Opening Quote: "He felt now that he was not simply close to her, but that he did not know where he ended and she began." - Anna Karenina

Scene: Raymond Miller, Paul, and Carol drive up to the Donovan House.

Raymond: [He sighs] This is great. If I were a ghost, I'd live here.
[Paul chuckles]
Raymond: [Speaking into the camera] This week on Ghost Seekers, we find ourselves outside the Donovan house. Tragedy literally struck here five years ago, when Stetson Donovan and his wife, Patty, were found dead in each other's arms, killed by a massive jolt of electricity. Paul, get a little closer.
[Paul moves closer with the camera]
Raymond: Yeah, that's good. Skulls cracked, teeth literally shattered, eyes literally blown out. Nasty stuff. Legend has it, the husband's ghost roams here at night, mourning his soul mate, unable to pass on, while their killer, having never been found, walks free. No justice, no peace indeed.
Paul: Really? You're gonna say that?
Carol: He just did. We'll cut around it. Let's get inside. It's getting cold.
Paul: I don't think it's gonna be any warmer in there.
[They go inside the house]

Scene: Nick arrives home after escorting Monroe and Rosalee to the airport.

Nick: Juliette? Monroe and Rosalee are finally on their way to post-marital bliss. Juliette, you home? Where are you? [He calls Juliette] And you're not answering your phone. [He gets Juliette's voicemail] Hey, call me when you get this. I'm home. [He hangs up]

Scene: Juliette shows Renard that she is now a Hexenbiest.

Renard: Oh, my God. How did this happen?
Juliette: [She retracts] I don't know. Your mother said that there might be side effects when she gave me the potion and I turned into Adalind, and then I slept with Nick so that he could get his powers back. Do you call this a side effect?
Renard: How long have you been like this?
Juliette: It started the night Monroe was kidnapped. All I want to know is, how do I get rid of it?
Renard: I-I don't know, this might take some time to figure out.
Juliette: How much?
Renard: Juliette, I'm not exactly an expert in these things.
Juliette: Well, your mother is. She did this to me. She'll reverse it. Call her. Now! Please! Please. Help me.

Scene: Raymond, Paul, and Carol look around the house.

Raymond: I got a feeling about this place.
Paul: I know what you mean. [Looking into the camera] I don't think we're the only ones here.
Raymond: Remember, no matter what happens, whatever we see, no matter how horrific, we will not stop shooting. That's the Ghost Seeker guarantee. The scene of this gruesome double murder took place upstairs in the master bedroom, the most likely place to find Donovan's ghost. And the place most likely for me to go. [He slowly starts walking upstairs while the other two stay downstairs] Knowing what dangers lurk, he bravely soldiers up the creaky old staircase.
Paul: We're cutting that for sure! [Looking into the camera] I've removed my EMF meter, which measures the electromagnetic field and anomalies therein. If there is an additional presence, this baby should pick it up. And as you can see, there's nothing here right now. [There's a loud thud, causing him to jump] Definitely cutting around that.
Raymond: [He looks around upstairs and his EMF meter goes off] Whoa. That's a first. If there's literally a ghost in that room, my EMF meter is telling the truth, we're in for a wild ride.
Carol: [Her EMF meter goes off while she is looking in the kitchen] Whoa! [She sees a light flickering, but when she flips the light switch, nothing happens] Paul? Paul, get over here.
Paul: [He comes into the kitchen] What's up?
Carol: I think I got something.
Paul: [Looking at Carol's EMF meter] Whoa. It's in the red. The meter's never been in the red.
Carol: The ceiling lights, did you see them? They turned on and off.
Paul: Come on, Carol, there's no power in this house.
Carol: I know, Paul. That's why it's weird.
Paul: You saying it's him? He's here?
Carol: We're finally gonna see one.
Raymond: [He goes into the Donovans' bedroom] I'm in the room where it all went down. The Donovans were found right here. The scorch marks are still there. Look at that. Oh, I definitely feel a presence. [The ceiling fan starts rotating and the lights come on] Oh, wow.
[Paul tries turning the lights on]
Carol: You don't think I tried that?
Paul: Look behind you.
Carol: Is it him?
Paul: Just... look.
Carol: [She turns around and sees the stove burners on, glowing hot] Crap, my scanner. Paul, you getting this?
Raymond: [He records the fan] There is literally no logical explanation for what we're seeing. The fan seems to be turning under its own power, and as you can see, the window is closed, so it can't- [He sees a reflection in the window] What the hell is that? [He turns around and is grabbed and electrocuted to death by a Matança Zumbido]
[Paul and Carol hear Raymond scream and run to the stairs]
Carol: Raymond!
Paul: Ray! Ray!
[Raymond's body flies down, burnt to a crisp, and Carol screams]

Scene: Juliette arrives home with groceries.

