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Diana Schade-Renard
Actor: Nicole Steinwedell (adult)
Hannah R. Loyd
Sloane McGinnis (young child)
Unknown baby ("Cry Luison")
Isley and Aria Zamora (season 3/photo in "Maréchaussée")
Gender: Female
Type: Hexenbiest
House: House of Kronenberg (Princess)
Relationships: Adalind Schade, mother
Sean Renard, father
Kelly Schade-Burkhardt, half-brother
Nick Burkhardt, step-father
Dead.svg Catherine Schade, grandmother
Dead.svg Frederick Renard, grandfather
Elizabeth Lascelles, grandmother
Dead.svg Eric Renard, uncle
Dead.svg Kelly Burkhardt, guardian
Unnamed maternal grandfather
The triplets, friends
Status: Living

Princess Diana Schade-Renard (born March 2014) is the daughter of Adalind Schade and Sean Renard, as well as the older half-sister of Kelly Schade-Burkhardt. She is 3/4 Hexenbiest and 1/4 Human. As a result of Adalind undergoing the Contaminatio Ritualis in order to regain her powers while Diana was in the womb, Diana was born with powers enhanced far beyond what Hexenbiests are usually capable of, in addition to having an expedited aging process. She was born full-term at only 6 months. By the time she is chronologically close to 20 years old she is fighting Wesen along with her mother, Nick, Kelly, and Monroe and Rosalee's triplets. ("The End")


Season 3[]

"El Cucuy"[]

Adalind had an ultrasound. The doctor said that she could hear two heartbeats, but Adalind wasn't having twins. The doctor told Adalind it could have just been an echo and not to worry.

"The Wild Hunt"[]

Adalind was in the bathroom rubbing her paste on her stomach, and the baby's hands started pushing out. Later, while Adalind was sleeping, the baby pushed her face against Adalind's stomach; her face then changed into a skull, and Adalind got out of bed screaming in agony.

Adalind met with Stefania who told her the baby was active and that it wouldn't be long before she gave birth, adding that she had to go into hiding from Prince Viktor. Stefania then gave Adalind mandrake root to chew on to slow the process down.

"Mommy Dearest"[]

Adalind gave birth and regained her powers. Then Meisner called Sean to inform him of the birth, and Sean said he would start making arrangements for Adalind and the baby's safety.

Later, when Meisner reached over to touch Adalind's hair, the hair wrapped tightly around his hand. The baby opened her glowing reddish-purple eyes to look at him. After a few seconds, Adalind's hair unwrapped from around Meisner's hand.

"Once We Were Gods"[]

The baby was seen being cradled in her mother's arms in the cabin, when Meisner arrived to ask Adalind what she did to the baby. Adalind told Meisner the baby had been with her the whole time. Then Meisner told her about hearing the baby's heartbeat, and Adalind thought about her ultrasound when the doctor said she thought she heard two heartbeats. Then, the baby used her powers to ignite the wood in the fireplace when her mother complained about the cold in the cabin.

Later in her mother's arms, Adalind thanked Meisner for saving their lives, and Meisner received a phone call from Sean informing him of Sebastien's disappearance. He informed Meisner to go to Zurich with Adalind and the baby and that he'd make arrangements for them to leave the country.

Adalind, Meisner, and the baby later walked in the woods headed to an unknown location.

"The Show Must Go On"[]

The baby was in the woods in the arms of her mother as Adalind and Meisner were watching Viktor and the Verrat trying to find them. Adalind told Meisner about Viktor, and her daughter started crying. Adalind told Meisner that her daughter was hungry, and Meisner told Adalind to feed the baby later.

Soon after, Adalind, Meisner, and the baby approached the two cars on the road that Viktor and the Verrat agents had arrived in, and Adalind used her powers to save Meisner's life after a member of the Verrat tried to kill him.

Later on the road, the baby was in her mother's lap, when Meisner thanked her mother for saving his life. He then got a call from Sean, and Sean informed him that Tavitian had someone waiting to transport Adalind and the baby out of the country from Zurich.


Adalind held her baby as Meisner was driving to the drop point in Rafz, Switzerland. Meisner told Adalind to wait in the car, while he went to make sure things were safe. While he was gone, Adalind and the baby were captured by two Verrat agents and were saved by Kelly Burkhardt just before Meisner found them. Later by the plane, Adalind thanked Meisner for saving her and the baby and gave him a goodbye kiss on the cheek.

On the plane, Adalind was informed by Kelly of the supplies on the plane, including diapers for the baby. Adalind knew Kelly was American and asked if she was working for the Resistance. Kelly informed Adalind the less she knew the better. Adalind got frustrated and informed Kelly of her situation, and Kelly told her to change the baby's diaper.

Later, Adalind's daughter started crying because of the pressure building up in her ears from the altitude. Kelly showed Adalind where to rub her finger under her daughter's ears, which calmed her daughter down.

