Doppelgänger Potion
222-Doppelgänger Potion
Owned by: Dead Frau Pech
Purpose: Gain the appearance of another individual.
Location: N/A
TV Show: "Goodnight, Sweet Grimm"

The Doppelgänger Potion is a Zaubertrank that causes the drinker to gain the appearance of another person and gives that person the drinker's appearance in place of their own.


"Goodnight, Sweet Grimm"Edit

In Vienna, Adalind is given some food and drink on a tray. After conversing with the waiter in German, Adalind proceeds to start eating while the waiter leaves. However, outside Adalind's hotel room, the waiter reports to Frau Pech who is waiting outside. The Hexenbiest asks if the deed has been done, and the waiter tells her yes. Satisfied, Frau Pech enters the room to find Adalind on the floor passed out, having been drugged from the food that was given to her. Smiling, Frau Pech takes out a syringe, extracts some blood from the back of Adalind's neck, and works on her Doppelgänger potion.

When Frau Pech finishes the Doppelgänger potion, she consumes it and appears to start transforming. Within seconds, Frau Pech has transformed so that she looks like Adalind and Adalind, still lying on the ground in her hotel passed out, transforms to look just like Frau Pech. Moments later, Stefania calls Adalind's phone to tell her that she has figured out a way to get rid of Frau Pech. Frau Pech, transformed and with Adalind's voice, claims that she can't wait to hear about it.

Later in Stefania's tent, Frau Pech, still disguised as Adalind, is killed by one of Stefania's sons, who garrotes her with a wire.

Known IngredientsEdit

  • Blood of the second person
  • Beetle
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