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Other languages: German: Kojote
Hungarian: Préridög
Russian: Койотль
Farsi: کایول
Notables: Jarold Kampfer
Carly Kampfer
Dead.svg Lisa Kampfer
Dead.svg Richard Mulpus
Handcuff.png Hayden Walker
Handcuff.png Kyle Walker
Handcuff.png Todd Walker
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A Coyotl (koh-YOO-tuhl, ki-YOH-tuhl; Nah. "coyote") is a coyote-like Wesen that first appeared in "Bad Moon Rising".


Coyotl have quite a severe woge: their face reshapes, they grow fur, their snout elongates, their ears grow and become more canid, they gain razor sharp teeth, and their eyes change color. The color of their eyes varies and can be yellow, orange, brown, or blue, and in rare instances, they have heterochromia iridum. ("Bad Moon Rising") The hair on top of their head stays the same. As Coyotl age, their hair starts to gray until it eventually turns completely white, as in the case of Mrs. Margaret Cutler. ("Blood Magic")

Physiologically, they have the same basic abilities as most canid Wesen. Even in their human forms, they are seen to have an enhanced sense of smell, albeit nowhere near as good as Blutbaden or Hundjägers, demonstrated when Carly Kampfer was unable to detect her woged cousins in her bedroom and when Jarold Kampfer failed to discern Carly's location at Hayden Walker's hideout. ("Bad Moon Rising")

Like Fuchsbaus, they often use their fanged jaws in combat. However, they don't appear to do too much damage, as Todd was able to recover after having his arm bitten only minutes earlier.

They don't appear to be any more durable than humans, as Hank was able to knock down Hayden with one punch to the face, though it should be noted that Hank is a strong man. They do have the ability to be stealthy.

Like multiple Wesen, Coyotl can concentrate their woge to just their eyes.


They are known for being mean, nasty, and all around bullies, and they are often considered the equivalent of street gangs in the Wesen world. They have a very strong pack mentality and don't take kindly to anyone straying from the sacred bond of the pack. In fact, Monroe was shocked to learn that Jarold Kampfer had left the pack and was still alive, implying they kill all deserters. Because of this, they have a reputation for inbreeding. Coyotl implement an ancient ritual consummation called the Aseveración in order to introduce a female into the pack. The ceremony can only be performed after the female's 17th year and under a full moon.

Coyotl also sometimes eat humans. A pack will strip people to the bones, and it's stated that they leave nothing behind. Coyotl also eat smaller animals, such as rats and dogs. Typical hunting runs occur in the woods, where they feel most "free" and at home.

Despite their ruthless nature, Coyotl greatly fear Grimms, to the point that they will not even attempt to fight them and simply surrender. The sight of one is enough for them to lose control of their woge.

Excerpt from Grimm Diaries[]

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(In Spanish)

Ser parte de una manada de Coyotl es fundamental para la capacidad de sobrevivir. El cazar juntos asegura que tengan éxito en sus objetivos.

Aviso: si se encuentran vuestras mercedes frente a un Coyotl, más de ellos pueden encontrarse cercanos.

Una vez bienvenido a la manada, un Coyotl quedará asociado con ella por toda la vida. Solamente al morir pueden salir para juntarse con la manada eternal en el más alla.

La pureza de la raza debe ser mantenida y cumplida para gustarles a los antepasados grandes. Una hembra de sangre pura debe ser elegida a los diecisiete años para el ritual de desarrollo perfecto de la aseveración durante la luna llena.

(Page 2, First Image) La Manada que rodea a la hembra.
(Page 2, Second Image) Diosa de la fertilidad.
(Page 2, Third Image) La luna llena.

A través de hacer el ritual dentro de la matriz de la fertilidad, la hembra de diecisiete traerá a la vida de la manada la inmortalidad y fuerza de la cría y longevidad."


Being part of a pack of Coyotl is fundamental for survival. Hunting together ensures that all of their objectives are achieved.

Note: If one Coyotl is present, it is most probable that more are nearby.

Once part of a Coyotl pack, the Coyotl will be associated with the pack for life. Only death can fully sever the tie with the pack on the earth, but only to join them in the afterlife.

The purity of the race must be maintained and completed to please the great ancestors. A pureblood woman must be chosen at the age of seventeen for the ritual of perfect affirmation during the full moon.

(Page 2, First Image) The pack surrounding the female.
(Page 2, Second Image) Fertility Goddess .
(Page 2, Third Image) The Full Moon.

The fertility matrix assures that the woman will be able to breed an ideal pack bearing strength and immortality.

Season 2 Blu-ray Grimm Guide Profile[]

Coyote creatures, known for being mean, nasty bullies. Considered the street gangs of the Wesen world. They have a very strong pack mentality, and don't take kindly to anyone straying from them. Coyotles use a "fertility matrix" to help with breeding, and must perform the ceremony under a full moon.



  • This was the first Wesen to have a Native American name in origin, with Coyotl specifically being Nahuatl, an Aztec language.
  • Coyotl seem to be inspired by Native American stereotypes based on the symbols on the Fertility Matrix. However, none of the Coyotl shown so far appear to be Native American.
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