As Adalind slept, Kelly entertained the baby with her locket, and the baby's eyes glowed purple. The baby then telekinetically held the locket in midair and disrupted the instruments of the plane.

When Adalind, Kelly, and the baby arrived in Oregon, Adalind and her baby were in the middle of a field, when they were approached by a farmer who wanted to call the Sheriff. After Kelly knocked him out, Kelly, Adalind, and the baby stole his truck.

That night after arriving at Nick and Juliette's Nick and Juliette's house, Adalind, Nick, Juliette, and Kelly got into a disagreement, and then Juliette told Adalind off about putting her in the coma. Adalind asked Nick if he was going to kill her and the baby, when suddenly the baby used her powers to cause the house to shake, bend the handle of a spoon on the table, and cause a picture frame's glass to crack. Then Juliette noticed how wet the blanket around the baby was and ordered Adalind upstairs to warm up the baby.

In the bedroom, after Juliette dried off the baby, she asked Adalind how old the baby was, and Adalind responded maybe 10 days old. Juliette then asked what the baby's name was, and Adalind replied she hadn't had a chance to name her because they'd been on the run. Juliette went back downstairs and told Adalind to feed her baby. When Juliette arrived downstairs, she, Nick, and Kelly argued about what to do with Adalind and the baby. Meanwhile, Adalind snuck out a window with the baby and took the stolen truck to Sean's condo. There, Sean and Adalind discussed Kelly Burkhardt and the surprise visit to Nick and Juliette's house. Sean eventually held the baby for the first time as Adalind told the baby to say hello to her father.

"The Law of Sacrifice"[]

Sean continued to hold the baby until Adalind took her back. Later on, outside Monroe and Rosalee's home, she telekinetically took Kelly's locket. Kelly told Adalind the baby could keep it when Adalind later asked if she wanted it back. When the baby awoke in the middle of the night crying, she wreaked havoc with Monroe's clocks, despite Adalind and Rosalee's attempts to soothe her. Rosalee noticed she had a small fever, but the baby calmed down suddenly when Kelly entered the house.

Diana playing with toy keys

The next day, when Kelly was seemingly arrested for the murder of Catherine Schade, Adalind went to the precinct to make a statement. Adalind told Sean she had finally selected a name: Diana. While Adalind was distracted by Kelly, Sean went outside the precinct and gave Diana to Viktor. Diana did not seem to appreciate the situation, spooking Viktor and Rispoli by twisting a splash of coffee into the shape of a skull on the limo window on the way to the airfield. Shortly thereafter, Diana was "rescued" by a group of people posing as Resistance agents, though it was in fact her father, Kelly, Nick, Monroe, and Hank. Diana was then handed off to Kelly, who took her away from Portland. As Diana played with some toy keys using her telekinesis, Kelly mused that she must teach Diana not to use her powers in public.

"Nobody Knows the Trubel I've Seen"[]

While staying in Monroe and Rosalee's home, Adalind had a dream that Sean brought Diana back to her, only for it to turn into a nightmare when Sean actually handed Diana to Viktor.

Season 4[]

"Cry Luison"[]

Adalind hallucinated finding and holding Diana, until Diana turned into a pig in her arms.


Kelly Burkhardt brought Diana with her back to Portland upon hearing from Juliette that Nick was in danger. Kelly picked Diana up from her car and set her down once she reached Nick and Juliette's home. Diana aged noticeably in a relatively short period of time, being able to walk on her own. As Kelly was suddenly ambushed by several Verrat agents and Kenneth, Diana was briefly heard crying. When Juliette slowly made her way down to the first floor, Diana was sitting on the floor. Juliette picked her up, and Kenneth then walked in and stated that they got her, referring to Kelly, and that they now had Diana in their control. Later, as Juliette and Kenneth sat in the back of a van with Diana, Diana asked, "Where's my mommy?" Juliette and Kenneth merely looked at each other and did not say anything.

"Cry Havoc"[]

After Kenneth ordered Rispoli to kill Nick and the two people with him, Kenneth hung up and commented on how Juliette seemed to be quite good with children as Diana sat close to her in the van.

Kenneth brought Diana to a rented gated compound where King Frederick was, who was almost in disbelief upon first seeing her. He noticed right away how much she had grown in such a short time, saying she was truly special, and called her over to give him a hug. She hesitated at first but walked over to him. As Frederick hugged her, he said he had longed to hold her and that she was, at last, where she belonged. He then told a maid to feed, bathe, and dress Diana properly and make sure she was ready to travel.

Later that night, Frederick built a castle out of some blocks with Diana, who knocked them down with her hand. Her eyes woged purple and she then proceeded to use her telekinetic abilities to use all the blocks and make a castle, impressing Frederick and Juliette, who was also in the room watching. The King's Guard then entered and told him that the helicopter pilot reported being five minutes away, and Frederick told Juliette to take Diana with her to get ready to leave.

