Opening Quote: "Cherish those who seek the truth but beware of those who find it." – Voltaire

Scene: Mr. Beau Childs, the CEO of C&E, notices that money is missing from the company.

Childs: No... Oh, no, no, no, no. What the hell? [He goes downstairs to talk to Paul Wemlinger] Wemlinger.
Wemlinger: Mr. Childs, what are you still doing here?
Childs: We have a problem. Nearly a half a million dollars is missing.
Wemlinger: Missing? What do you mean "missing?"
Childs: It's gone. That's what I mean! $1/2 million in reinvested dividends was not credited back to the shareholders!
Wemlinger: There must be some mistake.
Childs: I went through every account. There's no mistake. Someone is falsifying the data. Numbers have been altered, capital gains diverted—
Wemlinger: But how?
Childs: I don't know, but I need you to get a forensic accountant in here to go through every account.
Wemlinger: I-I can start going through the data right now—
Childs: No, we have to go outside the firm for this. I'm gonna call the police. Put together a list of everyone with access to our files. [He goes to call the police]
Wemlinger: Um...
Childs: [On the phone] Portland Police, please.
Operator: Is this an emergency?
Childs: No, it's not an emergency. I need the fraud/embezzlement department.
Wemlinger: [He walks up with a file] Sir. I think I know who's responsible.
Childs: [He hangs up the phone] Who?
Wemlinger: Got it all right here. [He hands the file to Childs]
Childs: There's nothing here.
[Wemlinger woges into a Quijada Vil and slashes Childs' throat]
Childs: Aah!
[Wemlinger repeatedly slashes and bites Childs' throat until he dies. Wemlinger then retracts and calls 911 pretending to be upset]
Operator: 911. What is your emergency?
Wemlinger: They killed him! They killed my boss! Oh God, it's terrible! Please! Please come quick!
Operator: Sir, help is on its way. I need you to calm down and-hello?
[Wemlinger hangs up and blankly stares ahead]

Scene: Nick sits in a chair in Adalind's hospital room while she and Kelly sleep.

Rosalee: [She quietly knocks on the door and opens it, whispering] Nick. [She signals Nick to come with her]
[Nick gets up and leaves the room]
Hank: How are they?
Nick: Sleeping. Everyone seems fine.
Monroe: Thank God for that.
Wu: How are you holding up?
Nick: Chavez is dead.
Rosalee: What?
Wu: Oh, man, Nick, you didn't—
Nick: I didn't kill her.
Monroe: Who did?
Nick: Wesen. There were four others we were supposed to meet. They were dead when we got there. Chavez gave me this. [He shows them Trubel's knight chess piece]
Hank: Doesn't this belong to Trubel?
Nick: Yeah.
Rosalee: Chavez knew where Trubel was. She say where?
Nick: No, we never got that far. First, I have to go back and figure out who did this.
Monroe: I'm going with you.
Wu: Me too.
Nick: Let's go.
Rosalee: I'll stay with Adalind and the baby.
Nick: Kelly. She wanted to name him Kelly.
Rosalee: Oh, Nick, that's a good name.
Nick: Let's go.

Scene: Nick, Hank, Monroe, and Wu arrive at the place where Chavez was killed.

Hank: This is the old Shaver Transportation Company.
Wu: This is where she brought you?
Nick: Bodies are inside.
Hank: Let's make sure nobody else is.
[They all go inside the building]
Monroe: So these people you were supposed to meet, any idea who they were?
Nick: No. Chavez said something was coming, that we needed to be prepared for.
Monroe: Prepared for what?
Nick: An uprising. The bodies were right here.
Monroe: Are you sure?
Nick: Yes. I killed a Gelumcaedus right where you're standing. And Chavez died right there.
Wu: Ground is still wet.
Monroe: Wait a minute, are you saying somebody came back here, took all the bodies and cleaned up all the blood?
Hank: Somebody went to a lot of trouble to cover this up.
Nick: Just like they did with Juliette. [He takes Chavez' phone out of his pocket] This is Chavez' phone. It rang right after she died. It was a man's voice. I told him she was dead.
Hank: What'd he say?
Nick: He said for me to keep the phone. [He hands the phone to Wu]
Wu: I'll run the last number, see what I can find.
Hank: Any of them get away?
Nick: Yeah, one. Up those stairs, out the back. There was a truck waiting for 'em. Old Blazer, black, silver, jacked up.
Hank: Where'd you see it?
Nick: This way. [He leads the others outside] Truck was waiting here, took off fast. Couldn't see the plates.
Wu: Uh, not going to get any surveillance out here.
Monroe: Are we thinking these are the same guys that came back to clean up or—
Nick: No, I'm thinking this was whoever was on that phone, the people Chavez was working for. [He notices a wall was painted over. Flashback of the claw mark symbol on the wall in "The Grimm Identity"] Wait a minute. Someone painted it.
Monroe: Say what?
Nick: On that wall, there was a mark. Four black lines. Someone painted over it.
Hank: [He wipes some of the paint off the wall] Still wet.
Wu: Why would they do that?
Nick: Someone didn't want anybody to see it.
Wu: Anyone else thinking conspiracy here?
Hank: Do we need to bring the Captain in on this?
Nick: Not until we figure this out.
Monroe: I think we should probably get out of here before someone tries to like paint over us.
[They all leave as Meisner watches]

