Opening Quote: "A liar will not be believed, even when he speaks the truth." – The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Scene: Juliette is told what she has to do to help Nick regain his Grimm powers.

Juliette: Huh? What do you mean me?
Rosalee: Elizabeth recreated the potion that Adalind used on Nick.
Monroe: Yeah, and in order to re-Grimm Nick, you have to, you know, do what Adalind did.
Juliette: Do what Adalind did? Seriously?
Elizabeth: Exactly what Adalind did.
Monroe: Yeah, you know, breathe in the potion, and...
Nick: And what?
Elizabeth: And make love to you.
Nick: Make love to me? That's it?
Monroe: See? Not so bad, right?
Juliette: Why do I get the feeling there's more to it than that?
Elizabeth: When you do it, you won't exactly be you.
Nick: What do you mean?
Elizabeth: The potion will transform you into...
Nick: Oh, God, no.
Trubel: You don't mean...
Juliette: Adalind.

Scene: Adalind continues to struggle in the water.

Woman: I know where your baby is.
Man: I know where your baby is.
Adalind: [Adalind is suddenly in a different part of the castle, and she gasps] How did I get here?
Hofmann: I told you not to wake them.
Adalind: They knew where my baby was.
Hofmann: You heard what you want them to say. Now, hurry!
[A baby cries]
Hofmann: Don't stop.
Adalind: There's a baby back there.
Hofmann: Do not go back!
Adalind: That's my baby! [She turns around and runs, following the sounds of the baby crying. She runs a little bit and stops, listening for where the continuing crying of the baby is coming from. Adalind then opens a door, enters the room, and suddenly is already running back to where she just entered the room. The sound of the crying baby echoes, and Adalind is suddenly running down a flight of stairs]
Adalind: Where's my baby? Where's- [She then turns around and sees herself running upstairs and follows] Do you know where she is?

Scene: Gabriel Martel and his wife, Ava, talk about making sure the doors are locked.

Ava: Have you checked the bedrooms?
Gabriel: Of course, dear.
Ava: And-and all the doors?
Gabriel: I've checked everywhere. You're safe.
Ava: Please. Promise me he won't be here.
Gabriel: I promise. [He kisses Ava's forehead] Here... take your pills... then we'll get you into bed. You've got to get some sleep. You'll feel better in the morning.

Scene: Juliette discusses more about what she has to do to help Nick.

Juliette: So you're saying I have to breathe it in through this hat, and turn into Adalind, and—
Elizabeth: Do everything Adalind did... as you.
Nick: And I'm supposed to sleep with Juliette, only she's gonna look like Adalind?
Elizabeth: To break Adalind's spell, we need to reverse it exactly. Every step she took also needs to be reversed.
Nick: No way. We're not putting Juliette through that.
Elizabeth: The complex nature of Adalind's spell may have unintended effects on Nick. They could only grow worse. Might be just as dangerous to do nothing.
Nick: That's my problem, not hers.
Elizabeth: Then there's nothing more I can do. [She grabs the hat and starts to leave]
Juliette: Wait. If I do this, and I transform into Adalind, it's still me, right? I mean, I would know it's me.
Elizabeth: Yes.
Rosalee: And Nick would know it's you.
Monroe: And presumably you would know that Nick knows that it's you.
Trubel: Yeah, but she wouldn't be looking like Juliette.
[Everyone looks at Trubel]
Trubel: Just saying.
Rosalee: Maybe think of it like wearing a costume.
Nick: A costume of a woman who tried to kill me.
Monroe: [Whispering to Rosalee] Yeah, I don't think it's so much about the romance right now.
Trubel: It's about getting it done. Just saying.
Elizabeth: I would suggest a very dark room.
Nick: Well, forget it. No more potions.
Juliette: Nick, if you want to be a Grimm again, this is the only way.
Nick: We're gonna need a little time to think about this.
Monroe: We get it, Nick. You—
Rosalee: No, take your time.
Elizabeth: If you do change your mind, do it quickly. I won't be here much longer.
[Monroe, Rosalee, and Elizabeth leave]
Trubel: I'm gonna go to bed.
Juliette: A normal life sounds really good. Can we really go back to that?
Nick: Maybe this is our chance to find out.
Juliette: Okay.
[Trubel looks on from the top of the staircase]

Scene: Ava wakes up in the middle of the night and goes downstairs.