In the helicopter, Frederick told Diana that they were going to be taken to a large ship that would cross the Atlantic and take them home. Frederick told Diana that she really was a princess, but she then pointed at a window, and when Frederick turned to look, Diana made his reflection in the window turn to a skull, disconcerting him. The helicopter pilot then got out of his seat, opened the helicopter door, cut Frederick's seat belt, and threw him out. When he got back to his seat, he took off his headgear, revealing that he was Meisner. Diana appeared to remember Meisner, even from when she was just an infant, ("Mommy Dearest") and smiled at him. Meisner then said to her, "Down with the King."

Season 5[]


Renard came home and saw Rachel at the top of the stairs. Rachel said she would've called but felt a surprise would be better for him. Renard replied, "And what surprise is that?" Rachel then put her hand out to have someone come to her, and Renard was taken aback when he saw it was Diana, who addressed Renard as "Daddy." Renard replied, "Diana?" and her eyes woged purple. Diana ran down the stairs and hugged Renard, who commented on how much she had grown.

"Good to the Bone"[]

At a parking garage, Renard met up with Adalind to have a conversation, but their conversation was brief, as a Black Claw member drugged her. After Adalind woke up, she saw Diana, and Diana ran to Adalind and they both hugged, finally happy to be reunited again.

"The Taming of the Wu"[]

Diana and Adalind continued to hug, and Diana told Adalind how pretty she looked. She was eager for Adalind to come back with her, along with Renard and Black Claw, but Adalind told her she was trying. Renard told her that she couldn't come join them quite yet but would hopefully do so soon; Diana, making it perfectly clear that she wanted Adalind to be with them now, started to lose her temper, as her eyes woged purple and she made a piece of metal fly off of a wall and nearly hit one of the Black Claw agents. Only Adalind could calm her down, before she left with Renard and Black Claw.

Back at the home where Black Claw was keeping her, Renard tucked Diana into bed. Diana told Renard she missed Adalind, and Renard said he knew she did and that Adalind missed her as well. He told her that he hoped she'd join them soon and then kissed her forehead and wished her good night, though Diana was still awake in her bed as he left her room. In the middle of the night, Diana attempted to reach out to Adalind, and Adalind was woken by a projection of Diana calling out to her asking where she was.

The next day, Diana again tried to reach out to Adalind, projecting an image of herself outside one of the loft windows. Adalind heard and saw Diana ask Adalind where she was, as well as tell Adalind that Diana was waiting for her and that she wanted her to come home now. Diana kept trying to connect with Adalind, but she unintentionally reached out to Eve. Diana sensed this and ominously said while appearing to point at Eve, "You're not my mommy." Immediately after Diana said this, the mirror in Eve's room at the Hadrian's Wall compound cracked to form a skull.

Later that night, Diana reached out to Adalind once again, but this time, she used her powers to call Adalind's cell phone through the manipulation of electromagnetic energy. Using her powers to also speak in Renard's voice, she told Adalind that she had run out of time, adding, "We need an answer. Now."

"Bad Night"[]

Conrad Bonaparte brought Diana to the house where Adalind and Renard were, and Diana was thrilled to see Adalind there. Adalind introduced her to her half-brother, Kelly, and Diana was quite taken by him right away, asking Adalind if she could hold him. While Adalind stepped away to talk with Bonaparte, Diana used her telekinetic powers to make Kelly float in the air. Adalind quickly grabbed Kelly and told Diana that it wasn't a good idea to pick up a baby like that.

Adalind and Renard then tucked Diana into bed, but after they left her room, Diana showed her desire for her parents to be together as she again used her abilities to manipulate Adalind and Renard into holding each other's hand for a few moments.

The next day, Diana watched the reporting of the mayoral election on TV, and Diana asked Renard what he was going to win. Renard told her he'd become mayor if he got enough votes, and Diana then asked him if being mayor was fun, which drew some smiles from Renard and Bonaparte. Diana smiled as her mother walked into the room, dressed up in the event that Renard won the election, but her smile faded as she stared at Rachel Wood, who made eye contact with Renard as she sat down.

Renard soon found out he won, and he went to the Benson Hotel to deliver a victory speech, after which he called on Adalind to come on stage with his "family," which included Diana and Kelly. During Renard's speech, Diana was very happy as she looked on admirably at her father, but when she saw Rachel smiling and applauding Renard as well, her smile quickly turned to a stern look, which Rachel noticed this time around.

"Set Up"[]

After returning back to the Black Claw mansion from Renard's victory celebration, Diana noticed Rachel and Renard looking at each other as she headed upstairs to her room. After Renard and Adalind tucked Diana into bed and left, she immediately got up and grabbed a male and female doll. As she made the dolls face each other, her eyes woged, and she made the dolls kiss. In a room nearby, Renard and Adalind were suddenly overcome by what Diana was doing, and they started kissing as well. As they made their way to Adalind's room, Adalind realized what was going on and was able to push Renard away from her. Diana then peeked out of her door and saw Renard heading downstairs after he and Adalind had a brief argument.