Nick: Juliette?
Juliette: Yeah. I'm sorry I'm late. I picked up some- Oh, you already ate.
Nick: Yeah. I called. Twice.
Juliette: Sorry, my phone must have been buried in my bag. Did Monroe and Rosalee get away this time?
Nick: Yeah. We made sure of that. Hey, maybe we should think about getting away.
Juliette: Yeah, that could be nice.
Nick: Are you okay?
Juliette: Of course. Things have just been a little intense lately, but... everything's gonna get back to normal now.

Scene: Juliette lies awake in bed.

[Juliette looks at Nick and then turns her head the other way. Nick then opens his eyes. He goes to the trailer and gets his labrys. He goes back home and quietly walks into the bedroom. Nick then stands over Juliette with the labrys as she opens her eyes]
Nick: I know what you are. [He swings the labrys at Juliette]
Juliette: [She wakes up, flinching as she realizes it was just a nightmare. She finds a note from Nick saying he didn't want to wake her and that he'll see her tonight. Her phone vibrates and she answers] Sean, what did you find out?
Renard: I found someone you can talk to.
Juliette: I don't need a therapist.
Renard: This is not a therapist, believe me.
Juliette: Can he help me?
Renard: It's not a he, and she doesn't talk to just anyone.
Juliette: When can I see her?
Renard: If she agrees to this, I'll make it happen as soon as I can. Meet me at Café Nell at 1:00. I should know more by then.

Scene: Nick and Hank arrive at the Donovan house.

Wu: Remember the old Donovan house?
Hank: Yeah, supposed to be haunted. Double homicide, if I remember right.
Wu: You do, and in the land of the weird, we've gone over the edge. [He yawns]
Nick: You all right? You getting any sleep?
Wu: Not enough. You said I could go to the trailer anytime I needed to. Well, last night, I needed to. Body's inside.
[They go into the house]
Wu: Victim is Raymond Miller, a ghost hunter.
Hank: So... this is what you meant by "over the edge."
Nick: This is the ghost hunter?
Wu: Oh, yeah. "Ghost Seekers." They have business cards. Based in Seattle. [He hands Nick one of the cards]
Nick: God. Looks like he was struck by lightning.
Hank: More than once. What could've done this?
Wu: Besides lightning? Beats me.
Hank: Who called it in?
Wu: The other two Ghost Seekers. Both swear he was killed by the ghost they were after. They said his body came flying down the stairs.
Nick: Well, let's see what's upstairs.
[They go upstairs into the Donovan's bedroom]
Nick: The camera.
Hank: It used to be a camera.
Nick: You don't suppose he could've recorded his own death?
Wu: Maybe, if I can salvage the memory card.
Nick: Let's talk to the other two. [He and Hank go talk to Paul and Carol outside]
Paul: We've been doing the Ghost Seekers web series about a year now. We came across the Donovans' house a few months ago.
[Wu walks up]
Carol: We felt like we'd really found something. Raymond was so excited.
Paul: This whole thing, our ghost hunting, it was his passion.
Carol: But to see what it did to Raymond, the way that he, you know, it was just like the legend.
Hank: You mean the double homicide.
Paul: Yeah, the Donovans. They died in bed together. They were electrified to death.
Carol: Just like Raymond.
Paul: They say the dead husband's ghost still haunts this place, killing people the same way he and his soul mate were killed five years ago.
Carol: I know we say we're ghost hunters, but you don't think you'll actually run into this stuff. God, the way he screamed.
Paul: I'm telling you, Raymond was killed by a ghost, and we're gonna find it. We're not letting our friend die in vain.
Hank: We're sorry for your loss, but this is an open investigation.
Nick: Let us figure out what killed Raymond. [He, Hank, and Wu walk away]

Scene: Renard watches from his vehicle as Juliette gets out of her car.