Scene: Adalind suddenly wakes up, panicking.

Adalind: Where's Kelly?
Rosalee: Adalind, it's okay. The nurse took him to the nursery so you could get some sleep.
Adalind: Oh, right. I must've had a bad dream.
Rosalee: Everything's all right. You should try to go back to sleep.
Nick: [He knocks and comes in] How you feeling?
Adalind: Okay. I think. [She exhales] Kelly's in the nursery.
Nick: I know. I was just there. [To Rosalee] Thanks for staying, but you should go home. Monroe's waiting for ya.
Rosalee: Okay.
Nick: I'll walk you out. Be right back. [He and Rosalee leave]
Rosalee: What happened?
Nick: Nothing was there. The bodies were gone. Somebody cleaned up.
Rosalee: Nothing more about Trubel?
Nick: Nothing.
Rosalee: The doctor told Adalind she could go home tomorrow. Are you bringing her back to your place?
Nick: I have to. I've got no place else to take her.
Rosalee: Monroe and I will come over first thing in the morning. We'll try to get things ready for you.
Nick: Thanks.
[Rosalee walks away]

Scene: Hank goes to talk to Renard in his office.

[Hank knocks]
Renard: Yeah.
Hank: Adalind had the baby. It's a boy.
Renard: Healthy?
Hank: Yeah.
Renard: I wonder if anyone will ever tell him the truth about how he got here.
Hank: Not gonna be me. I just thought you should know.
Renard: Hey, Hank, I'm going to partner you up with Pogue until Nick gets back.
Hank: I don't need a partner.
Renard: Well, Pogue does. Meacham's on vacation.
Hank: But he has no idea what's going on.
Renard: Make it work.
Pogue: [He walks in] Did you tell him?
Hank: He told me.
Pogue: Well, don't get too excited. We just got a body.

Scene: Hank and Pogue meet Wu at the scene of Childs' body.

Hank: Wu.
Wu: Hank, Pogue.
Hank: What do we got?
Pogue: Where's the body?
[Hank looks at Pogue]
Wu: We got a dead body, and it's right this way. Victim is Mr. Beau Childs, CEO of the company. Margin clerk Paul Wemlinger heard screams, ran in, saw two men running out, called 911. We're checking security cameras now.
Pogue: Damn. What got him?
Hank: How many people were here when it happened?
Wu: Just the victim and Wemlinger as far as I know. Wemlinger called the victim's assistant, Betty Frame. She just got here.
Hank: Blood on the phone. Let's talk to the witness. [He and Pogue go talk to Wemlinger] Mr. Wemlinger, I'm Detective Griffin. This is Detective Pogue.
Pogue: Can you tell us what happened?
Wemlinger: I was working late. I didn't even know Mr. Childs was still in the office. I heard screams. It was awful.
Hank: What did you see?
Wemlinger: I saw two men running from Mr. Childs' office.
Hank: Can you describe them?
Wemlinger: They were both wearing ski masks. One of them might have been bigger than the other, I don't know. And, uh, one of them was holding some kind of a stick or a weapon. I can't be sure.
Hank: Did you go after them?
Wemlinger: No. I was scared. I went into Mr. Childs' office, tried to stop the bleeding but there was nothing I could do.
Hank: You called 911.
Wemlinger: Yes.
Hank: What did you do to try to stop the bleeding?
Wemlinger: I put my hands on Mr. Childs' throat. And I tried to give him mouth to mouth. But there was so much blood. I think he was already dead.
Pogue: And you washed your hands?
Wemlinger: I tried to get the blood off. I don't-I don't think I got it all.
Pogue: Just a couple more questions, Mr. Wemlinger. When did you call Mr. Childs' assistant?
Wemlinger: Betty? Just right after. I didn't know what else to do.
Hank: Any idea who would do this?
Wemlinger: No. I don't know who would do such a thing, it's just... I'm sorry. You might want to talk to Betty. She knows a lot more about his personal life than I do.
Pogue: Okay, just sit tight, Mr. Wemlinger. [He and Hank walk away]
Hank: We buying his story?
Pogue: Does he look like a guy who could rip someone's throat out?
Hank: Hard to know what's inside somebody. [He and Pogue go talk to Betty]
Betty: I can't believe this is happening.
Hank: Betty, how long have you worked with Mr. Childs?
Betty: 17 years.
Pogue: Mr. Wemlinger said he called you just after it happened.
Betty: He did. He was very upset. I came right over.
Hank: How would you describe the relationship between Mr. Childs and Mr. Wemlinger?
Betty: Very professional. We all got along so well here.
Hank: [He sees Wu walking over] Excuse me a moment. [He goes to talk to Wu]
Wu: Checked security cameras. No one seen coming or going in the last 3 1/2 hours except for us and her.
Hank: Wemlinger was alone with the victim.
Wu: The way the vic was killed, this has got to be Wesen.
Hank: Can't wait to explain that to Pogue. [He walks away]
Wu: I'll come visit you in the Psych Ward every Tuesday.