Luison: [From the stairs] What are you doing up so late, Ava? But who am I to talk? I should be in bed too.
[Ava starts running]
Luison: Ava, I'm your friend.
[Ava runs into another Luison and gasps]
Luison: You came looking for me, didn't you?
Ava: No, you're not really here. [She goes into the kitchen and closes the doors]
Luison: Ava, I'm your friend.
Ava: [She runs into another Luison] Oh!
Luison: I know you're having trouble believing in me, but I'm here because you want me to be. You seem so nervous. Why don't you have a drink of this? It'll calm you. That's better. Drink it all.
[After drinking, Ava knocks the glass out of the Luison's hand, causing the glass to shatter and waking Gabriel up. As Ava runs away she steps on glass]
Ava: Ah!
Luison: Ava, now you've hurt yourself.
[Ava grabs her car keys and runs outside, loudly whimpering]
Luison: Please, come back.
[Ava gets into the car, but she sees the reflection of the Luison in her side view mirror]
Luison: I'm only trying to help you.
[Ava continues to whimper in a panic as she starts the car. She starts driving away as Gabriel runs out of the house]
Gabriel: Ava! Ava, stop! Ava!
[Ava looks in the rearview mirror and screams as she sees the Luison in the back]
Luison: Ava, calm down. Running away is not going to help.
[Ava floors the pedal and drives the car through a metal gate. She then sees someone out for a walk and tries to slam on her brakes to stop, but she hits the person and crashes. She looks up and gasps as the Luison growls and is looking at her from the hood of the car]

Scene: Nick and Trubel talk about what she could do if she remains the only Grimm.

Nick: Morning.
Trubel: Morning.
Nick: Everything okay?
Trubel: Yeah.
Nick: You sure?
Trubel: Uh, sort of.
Nick: What's going on?
Trubel: I've been thinking. I can understand why you don't want to be like me anymore, but I'm not sure I should stay here if I'm the only Grimm.
Nick: Listen, Trubel—
Trubel: If I stick around, I'll only be putting you in danger. You and Juliette are safer without me. You can't have a normal life if I'm here.
Nick: You don't have to leave until- [There's a knock at the door and he answers]
Bud: Oh, hey, Nick. How you doing? Hey, sorry, I didn't mean to bother you so early, but I really thought it was important, you know, to offer my condolences and-and-and my wife's too. We heard about you losing your, uh, I mean, not having your... well, you know, your whole Grimm thing being kaput. I'm so sorry. It's the worst thing that ever happened. By the way, is Trubel here?
Nick: Uh, yeah, actually.
Trubel: I'm here.
Bud: Oh. Oh, good, good, good. We, uh-we haven't really formally met yet. I-I'm-I'm Bud. Uh, uh-we sort of ran into each other when you broke up the wedding. I-I don't mean broke up in a-in a bad way, although it was pretty un-unnerving. Uh, any-anyway, I was really relieved to hear that you were a friend of Nick's, uh, as were all my friends who were there at-at the wedding. I mean, wow, I never thought I'd meet one Grimm, let alone two.
Nick and Trubel: What do you need?
Bud: Uh, I'm glad you asked. Uh, I was wondering if you'd be willing to-to help me. I mean, uh, now that you can't. Not that that reflects on you in any negative capacity, uh, but I have this little Wesen-type problem.
Nick: Bud, if this is a police matter, I can still help you.
Bud: Oh, no, no, no, no. It's-it's really kind of small potatoes. You see, my kid is being bullied by this Wesen kid at school, and I thought maybe Trubel could talk to him. You know, smooth things over, straighten things out. I mean, if she was willing to. If-that is, if you are... willing to.
Nick: You got this?
Trubel: Sure.
Nick: Well, I'll leave it to you then. I got to get to the precinct anyway.
Trubel: See ya.
[Nick leaves]
Bud: I lied. We've got a huge problem. Nick's in trouble.
Trubel: What? What are you talking about?
Bud: It's all my fault. I told Monroe and Rosalee that I wouldn't tell anybody that Nick's not a Grimm anymore, but then I had a few beers with my buddy, Frank, who said he wouldn't tell anybody, but then I heard that Frank blabbed it to Phil, and Phil spilled it to Joe, and Joe leaked it to this Klaustreich fellow named Shaw.
Trubel: Well, who the hell is Shaw?
Bud: Believe me, you don't want to know, but that's why I'm here. You're gonna have to know. Shaw is bad news. He-he's got some kind of beef with Nick. When he heard that Nick's not a Grimm anymore, he started telling everybody that he was gonna teach him a lesson, and by lesson I think he means he's gonna kill him, and I can't stop him, and-and you're the only Grimm now. So now you know why I'm here and why I had to lie to Nick, right?
Trubel: You know where to find this Shaw guy?
Bud: I got no idea. But I know Frank, and Frank knows Phil, and—
Trubel: I get it. We need to talk to Joe.
Bud: Yeah.
[Juliette watches as they leave]

Scene: Renard walks around his new home and talks to his mother.