[A car speeds into the parking lot and almost hits Juliette as the driver parks]
Juliette: Whoa! Hey!
[The driver gets out of his car]
Juliette: Hey, didn't you see me? You almost ran me over. Hey, I'm talking to you!
Driver: I'm busy, lady! You seem fine to me. [He walks away]
[Juliette woges and unintentionally makes the driver's car's engine explode]
Driver: My car!
[Renard gets out of his vehicle]
Driver: What the hell happened to my car?
[Juliette retracts]
Renard: [He grabs Juliette's arm] Time for lunch.
Juliette: Did I do that? I didn't do that. Did I?
Renard: I believe you did.
[Renard and Juliette walk away]

Scene: Nick and Hank look up the recent history of events at the Donovan house.

Hank: Unis have been called to the Donovan house a hell of a lot of times.
Nick: Neighbors reported strange lights, sounds coming from inside the house at night. But every time cops arrived, the place was empty.
Hank: No wonder they stopped responding. With no living heirs, the bank seized control of the house five years ago. It's still up for sale. [He hands Nick a piece of paper] Patty and Stetson Donovan. Young, attractive, successful. [He hands Nick a photo of Patty and Stetson]
Nick: They looked happy.
Hank: Not so much here. [He hands Nick a photo of the burnt bodies]
Nick: That looks a whole lot like what happened to Raymond.
Hank: Shattered skull, no teeth, eyes blown out... same MO. [He hands Nick a photo of Raymond's body] Same killer?
Nick: Unless there's more than one.
Hank: Who worked the case?
Nick: Detective Mark Wilson had the lead on it. Is he still in Portland?
Hank: I think so. Let's see if we invite him down here for coffee. [He makes a call]

Scene: Renard talks with Juliette about Henrietta.

Renard: Her name's Henrietta.
Juliette: Is she related to you?
Renard: No. She's known my mother since she was a child. She's one of the main reasons my mother brought us to Portland.
Juliette: How old is she?
Renard: I don't know. No one ever told me, and I'm not about to ask. You shouldn't either.
Juliette: So how is she going to be able to help me?
Renard: She won't know until she meets you. And she might ask you to do certain things.
Juliette: Like what?
Renard: Sort of an evaluation to see what you're made of.
Juliette: When do I meet her?
Renard: Call this number. [He hands Juliette a piece of paper after writing the phone number down] Memorize it.
Juliette: I will.
Renard: Now.
Juliette: [She looks at the phone number] Got it.
Renard: Good.
[The numbers on the paper disperse throughout the paper]
Juliette: How did you do that?
Renard: I didn't.
Juliette: Did I?
Renard: No. Henrietta.
Juliette: Oh.

Scene: Nick and Hank talk to Mark Wilson.

Hank: How did you ID the bodies? The report says they were unrecognizable.
Wilson: The techs had very little to work with. Couldn't even get dental records because of the way the skulls and teeth were shattered. But the victims were in their home, and their wedding rings were melted to their fingers. The way those bodies were scorched, forensics said it had to have been caused by over 200,000 amperes of electricity.
Hank: That's quite a jolt.
Wilson: But that's not the weirdest part. The rest of the room was untouched. Only their bodies and the mattress they were found on were damaged. Like the killer had one hell of a monster taser. Look, I worked a long time, I never heard of that kind of weapon.
Nick: Any chance it was a robbery gone bad?
Wilson: Eh, nothing was taken. There was still cash in Stetson's wallet, found on the floor in his pants pocket. No signs of forced entry.
Hank: So you went with a love triangle gone south.
Wilson: During the investigation, we learned Patty Donovan was having an affair with her husband's coworker Theo Hinkley. Theo probably thought Patty was going to leave Stetson for him, but Patty decided not to. So Theo figured if he couldn't have her, no one could. Shakespearean, ain't it? [He chuckles]
Hank: You speak with any of the suspect's friends or family?
Wilson: Spoke to Theo's wife a few times. Lily, I think was her name. But she was just angry. Couldn't blame her.
Nick: You know where Theo's wife is now?
Wilson: No clue. Her last known is in the file. You guys ever figure out how this happened, be sure and let me know.

Scene: Stetson Donovan arrives at his house.

[He goes upstairs and lies down on his bed]

Scene: Juliette reads as Nick gets into bed.

