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Contaminatio Ritualis
301-Adalind is accepted.png
Participants: Adalind Schade (candidate)
Stefania Vaduva Popescu (assisting)
Frau Pech (heart/appendages used)
Diana Schade-Renard (affected)
Other Hexenbiests
Location: Vienna

Contaminatio Ritualis (KOHN-tah-mee-nah-TSEE-oh ree-too-AL-leese; Lat. "contamination ritual") is the ritual a Hexenbiest who has lost their powers must complete to regain them.

The process[]

The process starts by removing the still beating heart of another Hexenbiest and placing it into a special hexagonal box that must be sealed with a red wax-like substance; this can be done by anyone, but after that, the Hexenbiest must do the rest of the tasks herself. First, they must cut off the hands and feet and then pluck out the eyeballs of the dead Hexenbiest. The box and body parts must be taken to a poppy field amongst a wooded clearing, at which point the central hexagon of the box's lid is thrown into the air. The Hexenbiest must dig a hole using a keilhacke (Ger. "pickaxe"), where the hexagonal lid lands. She must then inter the body parts first, placing the box on top, after which she buries them with her bare hands. She must wait to find out if she has been accepted. If she is accepted, the poppies shall die in the shape of a large hexagon surrounding the burial site. The entirety of dead flowers must be collected by the Hexenbiest in preparation for the next stage. Returning to the body, the flowers must be placed inside the dead Hexenbiest, after which the body must be sewn shut by hand and the thread cut by the teeth of the Hexenbiest performing the ritual. After a period of several hours, smoke shall exude from the body, signaling the point when the sewn body cavity must be slit back open. The red mucous-like substance oozing from the body must be collected in a container and then rubbed onto the stomach of the former Hexenbiest, thus concluding the Contaminatio Ritualis.

Pregnant Hexenbiests[]

If the Hexenbiest trying to regain her powers is pregnant while undergoing the Contaminatio Ritualis, her baby will have special and enhanced abilities due to the tasks its mother completed during her pregnancy.