Craig Ferren
211 - Craig Ferren
Actor: Jason Gedrick
Gender: Male
Type: Human
Relationships: Monique Dyson, girlfriend
Grant Horschen, lawyer
Status: Living
Job: Iraqi Veteran

Craig Ferren was an accused murderer that Hank helped land on death row for the murder of Miles Kreski and the assault of John Kreski.

"To Protect and Serve Man"Edit

With only thirty-six hours until his sentence was to be carried out, Ferren's claim that his crime was in self-defense against a pair of "monsters" began to sound less and less like the rantings of a lunatic to Hank because of his recent knowledge of Wesen. Hank then made it his mission to find out if he did shoot the brothers in self-defense. During the investigation, Hank and Nick visited his attorney, who gave them a drawing Ferren made of the monsters. Using the books in the trailer, the drawings allowed them to identify the Wesen involved as a Wendigo. They then visited Ferren in prison to find out about the creatures that attacked him. After finding human remains underneath John Kreski's house that substantiated Craig's claims, his execution was halted at the last minute. The case was also re-opened in light of the new evidence. Nick and Hank dug up the convenience store where the Kreski brothers' house had been 7 years earlier and found multiple skeletons. With his innocence being processed, Hank later revisited him, telling him that he now knew what Craig saw that night and that he wasn't crazy.


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