Nick: What are you reading?
Juliette: A book.
Nick: Can we call that enough small talk? [He starts kissing Juliette's neck]
[Juliette groans and puts her book down on her nightstand]
Nick: That doesn't sound good.
Juliette: I'm just really tired.
Nick: Oh. Okay. No big deal.
Juliette: Don't be mad.
Nick: I'm not mad. I'm fine. It's okay. [He turns off his light] Good night. [He and Juliette kiss] Love you.
Juliette: I love you too. [She turns off her light]

Scene: Stetson wakes up as the lights on the fan above him flicker and the fan slowly rotates.

[Stetson then hears voices]
Stetson: You know what I wish?
Patty: What?
Stetson: I wish we could go on our honeymoon again.
Patty: [She laughs] Why?
[Stetson suddenly sees candles light and lights turn on]
Stetson: 'Cause we were so much in love.
Patty: What, we're not in love now?
Stetson: No, I'm just saying that I miss that, when it was just you and me.
[Music begins playing]
Patty: It's our song!
[Stetson pants as he sees himself and Patty]
Patty: Stetson, you said you'd dance with me every time you heard it.
[Stetson starts whimpering as he sees himself dancing with Patty. Electricity crackles and Stetson screams]

Scene: Nick and Juliette have a video chat with Monroe and Rosalee, who talk about how their honeymoon is going.

Monroe: Grabbed a little breakfast, did some yoga. Man, they have great yoga here.
Juliette: Rosalee, how's the room?
Rosalee: Amazing. We are right over the water. There's a trap door in the middle of our floor. We just dive right into the ocean.
Monroe: It's paradise. I signed us up for some scuba diving later. Maybe a hike tomorrow. [He and Rosalee start kissing]
Nick: We miss you guys.
Juliette: Yeah, but we're glad that you're not here.
Monroe: Wait.
Rosalee: Why?
Monroe: What's going on? What's wrong?
Juliette: No, nothing, we're just happy that you finally went on your honeymoon.
Monroe: Okay, that's good, 'cause you had me worried there for a second.
Rosalee: Juliette, have you had any more of those headaches?
Juliette: No, not so much, but quit wasting your beach time on us, all right? We love you. Have a great time.
Rosalee: Oh, we are. We love you too.
Monroe: But if anything should come up, you know where—
Rosalee: Bye.
Monroe: No, w—
[Rosalee ends the chat]
Nick: Well... I have to head in. I guess I will see you later. [He kisses Juliette on the cheek]

Scene: Hank gets information on Lily Hinkley.

Hank: [On the phone] Yeah. How long? Yeah, okay. Got it. Thanks. [He hangs up] Lily Hinkley moved three years ago, left no forwarding. But the landlord knows where she works: the Overlook Restaurant.
Nick: I guess we need to find her work schedule, then.
Wu: [He walks up] You know how sometimes you guys forget what an invaluable member of the force I am?
Hank: Who is this guy?
Nick: I have no idea.
Wu: So maybe then you don't want to know what I was able to salvage from the victim's somewhat-melted camera.
Hank: You got something?
Wu: I believe I do. [He sets down a laptop and shows Nick and Hank the last footage Raymond shot] The camera melted down here. [He rewinds the footage a little bit, showing Raymond's attacker]
Hank: Whoa.
Wu: Wesen, right? I mean, we're not looking at a ghost. Guys?
Nick: I don't know.
Wu: Because-and I don't want to jump to any conclusions or anything, but this looks kind of like one of the sketches I saw in the trailer the other night.
Nick: Do you remember what it was?
Wu: Yes. No. Sort of. Ah, it was a... Meta... Muto... Mata... something. [He sighs] I'm not even sure it's the same thing. I mean, this is pretty blurry, after all.
Nick: Fair enough. Can you print us a copy of this image?
Wu: Yes, I can. [He walks away]
Nick: You think this is our killer?
Hank: Given that the shot was taken just before Raymond was murdered, yes. But the question is, is this Theo Hinkley, the Meta-Mata whatever?
Nick: Theo was married to Lily. If this is Theo, she knows what he is.
Hank: So when we talk to her, we should be polite.
Wu: [He brings Nick and Hank a photo] How's that?
Nick: That's fine. Why don't you come with us on this one?
Wu: I'm in.