Elizabeth: Your new home must have cost a small fortune.
Renard: Thank God you had one. Security here is far better than what I had before.
Elizabeth: Good, because I can only save you that way once.
Renard: I know what that must've cost you. I'm very grateful. Did you happen to meet the young woman staying with Nick and Juliette?
Elizabeth: I did. She seemed very capable.
Renard: She decapitated a Hundjäger.
Elizabeth: You think she knew that?
Renard: It would explain why she's staying with Nick. She has to be a Grimm.
Elizabeth: I sense something about her, just as I sense something about you.
Renard: What?
Elizabeth: You want to tell me who has my granddaughter.
Renard: I do, but it won't do any good. No one knows where she is.
Elizabeth: Tell me who has her.
Renard: Kelly Burkhardt, Nick's mother.
Elizabeth: Also a Grimm?
Renard: Yeah. A very dangerous one.
Elizabeth: You know I'm going to find her.
Renard: I know you're gonna try.
Elizabeth: Let me look at you. I need to make sure you're okay, that there's no lingering effects from what I've done.
[Renard woges]
Elizabeth: God, I'm good.

Scene: Nick and Hank arrive at Gabriel and Ava's house.

Hank: Sooner or later, Wu's gonna figure out Trubel's got more to her than what we've told him. That's gonna open up a big can of Wesen.
Nick: What am I supposed to tell him? That I used to be a Grimm, but I'm not anymore because I slept with a Hexenbiest who changed into Juliette because we took her baby away and gave it to my mom?
Hank: Got to start somewhere.
Nick: What do we got?
Wu: Looks like vehicular manslaughter. Driver was impaired. Looks like she lost control of her vehicle, hit the victim who was jogging, and pirouetted her way into a wall. Victim's name is Jason Landros. Lives just down the street.
Hank: Wrong place, wrong time.
Wu: Happened earlier this morning, so the street was deserted. But the driver's husband was at the scene. Their house is back there. Driver's name is Ava Diaz. Her husband was at home when she got in the car. He says he ran outside to try and stop her, but he was too late. He made the 911 call, rode in the ambulance with her to St. Joe's.
Hank: She injured?
Wu: Abrasions from the airbag. She was pretty out of it. Couldn't get a clear answer out of her, except for the part about a wolf.
Nick: A wolf?
Wu: She didn't say if it was two-legged or four-legged, but she was pretty adamant about it talking to her. I really didn't want to push it considering she was yelling it while she was being loaded into an ambulance, but you know, I'm ready to believe anything at this point in my life.
Hank: Even wolves?
Wu: I don't judge anymore. Lot of things are just open to interpretation, don't you think?
Hank: Depends on how much you've had to drink. Secure the house. We're gonna want to take a look at it after we talk to them.
Wu: Yeah.

Scene: Adalind continues to chase herself around the castle.

Adalind: Stop! Where's my baby? Wait! [She pauses] Where'd she go? Where'd she go? Where'd she go? Where'd she go? Where'd she go? [She opens a door and finds herself holding a plate with Hofmann's head and rats on it]
Hofmann: I know. You just want your baby.
[Adalind screams]

Scene: Trubel and Bud go talk to Joe.

Bud: Hey, Joe!
Joe: Hey, Bud, what are you doing here?
Trubel: So this is the Joe that can't keep his mouth shut, huh?
Joe: [He woges into an Eisbiber] A Grimm? My God, Bud, you brought a Grimm to my shop?
Bud: Calm down, Joe.
[Joe retracts]
Trubel: We heard Shaw is after Nick Burkhardt because you told him Nick wasn't a Grimm anymore.
Joe: What? No, I didn't. I mean, well, not in so many words. I was at the bar telling my buddy Wayne the rumor that's been going on around the lodge. When Shaw heard Burkhardt's name, he went crazy. He was all over me saying he was gonna pound my face in if I didn't tell him everything.
Trubel: Where do we find Shaw?

