Cole Pritchard


214-Cole woged

Actor: Callard Harris
Gender: Male
Type: Blutbad
Relationships: Dead Krystal Fletcher, girlfriend
Dead Gus Campbell, associate and former cell mate
Status: Deceased
Cause of death: Shot by an agent of the Wesen Council

Cole Pritchard was a Blutbad who appeared in "Natural Born Wesen".


"Natural Born Wesen"Edit

Cole went on a crime spree with his girlfriend, Krystal, also a Blutbad, and a former cellmate named Gus, a Skalengeck. Together, they robbed the First Cascadian Bank fully woged, breaking the Gesetzbuch Ehrenkodex. Monroe was at the bank at the time, and Cole made him get down on the ground during the robbery. Cole, Krystal, and Gus later went to the Junkyard Dog Bar & Pool Hall, where Gus told him and Krystal that a man at the bar was talking about the code, which Cole and Krystal both said they didn't care about. However, Cole then recognized the man at the bar, who was Monroe. They confronted him, and Monroe tried to assuage the gang by telling him he kept his mouth shut about who they were to the cops, but when he proposed getting compensated for it, they started fighting him. Nick and Hank went in to break up the fight, and while Gus slipped out of the bar, Krystal and Cole said they wouldn't press any charges against Monroe. Unbeknownst to them, the bar fight allowed Nick and Hank to find out their names and addresses.

Back at their residence at Cuthridge Industries, Krystal, Cole, and Gus talked about what happened at the bar, and Krystal said to Cole that he should have killed Monroe, which he said he would have if the cops hadn't shown up.

Cole, Krystal, and Gus later committed a second robbery at the Seamark National Bank, but while escaping, Cole killed a bank security guard and a passing pedestrian. As a result of this, Gus attempted to leave the group, but Cole stopped him before Krystal killed him. Nick and Hank were able to track down Cole and Krystal after they killed Gus, however, and after a brief gunfight that turned physical, Cole and Krystal were arrested. Because their actions had upset the peace of the Wesen community and broke the Gesetzbuch Ehrenkodex, he and Krystal were eventually executed by an assassin posing as a reporter in the precinct, as ordered by the Wesen Council.



  • He was born on April 14, 1980.

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