Scene: Juliette goes to the trailer and finds a book about Hexenbiests.

Scene: Nick, Hank, and Wu go talk to Lily Hinkley.

Nick: It was assumed that your husband, Theo, killed Patty and Stetson Donovan.
Lily: Look, I went over this a lot. It was years ago. Why do you care now?
Hank: Murder is murder. There is no statute of limitations.
Nick: We have a murder at the Donovan house. Two nights ago.
Lily: The Donovan house?
Nick: Ever hear anything about it being haunted?
Lily: Yeah, sure. I believe in ghosts, don't you?
Hank: We think Theo may be back in town.
Lily: My husband? I don't think so.
Nick: [To Wu] Show her.
Wu: [He hands Lily the photo he printed from Raymond's camera] This was taken by the victim just before he became a victim.
Lily: What is this supposed to prove?
Nick: Your husband's Wesen. Why don't you tell us what we're dealing with?
Lily: I don't know what you're talking about. Look, I gotta get back to work. [She walks away]
Nick: [He follows after Lily] Lily. I need your help. I need to know what we're dealing with. I am a Grimm.
[Lily woges into a Scharfblicke]
Nick: It's all right. I'm not going to hurt you.
Wu: [To Hank] What's going on?
Hank: Wesen.
Wu: You sure?
Hank: Pretty sure. When they get all freaked out and try to get away, that's usually what it means.
Wu: Gotcha. You didn't see anything, did you?
Hank: No. Come on. [He and Wu go stand by Nick]
Nick: I need to know what happened five years ago.
Lily: I'll tell you what happened. Theo was having an affair with Patty. I told Stetson so that he would get her to break it off with Theo, and instead, he killed them both. His own wife, my husband. He destroyed my family.
Nick: Why didn't you tell the detectives five years ago?
Lily: Do they know what we're talking about?
Hank: We do.
Lily: How was I supposed to explain any of this without getting thrown into a psych ward? That my husband couldn't have done it because, unlike Stetson, he couldn't electrocute people? [Referring to the photo] This is Stetson. Theo was a Scharfblicke. Like me. That's how I know he didn't kill them. He couldn't have. Not like this.
Nick: What kind of Wesen are we dealing with?
Lily: A Matança Zumbido.
Wu: I told you. It was a Mata-something. I was close.
Lily: If I had known what he was before I told him about Theo and Patty, I never would have told him.

Scene: Paul prepares to go back to the Donovan house.

Carol: I'm not going back in that house.
Paul: Something killed Raymond.
Carol: Yeah. Something did. That's why we're not going back in that house.
Paul: I'm not leaving Portland until I find out what did this. We're Ghost Seekers. It's what we're supposed to do!
Carol: I never thought any of this was really real.
Paul: Well, now we have proof that it is, and you want to run away.
Carol: Yes. I do.
Paul: Well, I'm not running. I'm going to prove this is real.

Scene: Juliette takes notes on Hexenbiests and then calls Henrietta.

Henrietta: [Answering the phone] Hello, Juliette.
Juliette: Henrietta?
Henrietta: I'm very much looking forward to meeting you. The address is 1118 Old Stable Drive. Remember it. I'll see you later tonight.
Juliette: [She writes down the address] Wait. What time?
Henrietta: You'll know. [She hangs up]
[Juliette looks at the address she wrote down as the numbers and letters disperse throughout the piece of paper like Henrietta's phone number did. Nick, Hank, and Wu pull up to the trailer]
Wu: Whose car is that?
Nick: Juliette's.
Hank: You expecting her?
Nick: No.
Hank: Hope there's not a problem.
[They go into the trailer, which makes Juliette jump]
Juliette: [She closes the Hexenbiest book] You scared me.
Nick: Everything okay?
Juliette: Yeah, you know, now that you're back and Trubel's gone, I just thought I would do a little more-so I can help out.
Nick: Uh, yeah. Okay.
Juliette: [To Wu] It's quite a trailer, huh?
Wu: Mm, no kidding.
Juliette: What are you guys doing here?
Nick: We're looking for a Matança Zumbido.
Wu: Looks something like this. [He shows Juliette the photo of Stetson]
Hank: Well, let's roll up our sleeves.
Juliette: Well, you guys know what you're doing. You don't need me for this. I don't want to crowd up the place. [She kisses Nick and grabs her jacket]
Wu: Bye.
Juliette: Bye. [She leaves]
Nick: [He picks up the book that Juliette was looking at] Hexenbiests.
Hank: Makes sense, after everything Adalind's done to the both of you.
Nick: Yeah. To all of us.
Wu: Not to me.
Hank: Hmm. You ate her cookie.
Wu: I did?
Nick: Yeah. That's why you ate your carpet.
[Flashback of Wu eating his carpet in "Love Sick"]
Wu: Oh.