Scene: Nick and Hank go talk to Gabriel and Ava at the hospital.

Nick: Gabriel Martell?
Gabriel: Yes?
Hank: Griffin and Burkhardt, Portland PD. You Ava Diaz's husband?
Gabriel: I'm sorry, she can't talk right now. They had to sedate her when she found out the man she hit died.
Nick: One of our officers reported to us that your wife said that she was being chased by a wolf.
Gabriel: My wife was diagnosed with severe mental illness about six months ago. Last night, she had a psychotic episode. Before I could stop her, she ran outside, got in her car.
Hank: Where were you before that?
Gabriel: Asleep in bed. I ran downstairs as soon as I heard her, but I couldn't get to her in time. This is... my fault.
Hank: Was your wife drinking last night?
Gabriel: She's not supposed to. She's on heavy medication.
Nick: We're gonna need to take a look around your house.
Gabriel: I don't want to leave Ava alone unless you need me to come with you.
Hank: Yeah, we do.

Scene: Nick, Hank, and Gabriel arrive at Gabriel and Ava's house.

Gabriel: I was upstairs asleep in the bedroom when I heard a glass break. I realized she wasn't in the bed, and I came downstairs as fast as I could.
Nick: [Looking at the floor] Looks like blood.
Gabriel: I think she stepped on the broken glass. It's in the kitchen.
[They all go to the kitchen]
Gabriel: When I came in, she was gone, and then I heard the car outside.
Nick: Your wife has seen this wolf before?
Gabriel: Yes.
Hank: She describe it to you?
Gabriel: She says that it looks like a man with a wolf's head, and it talks to her. He says he's trying to help her, but she's terrified. I mean, that's understandable, right? I can't imagine what she's going through.
Nick: When did she first tell you about the wolf?
Gabriel: About six months ago, right after we moved here. We were in Sao Paulo before that. Ava was born here, but she traveled a lot to Brazil on business.
Nick: What kind of business?
Gabriel: Import/export started by her grandfather. We met through a charity that provides medical care to orphans. One thing led to another, and we got married. But after we moved here, her illness came on rapidly. Now we're just trying to survive.
Hank: This is a big house. Just the two of you?
Gabriel: Ava grew up here. She inherited it. The housekeeping staff quit after her problem started. They couldn't handle it.
Nick: No nurse?
Gabriel: I'm an M.D. I'm still trying to establish my practice here. They don't make it easy on foreign doctors. It doesn't matter now anyway. I spend most of my time taking care of Ava.
Nick: All right, we're gonna need the contact information for Ava's psychiatrist. [He and Hank leave]
Hank: We think she's out of her mind?
Nick: Maybe. It could be that's what we're supposed to think. I mean, she's rich. He's pretty smooth.
Hank: And she's talking to a wolf. I'm thinking Blutbad.
Nick: Yeah, I'm thinking the same thing. I just wish I could see it instead of think it.
Hank: Me too, man. Me too. Let's talk to Ava's doctor, see what she thinks.

Scene: Trubel, Bud, and Joe sit in Bud's truck across the street from Shaw's house.