Adalind later went inside Diana's room to check on her and saw that Diana was not asleep, with the dolls beside her in her bed. Diana asked Adalind why she and Renard didn't like each other, and Adalind responded that they just hadn't spent enough time together and that Diana couldn't push people together, especially a mom and a dad. When Adalind asked Diana if she understood, Diana told her that she didn't like Rachel because of how Rachel liked Renard. Adalind replied that Diana didn't have to worry about that and that she needed to get some sleep, and Diana then asked Adalind if she could stay with her, and Adalind smiled and said yes.

The next night, Diana was woken by Bonaparte and Rachel talking to each other. Diana left her room to eavesdrop on their conversation, listening on the stairs, and heard Bonaparte tell Rachel that he wanted her to spend more time with Diana, thinking it would be good if the two got closer. Rachel said, "Well, that shouldn't be hard. Kids love me," unaware that Diana was on the stairs, seemingly not pleased with their plan.

Later that night as Rachel was about to go to sleep, Diana astral projected herself into Rachel's room and told Rachel to "leave us alone." Rachel was surprised at first, but she became much more alarmed as Diana started manipulating the bed sheets around Rachel, causing them to wrap around her tightly, progressing to her head and neck. Diana then manipulated Adalind in her sleep, causing Adalind to see what she was doing to Rachel. Adalind tried to tell Diana to stop, but she continued to make the bed sheets wrap around Rachel's head and face, suffocating her. Diana turned to Adalind and said, "She won't take Daddy away anymore," and continued to look on as Rachel was suffocated to death. Adalind woke up, thinking it had all just been a nightmare, but Diana was standing at the foot of her bed as she opened her eyes, which were woged.

"The Beginning of the End"[]

Adalind entered Diana's room and urgently woke her up, telling her she needed Diana's help. Diana asked what was wrong, and Adalind told her that she needed Diana to "get a message to Kelly's daddy, Nick." Adalind further encouraged Diana to help her by telling Diana that Nick's mom helped raise her, which Diana remembered. Adalind told Diana that Nick was in trouble, but she added that they could never tell anyone that they helped Nick; Diana understood and agreed to help.

Moments later, Diana astral projected herself to Nick's loft to relay the message: "Mommy wants me to tell you something. Daddy's bad friend made Mommy tell him something." When Nick asked what she told him, Diana responded, "Where you live." Before disappearing, she ended her message to Nick by saying that Adalind felt bad and was sorry. She turned to Adalind to tell her that she had sent her message and that there were a lot of people with Nick as well. Adalind hugged Diana, both relieved and pleased at what she'd done. However, Diana then noticed a mark on Adalind's neck and asked her what happened, and Adalind told her that someone had gotten angry at her, confirming that "someone" hurt her. Diana asked if it was Renard, but Adalind said no; Diana kept pressing to know who it was, and Adalind admitted it was a "friend" of Renard's. Adalind told her not to worry about it and hurried her back to bed, saying she'd lay down with her as she'd done before. ("Set Up")

Later that night, Diana decided to take things into her own hands once again, not having forgotten that Adalind told her about how Renard's friend hurt her. Diana figured out that it was Bonaparte who had hurt her, and, still in her room, she used her powers and stabbed one of her dolls to make Renard stab Bonaparte in Nick's loft just as Bonaparte was telekinetically choking Nick, saving Nick's life.

Season 6[]


Adalind woke Diana up to find out if she had been playing with her dolls again, and Diana told her she was because she couldn't sleep, as she was worried about Bonaparte having hurt Adalind's neck. ("The Beginning of the End") Diana then told Adalind, "He was mean, and I didn't want him to ever hurt you again, Mommy."

"Trust Me Knot"[]

While Adalind went to the precinct to meet with Renard, she dropped off Diana and Kelly at the spice shop for Rosalee and Monroe to watch them. Diana recognized Monroe and Rosalee from the night she'd messaged Nick at the loft, ("The Beginning of the End") though she didn't realize how impressive it was that she could do that. Diana quickly took to the spice shop and all the herbs and spices on the shelves. Monroe was about to show her a jar of cinnamon sticks when she telekinetically made the jar float over to her hand. Seemingly making the spice shop the canvas of her powers, she took several of the herbs and spices off the shelves and made them float throughout the shop. She asked a nervous Monroe and Rosalee if they liked it, and they told her it was beautiful while simultaneously gently coaxing her to put the jars back on the shelves, particularly after she showed how easy it was to break one of the jars. Later, Trubel and Eve entered the shop, and Diana recognized them both as well, additionally sensing that Eve was "different" now. They went down to the basement along with Rosalee to investigate the cloth that the stick was wrapped in, leaving her alone with Monroe, who was still a bit terrified to be the only one watching Diana. However, Diana, oblivious to Monroe's fears, innocently smiled and comforted him that he wasn't alone because she was there too.

