Dana Tomas
Actor: Tess Paras
Gender: Female
Type: Human
Relationships: Sam Tomas, husband
Drew Wu, friend
Dead Lani Tomas, mother-in-law
Unnamed brother-in-law
Status: Living
Languages known: English
TV Show: "Mommy Dearest"

Dana Tomas is the wife of Sam Tomas and an old childhood friend of Wu's. She appeared in "Mommy Dearest".


"Mommy Dearest"Edit

Dana sent her husband, Sam, to get her prenatal medication from a pharmacy while she went to bed. After she fell asleep, an Aswang extended its tongue through her window and stabbed her in the belly button, sucking out the amniotic fluid. Dana woke up to the intense pain and screamed in horror as she saw the tongue inside her womb and the Aswang climbing into the room. Falling onto the floor, she cried out for help and attempted to fight off the creature, cutting it on the tongue and driving it away. A neighbor heard her cries for help and found her bleeding on the floor, calling 911.

Sam arrived home as the paramedics were examining Dana. Dana and Sam were transported to the hospital, where doctors found an unknown sedative in her system. While she was recovering, both Sam and Wu visited her repeatedly. Nick and Hank also questioned her, but she did not remember much about the attack other than the fact that she was awakened because of the intense pain she felt.

A couple days later she was released from the hospital. Unknown to her, Wu sat in his car outside her house the night she was released to make sure she was safe. Sam was taking care of her in their bed when he heard a ticking noise. He got up to check it out and behind him, he saw his mother, Lani, in Aswang form. He was pushed down the stairs and was knocked unconscious. Dana was then visited in her room by Lani, who said she came immediately after hearing of her "accident." When Dana asked where Sam was, Lani lied that he was making her something to eat. Dana then went back to sleep as Lani hummed to her. Once she fell asleep, Lani woged and stuck her tongue into Dana's navel once again. She was stopped after Wu came into the house to intervene.

After Wu's experience, she and her child were saved yet again from the Aswang.



  • The name Dana has multiple derivations, one of which is from the Celtic fertility goddess Danu.
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