David Florez
305-David Florez
Actor: Manny Montana
Gender: Male
Type: Human
Relationships: Rosa Florez, mother
Status: Living
Job: Marine
TV Show: "El Cucuy"

David Florez is a Marine with PTSD who appeared in "El Cucuy".


"El Cucuy"Edit

He would repeatedly show up at crime scenes in his neighborhood and shout and yell at cops, blaming them for what happened. He had a strong dislike for Ray Bolton, and as Bolton was being arrested by Nick and Hank, Florez walked up and said that it was about time he was locked up. Ray Bolton was released, however, and when Florez was walking down the street, Bolton and two other men pulled up in a truck next to him. Bolton punched Florez in the face, telling him that this was not his neighborhood and not to disrespect him again, or he'd never be found. The other men with Bolton then kicked Florez while he was on the ground a few more times before leaving.

Back at his house, an emotional David Florez quickly walked to his room with his mother, Rosa Florez, trying to plead with him. Florez told her he was upset that Bolton was let go, and in his room, he took his Marine uniform and a knife and laid them both on his bed.

As Nick was on his way to the precinct, he received a call from Wu telling him that David Florez's mother called and was emotional over her son being so upset that Bolton had been released. Wu guessed that Florez was on his way to Bolton's house. Nick told Wu to meet them at Bolton's house, but before they could get there, Florez arrived at Bolton's house in his Marine uniform with the knife. He started pounding on the door, telling Bolton to open it. Bolton was concerned that Florez was going to attract the attention of the police, so he told the men with him to get everything out of the house while he dealt with Florez. Bolton woged and then opened the door, punching Florez in the face and causing him to fall down the porch stairs. They started fighting, but Nick and Hank arrived to break up the fight, telling Bolton to get back in the house. They picked Florez up off the ground to bring him to their car, where they suddenly heard the screams of Bolton from inside his house as he was being killed by El Cucuy.

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