A little while later, Monroe and Diana went downstairs to the basement as well, as Diana was ready to leave after Adalind returned. Rosalee told her they were trying to see what was written on the cloth but were having some trouble, and Diana volunteered to help. When she woged her eyes, she was able to see all the symbols on the cloth. Nick arrived at the spice shop moments later, marking the first time the two met in person, and Diana acknowledged him as Kelly's father and the person Adalind had wanted her to speak to at the loft. She told Nick that she liked her half-brother, Kelly, noting, "He doesn't talk much." Nick then had her draw everything on the cloth she was seeing.

"Oh Captain, My Captain"[]

Diana was brought over to the spice shop by Adalind while she was asleep, but she later woke up to see Monroe, Rosalee, Eve, Hank, Wu, Adalind, and who she thought was Renard all talking. Nick, having disguised himself as Renard, had bruises on his face from fighting the actual Renard moments earlier, and Diana asked him what happened. Adalind and Nick both tried to play along like Nick really was Renard and that he was fine, but Diana then placed her hand on Nick's chest when he knelt down and sensed that he wasn't really Renard. She telekinetically sent him flying across the room as she woged her eyes and declared, "You're not my daddy," though Adalind rushed over to prevent her from doing anything further and admitted that it really was Nick and that he was just trapped in Renard's body. At that moment, however, Nick changed back into himself, and Adalind ran over to him, relieved to see Nick back to himself. As they hugged, Diana stood still and glared at Nick.

"El Cuegle"[]

Diana questioned everyone about why Nick had looked like Renard, but nobody really had a great answer. Nick came back in, and Diana noticed that he had Renard's clothes. She asked Adalind if Renard was okay, and Adalind told her he was doing better. Nick then asked Diana if she was doing okay, and she told Adalind she wanted to see Renard. Adalind told her they'd see him soon but that it was now Kelly's turn to be with his dad, Nick. Diana then suddenly walked over to Rosalee and Monroe and told Rosalee that she had a baby inside her. She broke some major news though when she told them that she had "more than one" baby, but she wasn't sure how many babies Rosalee was actually pregnant with. Adalind then took Diana from the room to leave.

Diana, Adalind, and Kelly arrived at the loft, which Diana remembered from the time she'd sent Nick a message about Bonaparte and Black Claw coming. ("The Beginning of the End") Diana asked Adalind where her room was, but Adalind told her that the loft wasn't exactly as spacious as the Black Claw mansion. Diana then sensed that a lot of people had died in the loft and asked again to see Renard. Adalind told her she'd take her to see him tomorrow and hugged her to comfort her as Diana briefly glanced over at Nick.

True to her word, Adalind dropped Diana off at the mansion with Renard the next day. Renard told Diana and Adalind that he was going to be moving soon because he wasn't going to be mayor any longer. After Adalind left, Diana asked Renard why he didn't love Adalind, and he said it was because they hadn't had enough time to get to know each other, but Diana then asked if it was because of Nick, and Renard said it was. Diana answered that Adalind had told her that Renard would blame Nick and that she shouldn't believe him, and Renard countered that perhaps Diana shouldn't believe everything Adalind says. Diana acknowledged Adalind loved Nick, and Renard said he loved Diana, so she said, "I guess we all love each other, then." Diana then went into the kitchen to help Renard make dinner. After she impressed Renard by boiling water using her telekinesis, Renard started asking her about Bonaparte's death and was able to find out Diana had made him kill Bonaparte because he'd hurt Adalind earlier. Renard walked up to her and told her she didn't have to protect everyone and that she could come to him. Renard then seemed to suggest to her that she could take action if he wasn't around, before proposing the hypothetical situation of Nick hurting Adalind, to which Diana said, "Oh, he'd be very sorry," as Renard smiled and agreed with her.

"The Seven Year Itch"[]

Diana slept over at Renard's new home and was picked up by Adalind the next morning. She told Adalind that Renard had apparently been having bad dreams but said she'd had fun the night before with Renard.

Back at the loft, as Diana drew symbols from the cloth, she asked Adalind if she knew Meisner. Adalind was surprised to hear Diana mention him, and Diana explained that he had heard Renard saying his name a lot the night before and that he sounded as if he was upset at him. Adalind told Diana that she did know Meisner but that he had died. ("The Beginning of the End") Diana was sad to hear that and asked what happened to him, to which Adalind replied that he had gotten into a fight with some very bad men. Diana then asked if Renard was one of those bad men, but Adalind didn't answer the question and instead asked her if she wanted lunch. Diana then told her she knew Meisner and that she remembered him from the time he was in the helicopter with her and King Frederick, commenting that Meisner "wanted the King to fly." ("Cry Havoc") She told Adalind that she'd like to see Meisner again, before adding that Eve was down in the tunnels and wasn't feeling well, though she had been "drawing" before too. Adalind then went to go tend to Eve and came back up with her, it being clearly evident that Eve was indeed not well. Diana go got her a glass of water at Adalind's request and asked Adalind if Eve was going to die, and Adalind told her she hoped not and that she thought Eve might have a fever. When Adalind got up to go get a washcloth, Diana went down into the tunnels. She then woged her eyes and made all the symbols that Eve had carved into the tunnel walls glow bright purple. Adalind came down to go get Diana and was taken aback by what she saw.