Joe: We should go. He's probably not home.
Bud: Well, that's his truck.
Joe: I don't think he drives that truck anymore. I'm pretty sure he got-oh, my God, it's him.
[Shaw walks out of his house to his truck]
Joe: Let's not do this. Let's go.
[Trubel gets out of the truck]
Joe: Oh, no, oh, no. What's gonna happen?
Bud: I'll tell you what's gonna happen. The next time you tell somebody about something you shouldn't tell them about, you're gonna shut up before you tell them!
Joe: He's gonna kill her. I know it.
Trubel: [She approaches Shaw] Are you Shaw?
Shaw: I know you?
Trubel: I'm a friend of Nick Burkhardt's.
Shaw: Is that supposed to mean something?
Trubel: I heard you been talking about teaching him some kind of lesson.
Shaw: [He laughs] So Burkhardt's sending a little girl to solve his problems?
Bud: [He walks up] You should listen to her, Shaw.
Trubel: Bud, I got this.
Bud: I know that, I just thought maybe we could talk this out.
Shaw: Well, if it ain't Bud Wurstner, the Grimm lover. I'm gonna teach you a lesson too, soon as I'm through with this bitch.
[Shaw tries to attack Trubel, but she punches him, knocking him against his truck]
Trubel: You got a big mouth! [She kicks Shaw]
Shaw: [He woges into a Klaustreich] You're a Grimm! [He retracts]
Bud: That's why I wanted you to talk.
Trubel: Forget the talk, Bud. [She punches Shaw and grabs his collar]
Shaw: No, no, no! Don't kill me!
Trubel: Why not?
Shaw: Uh...
Trubel: Not good enough! [She headbutts him, pulls out her machete, and puts it to Shaw's throat]
Bud: Wait! What if-what if he promises not to bother Burkhardt ever? You could do that, right?
Shaw: Right. Yes, I promise.
Trubel: I don't believe him. [She pulls back her machete]
Shaw: No, no, no, no, no! I promise!
Trubel: He threatened you too, Bud.
Shaw: No, no, I didn't mean that either.
Bud: Yeah, it's all right.
Shaw: I won't bother anybody. I swear.
Trubel: Ah! [She swings her machete and grazes Shaw's throat]
Bud: Oh, that was close.
Trubel: Next time, it'll be closer. 'Cause if any of your other friends get the same idea, they won't be as lucky as you. [She walks away]
Bud: Make sure they know it. [He jogs up to Trubel] That was great. It couldn't have gone better, right?
Trubel: That won't end it. There'll be others. Should've cut off his head.

Scene: Nick and Hank talk to Dr. Bern, who Ava began seeing soon after her psychotic episodes began.

Dr. Bern: Ava came to me right after she started having psychotic episodes. Over the last few weeks, they've become more and more frequent.
Hank: Are all the encounters the same?
Dr. Bern: Her descriptions of the wolf are consistent and detailed.
Nick: Do you think that she sees this wolf?
Dr. Bern: I have no doubt. We've tried several combinations of antipsychotics. None proved effective. Do you intend to charge Ava with a crime?
Hank: We haven't made that determination.
Dr. Bern: Well, if you do, I will testify that she was mentally incompetent at the time of the accident, and in my judgment, she should be institutionalized rather than incarcerated. [She grabs a folder of drawings and hands it to Hank] I asked Ava to draw the wolf, and I will present her drawings as evidence. In any case, I recommend that she remain hospitalized until we know that she's no longer a danger to herself or others.

Scene: In Philadelphia, Josh Porter arrives at his dad's house with his dad's ashes.

Josh: Okay, dad, you're home. [He goes inside and sees the house destroyed after someone broke in] Oh, my God.
Man: [From upstairs] I heard something. Downstairs.
Man 2: [Coming down the stairs] He's here!
Man: Get him.
[Josh throws his father's urn at the first man and runs out of the house as the two men briefly woge into Hündjagers and chase after him]

Scene: Nick and Hank take Ava's drawings to the spice shop to show Monroe and Rosalee.

Monroe: These are interesting. Who drew these?
Hank: A woman we think is being stalked by a Wesen, uh, sort of like a Blutbad.
Monroe: No, no, no. This is not a Blutbad. Blutbaden are just one branch of a pretty huge family tree. There's all kinds of canid Wesen, from the Russian with the Volkodlak to the Spanish Lob Hombre. This particular fellow is a Luison, South American in origin, you can tell by the ears. It's a dead giveaway.
Rosalee: So you think a Luison is involved?
Nick: This woman's very wealthy. It could be her husband is trying to drive her mad.
Hank: He's doing a really good job. She's about to be institutionalized.
Monroe: And you can't tell her the truth, of course, because that'd sound even crazier than what she already thinks.
Rosalee: Are you sure the husband is the Luison?
Nick: No, and there's no way I can find out.
Hank: And if we don't find out, there's nothing we can do for her.
Monroe: You want me to take a look?
[Hank's phone rings]
Nick: I hate to ask.
Monroe: You didn't. I'm volunteering.
Hank: [Answering his phone] Griffin. Got it, thanks. [He hangs up] Ava's doctor. She's awake, the one who drew those.
Monroe: Want me to come with you guys, 'cause—
Nick: No, we should talk to her first. Thank you.

Scene: Nick and Hank go to the hospital to talk to Ava.

