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A Cupiditas (kyoo-PID-ee-tahs; Lat. cupido + -tās "desire, longing, lust") is a Cupid-like Wesen that appeared in "Blind Love".


When a Cupiditas woges, their skin becomes a dark teal or gray-blue color, their hair becomes swept back from their head and they lose the hair on the sides of their head, their sclera becomes black while an outer rim of red surrounds their glowing yellow irises, their ears enlarge and become pointed, their canines become more pronounced, and they gain two short, pointed horns on their foreheads. Like many other Wesen, they can concentrate their woge around their eyes, turning them yellow. Additionally, they gain tufts of hair on the pointed ends of their ears, hair on their knuckles and posterior side of their hands, and a bit of a more pronounced tip of their nose. Their fingernails also elongate and become almond-shaped. The hair on their head continues well down the back of their neck, having some resemblance to a mane.

The spittle of the Cupiditas is one of the ingredients required to make the Amor de Infierno, a potion that can cause people to fall in love. Hence, this spell is purely unique unto the Cupiditas, and its effects can only be broken if the Cupiditas who made it dies. Cupiditas saliva is green, and they can modify the potency of the Amor de Infierno with how much they spit into the potion.

Cupiditas aren't much stronger than humans, if at all, and they can easily be physically overpowered by other Wesen or Grimms.


Cupiditas are known to be vengeful creatures who can hold grudges for a very long time. If any of their loved ones are wronged in any way, they will avenge them, usually by making the Amor de Infierno. They do not care much for the lives of others outside of their own family and are willing to kill anyone who stands in the way of them achieving their own brand of vindictive justice. Lacking any particular physical prowess in their woged state, they resort to using their intelligence and sneaky, cunning behavior to their advantage.

Season 6 Blu-ray Grimm Guide ProfileEdit

There is nothing cute about this cherubic Wesen, they lean toward a demonic look. The only Wesen capable of creating the Amor de Infierno, a powerful love potion, Cupiditas is the inspiration of Cupid. But the Cupiditas isn't looking to bring people together, but instead to tear them apart with the most powerful drug -- love.


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