"Blind Love"[]

At the loft, Diana put her hand on Eve's cheek, waking her up. She asked Eve if her tummy hurt, adding that sometimes her tummy hurt when she's sad, particularly when she misses both her moms, including Kelly. Diana told Eve she thought her tummy might hurt because of Nick not being her boyfriend anymore, and Eve admitted that her tummy might hurt sometimes. Diana then asked if she knew where "other mommy," Kelly, was but before Eve could say anything, Adalind came out and told her to get ready to leave for Renard's. While packing with Adalind, Nick asked Adalind if she had spoken to Diana about the symbols, and Adalind informed him that she was just about to. Adalind stressed to Diana the importance of keeping secrets and told her to keep secret the symbols Eve carved in the tunnels and what she had seen. Diana asked Adalind if she shouldn't tell Renard, and Adalind told Diana she didn't want her to tell anyone, adding that they didn't know what the symbols meant yet and that they could be dangerous.

Adalind then dropped Diana off at Renard's house, and Diana was happy to see Renard, telling him that she missed him. Diana then volunteered to make breakfast: chocolate chip cookies and pancakes. After breakfast, Diana started drawing the symbols on some paper, and Renard asked her what it was she was drawing. She replied, "Stuff I saw," and Renard asked where she saw this. Diana, recognizing this was part of the secret she was supposed to keep, refused to answer Renard's question, but she slipped and told him that Adalind had told her to keep what she'd seen in the tunnels a secret. Renard then took some pictures of Diana's drawings and tried to get her to tell him where the tunnels were, but she stopped short of doing that, only adding that Adalind had told her the symbols could be dangerous. The doorbell then rang, and while Renard went to answer it, Grossante came in and chloroformed Diana, kidnapping her and taking her back to a metalworks shack.

When Diana woke back up, she looked around and asked Grossante where she was. Grossante refused to tell her, but he grew impatient with Diana's requests to go home and woged into his Löwen form, trying to intimidate Diana into silence. Diana wasn't fazed, however, and told Grossante that she'd asked nicely. Grossante retracted and told her with a particularly nasty tone that she wasn't going anywhere no matter how nicely she asked him, but Diana then woged her eyes, catching Grossante off guard, and threw him all the way across the shack to the back wall. She proceeded to use her telekinesis to repeatedly throw him from side to side into the walls of the shack.

Diana made a game of things with Grossante, playing an impromptu game of hide-and-seek while Grossante tried to call Renard for help. Diana easily found him, however, and despite his pleads, continued to throw him around with her telekinesis. Eventually, Renard came to retrieve Diana from the shack, and Diana ran into his arms and told him that she'd had a fun time with Grossante, who was on his stomach, badly beaten and barely able to crawl. Diana asked Renard if she could stay a little longer and Renard told her she'd had enough fun for the day, though he said she could have another "playdate" later anytime she wanted. Renard and Diana then left, with Diana telling Grossante that she'd see him soon, leaving a helpless, sobbing Grossante behind.

"Tree People"[]

As Nick, Adalind, Eve, Monroe, Rosalee, Hank, and Wu discussed the mysterious skull creature that had recently been seen in mirrors, ("Blind Love") ("The Son Also Rises") Nick mentioned that he had also seen the creature in a dream. Diana overheard this from her room and came out, telling Nick that it wasn't a dream. Adalind told her not to worry about it and that they could take care of it, but Diana replied, "I don't think so." Rosalee and Monroe tried to find out what she meant by saying Nick hadn't had a dream, and they were able to get her to say that what he had seen was ultimately a premonition. Nick asked her where this event was going to take place, and she said, "In the other place, through the hole in the mirror," which prompted Monroe to say that no one should be looking into a mirror by themselves until they figure things out.

"Where the Wild Things Were"[]

Adalind and Nick brought Diana over to Monroe and Rosalee's house after learning that Eve may have gone through a mirror portal. Diana was able to sense that Eve was in the other place and noted that her blood was on the frame of the mirror. Adalind had to woge in order to access one of her mother's spell books, so Adalind prepped Diana for the appearance of her Wesen form, which Diana wasn't really fazed by at all. In trying to figure out how to access the mirror portal, Nick decided that the stick might work; when Nick took it out of its box, Diana woged her eyes and could sense that it was "special." The stick did work in unlocking the portal in the mirror, but when Nick walked through it and the stick didn't go with him, Diana stated that it couldn't pass through because it didn't belong in the other place.

