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This page shows all the character deaths and kills on the show and statistics relating to how people/Wesen died, who the killer(s) was/were, and who was killed. Only confirmed deaths are usually included, but in the case of the Riesen-Ratte in "The Rat King", it is unknown if any/how many of the Reinigen were killed after being electrocuted.

Some characters may have more kills than listed. For example, Nick's kills are the confirmed kills. However, there were 19 cops killed off screen at the North Precinct, where Nick, Hank, Wu, and Trubel were, so it's unknown how many kills were between them for those 19 cops, and because of that, those 19 kills were placed under "Unknown Killer(s)" and "Unknown Species" in the appropriate sections for the statistics.

All Deaths

Total Deaths: 466+ (as of "Blood Magic") (12 in the past)
Note: Dates in the past are from the time that the episode they are featured in took place.


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