
Nick: Game's over, Stacy.
Stacy: You got nothing on me.
Nick: We know what you are.
Hank: He's a Grimm. And you're a Huntha Lami Muuaji. I hope I pronounced that right.
Stacy: Well, if you know what I am, then you know what I can do. [She woges and walks forward, but Nick shoots two bolts into her]
Linus: [He takes the darts out] So you think some little darts are gonna stop me?
Nick: Yeah, that was the plan.
Linus: [He starts walking forward, but he then stumbles] What is this? What have you done? [He falls to the ground and retracts]
Hank: It's Linus.
Wu: [He gasps as he runs up] It worked!
Nick: Let's get him cuffed.
Wu: Is this the same person?
Hank: Wearing the same dress.
Wu: True.
Hank: [He cuffs Linus] You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in the court of law. You have the right to an attorney.

Scene: Nick and Hank interrogate Linus.

Linus: It was just a simple con, you know?
Nick: There's nothing simple about this con.
Hank: You boast a pretty lengthy criminal record, and Stacy's not even in the system. You do all the dirty work and she was your cover.
Linus: Nobody was supposed to get hurt.
Hank: Somebody died.
Linus: It just went wrong this time. We've never hurt anybody before. But that guy was waiting for Stacy outside. And he grabbed her, and he was hurting her. Really hurting her. And threatening her. That's what made me mad. I can't just stand by and let that happen. I mean, this guy is married with two kids. What kind of husband is he? And he's threatening to call the police. I don't know. It just... It all happened so fast. We didn't know what to do.
Nick: You're going to jail, Linus.
Linus: Don't you think you've done enough? [He repeatedly tries to woge] What did you do to her? What did you to to Stacy? I-I can't find her.
Nick: You gave us no choice. We couldn't arrest Stacy.
Linus: I want her back. You don't understand. We loved each other.
Hank: Sit down. Love's got nothing to do with what you did. Sign the confession.
Linus: No, no, no, no, no, no, no. [He signs the confession] Will I ever get her back?
Nick: I don't know. [He and Hank get up to leave]
Linus: Please. I need her. I'll be all alone.
Hank: Not where you're going. [He and Nick leave]
Linus: No, you could never understand. We've been together our whole lives. Please. Oh, Stacy, baby, I need you. I-I can't live without you. Stacy. Stacy...

Scene: Nick pours himself a drink at home.

[Flashback of Nick and Juliette under the mistletoe in the flashback in "Endangered." Flashback of Juliette telling Nick she's there for him like he was for her in "Kiss of the Muse." Flashback of Juliette asking Nick if this is what he wants to spend the rest of of life with after she woges in "Bad Luck"]


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