Adalind later encouraged Diana to get some sleep on a couch in Monroe and Rosalee's home, though Diana said she wanted to help Nick. Adalind told her not to worry and that she, Monroe, and Rosalee would take care of it. Adalind had to take Diana to the loft a little while later, however, as Renard had a friend, Dasha Karpushin, that could potentially help them out.

At the loft, Diana was happy to see Renard and told him that his help would be good since Nick and Eve were stuck in the other place "through the mirror." Adalind, Monroe, Rosalee, Hank, and Wu all helped catch Renard up on the details surrounding the keys, the cloth and the stick, and the symbols, the latter of which including showing Renard the tunnel adjacent to the loft. When Renard was shown the symbols Eve had carved into the tunnel, ("El Cuegle") Diana woged and made the tunnels glow bright purple, as she had done once before for Adalind. ("The Seven Year Itch") Adalind told Renard that Diana was connected to all of this and that they needed to figure out how.

The group showed Renard the cloth in which the stick was wrapped, and Diana told Renard that the cloth had the symbols on it, of which Eve could see some and only Diana could see them all. The group then informed Renard about the stick and its powers, and Renard requested a computer to speak to Dasha. Diana and the others looked on as the two spoke, with Diana telling Dasha some details about this other place, including that it was accessible "behind" mirrors and that "wild things" lived there, as well as the fact that someone who was bad and had a scary face lived there. When the conversation shifted to Diana specifically, Dasha started speaking in Russian so that Diana couldn't understand her. Adalind and Renard then put Diana to bed before Renard told the others what Dasha had told her: the skull-like beast, some kind of devil, was after Diana and wanted to take her to be his Shaphat, or "child bride."

"Zerstörer Shrugged"[]

Diana awoke to the sound of Renard, Adalind, and Monroe intensely discussing what to do about getting Nick and Eve out of the other place. Without telling them, she got up and retrieved the stick from the box it was in and proceeded to open up a mirror portal, tapping the stick on the same mirror Eve and Nick had used previously. Adalind, Renard, and Monroe heard the sound of the portal opening from the kitchen and ran over to try to stop Diana, but it was too late; Nick and Eve, however, came flying out of the mirror back into Monroe and Rosalee's home, the mirror shattering behind them. Diana tried to ease the others' concerns by telling them that she had succeeded in getting Nick and Eve back, but Monroe was concerned, as he told the others that Rosalee had just called to tell him that they might not have come alone.

Rosalee, Hank, and Wu arrived to see if everyone was okay, and they discussed the possible implications of what had happened and what Nick and Eve had seen. Nick and Eve told them about what the other place was like and informed the others that the "skull guy" was referred to as Zerstörer. Diana sensed that Eve was different and told everyone that a part of her had been left behind; Eve was no longer a Hexenbiest. A little while later, Diana started panicking and crying, exclaiming that the Zerstörer was coming. Everyone tried to calm her down and assure her that they wouldn't let any harm come her way, but she was still unsettled that Zerstörer would be coming after her. It was not long before Diana told everyone that Zerstörer had arrived to earth, though she didn't know exactly where he was. After some discussion, Nick proposed that the best place to hide Diana would be the Postman's Cabin, where he had a connection he did not think Zerstörer would have any insight to. Before taking Diana there, however, Rosalee thought of the idea of protecting Diana with the Nuukh Suens, a cloaking spell that had previously also helped protect Renard from evil when he was a child. Adalind assured Diana that it wouldn't hurt and had Diana close her eyes as she woged and poured the Nuukh Suens over Diana's head, who stated that she didn't feel anything.

Adalind, Nick, Renard, Kelly, and Diana all went to the cabin, which looked dilapidated on the outside, but was still holding up after all the years that had passed. Nick led them to the hidden room underground via a hidden trapdoor, and, upon entering the room where the Postman kept his kidnapped victims, ("Pilot") Diana commented on the bedroom looking nice. Although she wasn't tired, Adalind and Renard encouraged her to try to get some rest. Later, while everyone was sleeping, Diana had a nightmare about Zerstörer entering the room via the trapdoor and wanting to take both Kelly and Diana, before starting to fight Renard. Diana woke up screaming, and Adalind and Renard tried to calm her down. She told them that Zerstörer didn't just want her, he wanted Kelly as well, and Adalind hugged Diana to comfort her frightened daughter.

