S3 S4
Deputy Medical Examiner
406-Medical Examiner
Actor: John Srednicki
Gender: Male
Type: Human
Status: Living
Job: Paramedic
TV Show: "The Ungrateful Dead"
"Cold Blooded"
"Nobody Knows the Trubel I've Seen"
"Highway of Tears"

The Deputy Medical Examiner is a paramedic who first appeared in "The Ungrateful Dead".


Season 3Edit

"The Ungrateful Dead"Edit

He was at the scene of the plane crash. He told Renard and Hank that the Pilot and Co-Pilot survived while one man (Baron Samedi) was killed.

"Cold Blooded"Edit

He showed Nick, Hank, and Wu Jimmy's body.

"Nobody Knows the Trubel I've Seen"Edit

He tried to revive the gangbanger girl after she was cut and stabbed with a knife by Trubel.

Season 4Edit

"Highway of Tears"Edit

He told Nick, Hank, and Wu that Suleka Turner was out of it, but she was trying to say something, so they should listen.


He told Nick, Hank, and Wu that Knute Gunderson had died in his jail cell by freezing to death. He did not know how that was possible, however, and was eager to hear what the medical examiner would say about the nature of his death.


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