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Dead Faint Potion
421-Dead Faint Potion
Owned by: N/A
Others: Monroe
Sean Renard ((to trick Jack the Ripper)
Purpose: To simulate death
Location: N/A

The Dead Faint Potion is a potion that quickly puts its subject in a state resembling actual death. This near-death state is unstable, and the subject will soon either awaken or perish. A perishing subject shows warning indications such as a paling face and hands folding back on themselves.

In "Over My Dead Body", Monroe prepared and administered the potion to himself to hide his vital signs from the sharp senses of Arbok, a Königschlange. In "Headache", Sean Renard was given the potion, believing it to be a Gedächtnishilfe, in order to trick an evil spirit that had possessed him into thinking Renard had died.


  • 4 oz. Tetrodotoxin.
  • 2 tsp. Green Kohler Vat.


Add Green Kohler Vat to Tetrodotoxin and mix for one minute or until the Tetrodoxin takes a pronounced green hue. To achieve a state indistinguishable to death drink the entirety of the mixture and lie down.

The drinker should wake after approximately two hours. It is recommended to perform the procedure under supervision. If the drinker does not wake after two hours, they must be respirated. If the drinker's face begins to turn white and their fingers begin to curl, they only have seconds to be respirated or they will not wake up.


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