"The End"[]

Hexenbiest Abilities[]

Before she was born, she displayed telekinesis when she caused a pen on a nightstand to wobble and strike one of the members of the Verrat in the eye. ("Revelation") She showed even more powerful and precocious telekinetic abilities as an infant when she shook Nick and Juliette's house. ("Synchronicity") Since her birth, she has continued to use her telekinetic powers, such as when she easily tossed a grown man, Grossante, back and forth into the walls of a room. ("Blind Love") When she was an infant, she displayed pyrokinesis by igniting the wood in the fireplace after her mother complained about it being cold in the cabin. ("Once We Were Gods") Diana can also create powerful illusions to make it appear that she is in one place, only to turn out that once a person thinks they have picked her up, they realize they picked up something else, such as firewood or a pillow instead. ("Once We Were Gods") ("Synchronicity") She aged faster than a normal human during her infancy and early childhood; when she was about 2 years old chronologically, she seemed to be about 6 years old physically. However, her aging thereafter, particularly as a young adult, appeared to have regressed to a more normal rate. ("Headache") ("Inugami") ("The End")

When Diana loses her temper, she can be prone to using her abilities in fits of rage. One of Diana's signature uses of her powers is to create the image of a skull from various media, often meant as a warning. ("The Law of Sacrifice") ("Cry Havoc") ("The Taming of the Wu")

She is also able to use her powers to call out to Adalind from a completely different geographic location and project a brief image of herself to her mother, though she is unable to hear Adalind trying to speak to the projection of herself. Because of how Adalind assumed Juliette's identity in the past, and vice versa, Diana inadvertently sometimes also communicated with Eve as well, which Diana could sense and was not pleased by. Diana is further able to manipulate radio frequencies, a form of electromagnetic energy, in order to dial a specific cell phone; she can simultaneously perform a perfect impersonation of another individual's voice of either gender while communicating with the receiver of this type of cell phone call. ("The Taming of the Wu") Similar to how Henrietta could manipulate Nick's emotions when she was in close proximity to him, ("Bad Luck") Diana is able to manipulate the emotions and actions of those around her if she chooses, though she can do this from several feet away, even if she is in a different room. ("Bad Night") She can manipulate people through the use of Voodoo dolls, and from great distances as well. ("Set Up") ("The Beginning of the End") Diana can also generate bursts of energy with just one of her fingers, which appear in the form of a miniature purple firework of sparks, to completely obliterate small objects, such as a glass jar of spices, leaving no form of matter behind. ("Trust Me Knot") In an additional show of display as to how refined her use of her powers can be, she boiled a large pot of water in a mere instant with her telekinesis. ("El Cuegle")

Diana has also shown the ability to sense many different things. She can sense when someone has gone through a dramatic personal change, as she sensed with Eve after she had been healed by the stick. ("The Beginning of the End") ("Trust Me Knot") Additionally, in regards to the stick and the cloth it was wrapped in, when Diana woged, she was able to see all the symbols on the cloth, something no one else could do, save for three symbols Eve could see only after she'd survived a death grip. ("Fugitive") When Nick was disguised as Renard through the Verfluchte Zwillingsschwester spell, Diana could sense that it wasn't really Renard she was seeing when she woged and placed her hand on his chest, though she could not tell that it was Nick until he transformed back into himself, the latter of which is unclear whether or not Diana intentionally made happen. ("Oh Captain, My Captain") Diana can also sense when someone is pregnant, as Henrietta was also able to do with Adalind, ("Bad Luck") though she is not able to tell how many babies someone is going to have if there is more than one developing fetus. Diana can sense places where people have died as well. ("El Cuegle")

Diana's ability to sense things extends beyond dimensions as well, as she could sense that Eve was in the Mirror Dimension, and she understood that the stick did not belong there. Her connection to this other place allowed her to know that "wild things" lived in this world, along with a very bad individual, the Zerstörer, despite having never been there before herself. Dasha Karpushin believed Diana to be the Shaphat, which would explain her connection to the other place. ("Where the Wild Things Were")


Ever since Diana was an infant, even when she was in the womb, she has displayed a protective quality, especially in regards to her mother, Adalind, and has attacked those who threaten both Adalind and herself. At times, she uses her powers as a warning of sorts when she is either scared, upset, or angry as well, a quality that has stayed with her as she has grown. The reasoning behind her decision making has proven to be rather simple in several instances; if someone threatens or Diana senses is a threat to her, her family, or someone she cares about in general, she will do whatever she perceives it will take to protect them, even if that means murder.

While displaying the innocence one would expect of a young child at times, it's clear that she does not have a complete grasp on how powerful she is or how destructive and severe the consequences of her actions can be, whether that be when she is just trying to have fun with the use of her powers or do what she thinks is helping ensure the safety of those she cares about.

Adalind is the one person who can consistently influence Diana's decision-making and get her to calm down when she is upset or growing impatient, and Diana is very eager and more than willing to listen to what she tells her to do. That said, Diana also feels a bond to her father, Renard, who has a bit of influence over Diana as well.

As an adult, she appears to have formed a closer relationship with Nick, referring to him as "Dad." Her relationship with her half-brother, Kelly, remained a bit playful in nature. She also is dedicated to helping her family, along with the aid of Monroe and Rosalee's triplets, in dealing with Wesen-related problems. ("The End")



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  • She was named after the Roman goddess Diana, who is the goddess of the hunt, the moon and birthing.
  • Diana means "heavenly" or "divine" in Italian.
  • Diana has exceptional, possibly eidetic memory, as evident with her remembering all the symbols on the cloth despite only briefly seeing them.