Scene: Lily arrives at the Donovan house.

Lily: If you're not a ghost yet, you will be when I'm through with you. [She starts walking towards the house]
Stetson: [He watches Lily from behind] It'll be just like it was. [He starts cutting off his beard with a knife]
[Lily looks around the house, holding a gun, and comes across Carol]
Carol: No, please!
Lily: Who are you?
Carol: Please don't shoot.
Lily: What are you doing here?
Carol: It was Paul's idea to come back. Don't hurt me.
Lily: Get out. Get out.
[Carol leaves and the lights on a chandelier start flickering. Suddenly, Stetson grabs Lily from behind. He takes Lily's gun from her and pins her against a wall. Stetson then puts his hand around Lily's throat]
Lily: Stetson.
Stetson: I'm so glad you came. It's been a long time. [He starts dragging Lily upstairs] I've got something to show you. [He takes Lily to the bedroom] They're here. They're alive.
[Paul films what's going on from the closet in the bedroom]
Stetson: This is where I found them. Theo and my Patty together.
Lily: I knew you killed them!
Stetson: You would have done the same thing [He slams Lily up against a wall] if you found them like I did!
Lily: I shouldn't have told you. I never should have told you.
Stetson: [He sees Theo and Patty in the bed] It hurt so much. He did this to you too. Do you see them?
Lily: Huh?
Stetson: Do you see them like I do? I didn't want to believe it when I saw it. But how could I let them live after what they did? He was supposed to be my friend, and she was my wife.

Scene: Nick, Hank, and Wu read about the Matança Zumbido.

Wu: Ah, I found it. Matança Zumbido.
Nick: Be my guest.
Wu: [He reads the diary] "Brazil, Village of Borba, 1921. After weeks of scouring the jungle, I finally encountered the creature deep in the Amazon. I've been traveling with the Batisse, an indigenous tribe. Rumors haven't done justice to this horrifying creature, which the tribe members refer to as 'Matança Zumbido.' The power of this Wesen rivals the wrath of Zeus himself. Unfortunately, my fellow Grimm and compatriot Jonas faced that wrath head-on. One touch from this woged beast burned that mighty warrior to death, scorching his skin and shattering his skull."
Hank: Sounds like our guy.
Nick: Does it say how to deal with it?
Wu: Uh, let me see. "Dysentery took the lives of... six days without food... Torrential downpours, flooding." Ah, here we go. "I survived my encounter with Matança Zumbido thanks only to an ancient tribal ritual they use to hunt and eat the deadly Temblón-their term for electric eels-by using a paste made from the skin of the poison dart frog Anura dendrobatidae."
Hank: Think you got any of that?
Nick: I have no idea. But I'm gonna find out. [He looks through the various bottles] So, if Stetson is the Matança Zumbido, Raymond thought he was filming a ghost, not realizing he was Wesen.
Hank: And Stetson toasted him.
Wu: To ask the obvious, if Stetson killed his wife in that house, why keep going back? Especially if he found her cheating on him?
Hank: Doesn't mean he stopped loving her, albeit a little on the sick side.
Nick: Found it. Now what?
Wu: Oh, this is kind of interesting. Apparently, you mix the poison frog skin powder with water, stir it into a paste, then you have to pierce an ear, and rub the paste into the—
Nick: Whoa. Go back to the "pierce an ear" part.
Wu: Okay, you have to pierce an ear and rub the paste into the piercing.
Hank: Explains the needle.
Nick: I'm not piercing my ear.
Wu: Works for Hank.
Nick: [His phone rings and he answers] Yeah.
Carol: Detective Burkhardt? It's Carol, the Ghost Seeker.
Nick: What's wrong?
Carol: I'm at the Donovan house. Paul's inside. There's a woman with a gun. Paul wouldn't leave until he found out what killed Raymond. I tried to talk him out of it, but then there was this woman, and she pointed a gun at me.
Nick: Carol, stay where you are. Do not go in the house. We are on our way.
Carol: Please hurry. [She hangs up]
Hank: The woman with the gun has to be Lily Hinkley.
Wu: She must have gone there to kill Stetson.
Hank: If Stetson's there...
Nick: Guess I'm piercing my ear. We'll mix it in the car.