[Nick and Hank knock on the door, and come in]
Gabriel: Ava, these are the Detectives I told you about.
Ava: Are you here to arrest me?
Hank: No, ma'am. We have a few questions.
Ava: I don't even remember hitting that poor man. I'm so sorry.
Nick: What do you remember?
Ava: Dr. Bern said she talked to you about what I see.
Nick: The wolf.
Ava: Yes. I had one of my episodes. He was there.
Hank: In the house?
Ava: Yes. I tried to get away from him, but he made me drink, and... that-that's when the glass broke, and then I ran outside, but he was already there. Gabriel tried to stop me, but the-the wolf was in the car, and I had to get away.
Hank: So one moment the wolf was in your house, next thing he was in your car?
Ava: He's everywhere. I can't get away from him. I know I'm losing my mind.
Dr. Bern: Ava.
Ava: I am. People don't see wolves. They don't talk to wolves.
Nick: What does he say to you?
Gabriel: Is this really necessary?
Ava: I want to tell them. He pretends to be kind, but I know he's lying. Everyone tells me that the wolf isn't real, that he's all in my head, but he's real to me, and I know he's trying to kill me, and I know he will.
Gabriel: I am not going to let that happen.
Dr. Bern: I think this is enough for now.
Hank: Thank you.

Scene: Nick and Hank go to the precinct to show Renard Ava's drawings and catch him up on the case.

Nick: Gabriel's records claim he has a medical degree from the university of Sao Paulo, ran a private practice in Rio for 15 years, and got his green card when he married Ava eight months ago. He has no criminal record in Brazil, at least not one that we've been able to find.
Hank: Ava's the sole heir to her family's import/export business Esperazar Brazil. I don't have an exact figure, but it's worth about 50 mil.
Renard: So we're thinking Gabriel is involved because he has the most to gain.
Nick: Only problem is, Gabriel tried to stop her, and when she drove away, the wolf was in her car.
Hank: So either he's innocent, or he's working with somebody.
Nick: There's a hearing tomorrow to determine whether Gabriel gets control of her estate.
Renard: So you have to confirm whether or not Gabriel is a Luison?
Nick: Yeah.
Renard: You gonna use Theresa? Well, she's a Grimm, right? She cut off Weston Steward's head with a machete, and according to sergeant Wu, she didn't seem too bothered by it.
Nick: I've been meaning to talk to you about her.
Renard: Yeah, well, look, Nick, I know she kept Steward from putting another bullet in me, so I'm feeling a little protective of her myself.
Nick: I'm trying not to involve her too much in what we do. She's still got a lot to learn. I'm using Monroe on this one.
Renard: You know, one of these days you're gonna have to make a decision, Nick, or you're gonna have to back off on these investigations. Now, I personally think that would be a mistake, but I'm not gonna tell you how to live your life. You're also gonna have to deal with sergeant Wu, 'cause I don't want him getting any closer to bringing Theresa down.
Nick: [He and Hank leave Renard's office] So, no pressure there.
Hank: We're gonna have to deal with Wu whether you're in or out.
Nick: [His phone rings and he answers] Burkhardt.
Josh: Nick, it's Josh Porter, Rolek's son.
Nick: Josh. Where are you?
Josh: Philadelphia. I just got back to my dad's house, and there were people in there. They chased me—
Nick: Take it easy.
Josh: I can't take it easy. My dad's house is torn apart! I got away, I think. What do I do? If this is because my dad-because he was a Grimm, right? Well, maybe they're looking for the key. Nick, this is a nightmare. Now, I'm not like you or my dad, or Trubel. I'm normal! What am I supposed to do?
Nick: Don't go back to your house.
Josh: I should call the police?
Nick: No. It'll look like a robbery, and if you start talking about Grimms and keys, they're just gonna throw you in the drunk tank. You need to get out of there, now.
Josh: My car's parked at the house. [He hears voices nearby] Oh, God, they're coming back. [He starts running away]
Nick: Josh. Josh. Hello?

Scene: Hofmann comes across Adalind passed out on the floor.

Hofmann: I told you not to go back. [He helps Adalind to her feet] Whatever you do, don't stop when you enter this room. Get to the door on the other side. Remember, the door on the other side, and you will be free.
Adalind: But how do I get into this door? There's nowhere to open it.
Hofmann: [He giggles] With me. I am the key.
Adalind: What do you mean, "you're the key"? [She then notices a key where Hofmann was standing as Hofmann's giggling continues. She picks it up and unlocks the door. On the other side of the door is a baby's room. Adalind slowly walks across the room, but just as she gets to the door, she hears a baby in the bassinet]
Baby: Mama.
Adalind: Diana? [She goes over to the cooing baby and picks her up] Oh, my God. Oh, my God. I've got you back. I've got you back at last. Diana.
[Diana begins fussing, which then turns into squealing. Adalind looks down, and suddenly, she is holding a pig instead of Diana]
Adalind: [Dropping the pig] Aah! [She screams] No! [She tries to open the door, but the handle breaks off] No! No! Ah-aah! [She screams as she suddenly falls through the floor]

Scene: Nick, Hank, Monroe, and Rosalee discuss how they are going to figure out if Gabriel is a Luison.

Monroe: So I know what he looks like, but how am I supposed to get into the judge's chambers for this hearing?
Nick: You don't. We'll be there. You stand outside, and when he comes out—
Monroe: I don't think that's gonna work. Even though the Luison has a pretty distinct body odor, we're talking about a courthouse, here. That's too many people, too many scents.
Rosalee: It'd be better if you could get into the house when he's at the hearing. It should be easy enough to tell if the Luison's been there or not.
Hank: Ava's at the hospital. We'll be with Gabriel. No one will be home.

Scene: Monroe arrives at Gabriel and Ava's house and calls Nick to let him know.

Nick: [Answering his phone] Yeah.
Monroe: I'm here. It's a nice place.
Nick: It is.
Monroe: We good?
Nick: I am looking at Gabriel right now. We're good to go.
Monroe: Copy that. [He hangs up and finds an unlocked door to enter the house. He then sniffs the air] Oh, yeah. Definitely. That is Luison. [He goes upstairs and continues sniffing around. He finds multiple pairs of identical suits and identical shoes. He hears a vehicle drive up and looks out the window. He sees what looks like Gabriel get out of the vehicle, so he calls Nick]
Nick: Monroe.
Monroe: You were supposed to tell me when this guy was coming home!
Nick: Yeah, we will.
Monroe: What do you mean, "you will"? He is!
Nick: He is what?
Monroe: Home.
Nick: No, he isn't. He's here. I am looking right at him.
Monroe: Yeah, so am I!
Hank: What's going on?
Nick: It's Monroe. He says Gabriel's already at the house.
Hank: What's he been drinking?
Monroe: I heard that.
Hank: You can't be in two places at once.
[The door opens downstairs]
Monroe: I gotta go. [He hangs up]
The man that looks like Gabriel comes upstairs and sniffs around. The man hangs up a suit and sniffs more. Monroe drops to the ground just before the man looks out the window, which he then closes]]

Scene: Nick, Hank, Monroe, and Rosalee meet up at the spice shop to discuss what happened.

Monroe: [Looking at a picture of Gabriel] I don't know what to tell you, man, that's the guy I saw.
Nick: Well, then there's got to be two of them.
Hank: Twins?
Monroe: Oh, my God. Of course-twins! We should have seen that one coming.
Hank: There were no siblings listed in his immigration file. We're still waiting on records from the Brazilian federal police, but now that we know how they're doing it, how do we explain it to Ava or anyone else for that matter?
[They all think of an answer for a few seconds]]
Nick: Masks.
Monroe: Right.
Rosalee: People think Wesen have been using masks for years.
Monroe: Yeah. I mean, where do you think all those Halloween ideas come from, anyway?
Nick: So we've got to keep Ava away from Gabriel. If she sees this Luison again, she'll lose her mind for good.
Hank: Or kill herself.
Nick: So we're gonna need to get masks to show her. Hopefully she believes this.
Monroe: It's better than the alternative.

Scene: Gabriel helps Ava get ready for bed.