Scene: Paul watches and films as Stetson hands Lily a dress.

Stetson: This is it. It was the last thing Patty wore. I want you to put it on.
Lily: Why?
Stetson: Put it on! [Electricity runs through his hands]
Lily: [She screams] Okay.
Paul: [Whispering] Oh, my God.
[Nick, Hank, and Wu arrive to the house]
Carol: You have to help Paul. He's inside.
Nick: Wu, stay with Carol.
Wu: Got it.
Hank: Hey, look. [He notices rooms lighting up due to Stetson's electricity] We better do this before we head in.
Nick: Get it over with.
Carol: What are you doing?
Wu: Uh, piercing his ear.
Carol: What?
Nick: [He grunts as Hank pierces his ear] It hurt.
Hank: Wait, I gotta put the paste in. [He puts the paste onto Nick's ear]
Carol: What kind of police are you?
[Inside, Stetson puts on different clothes]
Stetson: It will be like it was. Just like it was. [He imagines romantic music and starts dancing with Lily] We were so happy. I wish we could go on our honeymoon again. Do you remember our honeymoon? I forgive you for what you did to me, Patty. I know you didn't mean to. You're the love of my life. We'll go right back where we were. [He imagines that he is dancing with Patty as electricity flows through his hands] It'll be just like it was.
[Nick and Hank go into the house as lights flicker. Upstairs, Stetson hums as he dances with Lily. Nick and Hank then head upstairs]
Paul: [He accidentally bumps his camera against the closet door] Oh, God.
Stetson: [He hears the thud and throws Lily to the ground. He walks up to the closet as electricity flows throughout his body and pulls Paul out] What are you doing in my house?
Paul: I don't know.
Stetson: I know what you want. You want my wife!
Lily: Stetson!
Nick: [Stetson woges as he comes into the room] No! Stop! [He tackles Stetson]
Hank: [To Paul] Let's go!
Paul: My camera! It was a real ghost! I saw it! You saw it too! You and Raymond saw it! I know you did!
[Nick and Stetson fight as Hank gets Paul out of the house]
Stetson: [He retracts] You're a-why aren't you dead?
Nick: Frog paste. You're under arrest for the murder of—
[Lily shoots Stetson. As he falls to the ground, he gives off a large electric pulse, knocking Lily into the wall, and shattering all the house's windows]
Nick: [To Lily] Come on. Are you okay?
Lily: Oh. I am now. [She looks at Stetson's dead body as the last of his electricity flows through him]

Scene: Nick, Hank, and Wu finish what they need to at the precinct.

Wu: [On the phone as he walks up to Nick and Hank] Okay, thanks. [He hangs up] Warrant just came through. We're clear to disinter the body in Stetson Donovan's grave.
Hank: Gotta be Theo Hinkley.
Wu: What are we charging Lily Hinkley with?
Nick: Nothing.
Wu: She shot him.
Hank: In self-defense. Sort of.
Nick: She did us a favor. You can't hold a Matança Zumbido behind bars.
Renard: [He walks up] Got something you might want to see. [He sets a laptop down and shows them a video of what Paul recorded as Stetson pulled him from the closet] This just got posted two hours ago.
Hank: We have anything to worry about?
Renard: Don't think so. No one believes in ghosts.

Scene: Juliette arrives at Henrietta's house.

Juliette: [She walks up to the door and knocks, and the door opens] Henrietta?
Henrietta: [From behind] Hello, Juliette.
[Juliette turns around as she is suddenly inside the house]
Henrietta: Shut the door, won't you? I believe we have a great deal to talk about.
[Juliette closes the door]

Scene: Renard arrives home.

Renard: [He pours himself a drink. Flashback of Renard getting shot in "Blond Ambition." He realizes his chest is bleeding, so he goes to the bathroom to look in the mirror. He sees that blood is coming from the three spots he was shot and wipes the blood away, but he then notices that there are no open wounds] What the hell is going on?


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