Ava: What if I see him again? What if he's waiting for me?
Gabriel: The police checked the entire house. You're safe.
[Ava takes her medicine, and Gabriel gets into bed. Downstairs, Gabriel's brother, Julio, exits the house and is confronted by Monroe]
Monroe: Hey, hey, hey, I'm sorry. You're, um-you're what-you're Gabriel's twin, right?
[Julio woges into a Luison, and Monroe woges as well]
Monroe: [He retracts] Luison.
Julio: [He retracts and starts running] Matheus! Javier!
Hank: [He and Nick come out, and he pushes Julio up against a wall. He punches him, knocking him out] One down, one to go.
Javier: Julio? [Speaking Portuguese] Julio.
[Nick, Hank, and Monroe go hide in the bushes]
Javier: Julio? [He comes out of the house and finds Julio sitting against the wall] Matheus... [Speaking Portuguese]
Matheus: [He comes out of the house] What the hell happened?
Javier: I don't know. The idiot must've tripped.
Julio: I am not an idiot.
Unknown brother: Well, you look like an idiot.
Unknown brother: How could you trip out here?
Julio: I was hit.
Nick: [Coming out of the bushes with his gun drawn] Nobody move.
[All three brothers woge into Luisons]
Monroe: Ho-ho-holy crap. That is a litter.
Hank: I hope that's all of them.
[Inside, Ava wakes up and notices Gabriel isn't in bed]
Ava: Gabriel? [She gets out of bed]
[As Ava walks by, Gabriel comes from around the corner in the bathroom]
Ava: Gabriel, where did you go?
[Gabriel woges and leaves the bathroom]
Ava: Gabriel, where are you?
Gabriel: [Coming down the stairs] Ava, where are you? Ava?
[A door closes, and Gabriel turns to see a mask that looks similar to a Luison on the kitchen counter, and he picks it up]
Nick: It's not an exact match, but it's close enough.
[Monroe walks into the room]
Nick: We had to go to, what, three different stores?
[Gabriel retracts]
Nick: Nice woge.
Gabriel: I-I don't understand.
Monroe: Yes, you do. You're a Luison, your brothers are in the garage, and this is so against the Wesen Council.
Gabriel: You cannot prove anything.
Nick: Oh, I think we can. [He picks up the mask]
[The police arrive, and Gabriel and his brothers are arrested]
Ava: And he did all this for the money? My God.
Nick: And for six months, they've been trying to drive you crazy.
Hank: You're not, by the way.
[Nick's phone rings]
Ava: They're monsters.
Nick: Some people hide it well. [He steps aside and answers his phone] Josh, where are you?
Josh: On a bus. I don't know what to do. I don't know where to go. Is this about the key?
Nick: I don't know. It could be.
Josh: Well, I don't have the damn key, you do.
Nick: Yeah, well, I'm glad they don't know that.
Josh: This Grimm thing is ruining my life.
Nick: You need to find some place safe and stay there.
Josh: Well, where the hell is that?

Scene: Adalind continues to fall until she lands back in her cell.

Adalind: No. No, no, no, no, no! No!
[The cell door opens]
Adalind: No! [She wails]
Viktor: Had enough?
Adalind: I'll do anything. Just make it stop. What do you want from me?
Viktor: I want the same thing you want. To get our child back.

Scene: Nick, Hank, and Juliette are all at Monroe and Rosalee's house for dinner.

Monroe: [From the kitchen] So it turned out to be an actual litter! [He comes out to the living room where Nick is] I got an awesome Willamette Valley Pinot for you.
Nick: [He hears Juliette laughing] Haven't heard a lot of that lately.
Monroe: [He pours wine] Yeah, well, the spell of a Hexenbiest does tend to put a damper on the good times.
Nick: So does being a Grimm.
Monroe: Wow. Okay. You having a little down time?
Nick: I'm sorry, I'm just trying to figure this all out.
Monroe: Dude, come on. It's a big decision.
Nick: I don't know. You know, I just don't want Juliette to constantly have to worry about something bad happening to me, or to her, or to one of our friends.
Monroe: And?
Nick: And the thought of... just packing it up, moving someplace new, starting a family-that's very appealing.
Monroe: Hey, man, if that's what you want to do, do it. No regrets.
Nick: The problem is... I like being a Grimm, Monroe.
Monroe: Are you serious? You miss it?
Nick: Yeah. And I'm pissed that it was taken away from me. Maybe I didn't want to admit to it, but I want it back.
[Rosalee, Juliette, and Hank come into the room]
Rosalee: Ta-da!
Monroe: Wow, that smells so good!
Rosalee: I know.
Monroe: Here's to the chef.
Nick: I just wanted to say thank you to Monroe and Rosalee for putting aside their honeymoon. That means a lot.
Monroe: Cheers.
Everyone: Cheers.
[Suddenly flames erupt outside, and they all go investigate]
Nick: What is it?
Monroe: A Wolfsangel. It's Wesen.
Hank: Why?
Rosalee: It's because we got married.
Hank: You better get back inside. I'll check the back.
Juliette: I'm ready.
Nick: Ready for what?
Juliette: You need to be a Grimm again.
[They both look at the burning Wolfsangel]


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