Scene: Monroe works on setting up Kelly's bassinet.

Monroe: Simon Willard had an easier time building his banjo clock than I am with this thing.
Rosalee: Banjo clock?
Monroe: Yeah, it was the first commercially successful American wall clock to have the pendulum suspended in front of the weight case and the weight attached to a pulley.
Rosalee: Yes, but could he build a baby mobile?
Monroe: Not with these instructions he couldn't.
Rosalee: [She laughs] He's going to love it. [She and Monroe look at each other] Maybe some day.
Adalind: [She and Nick arrive] Oh my God. You did all this?
Monroe: Well, it's not as if you two had the time.
Rosalee: And I picked up a few things for the new mom too.
Adalind: That is so sweet of you.
Rosalee: Let me see. [She and Monroe look at Kelly] Oh, he's so cute.
Monroe: Yeah.
Rosalee: Why don't I show you where everything is. [She and Adalind leave the room]
Nick: Thanks for doing this.
Monroe: Look, Nick, I gotta be honest. I have sort of a bad feeling about this.
Nick: They're my responsibility.
Monroe: I'm not talking about Adalind and Kelly. I'm talking about this house. Too many bad things have gone down here, man. Too much death and destruction. I'm just sayin', you might want to think about, you know, a change of venue.
Nick: You mean move?
Monroe: Oh, I mean get the hell out of here.
Rosalee: [Coming back into the room] I think it's time we went home.
Monroe: Yeah, we should let you two-you three, get settled in.
Rosalee: If you need anything I can be here in 10 minutes.
Adalind: You guys have both been really... Thank you.
[Monroe and Rosalee leave]
Adalind: I should probably get some rest before Kelly wakes up. He'll be hungry. Where should I...
Nick: Oh, guest room upstairs. I'll get Kelly.
[Adalind goes upstairs, and Nick brings Kelly into the room and lays him down]
Adalind: The last time I was in this room it was with Diana. I hope she's okay.
Nick: Yeah, me too.
Adalind: Have you heard anything about Juliette?
Nick: [He pauses] She's dead.
Adalind: What? Oh, my God!
Nick: Trubel killed her to save my life.
Adalind: Oh, Nick, I thought she got away with the Royals.
Nick: No, she never left.
Adalind: I'm so sorry. Thank you for doing this.
[Nick leaves and goes to his room. He looks in the closet at one of Juliette's dresses. Flashback of Juliette asking for Nick to help zip the dress up in "The Other Side"]

Scene: Hank and Pogue do a background check on Wemlinger at the precinct.

Pogue: Got anything on Wemlinger? 'Cause I don't. Background's clean. No record anywhere.
Hank: Anything on prints yet?
Pogue: Still processing.
Hank: I think we should bring him in.
Pogue: Why?
Hank: He said he saw two guys run out, blood all over the office, but we've got no blood trail and nothing on security cameras.
Pogue: The security cameras don't cover the back stairway. They must've known that.
Hank: Then how'd they get in? No sign of a break-in.
Pogue: If Wemlinger did it, where's the murder weapon? He sure as hell didn't do it with his bare hands.
Hank: I think we should bring him in, sweat him a little.
Pogue: All right, if you think it's worth something.

Scene: Adalind goes into the kitchen as Nick makes a sandwich.

Nick: What are you doing up?
Adalind: I couldn't sleep. Anyway, doctor said I should walk as much as I can, so...
Nick: What about Kelly?
Adalind: Oh, he's sleeping fine.
Nick: I'm making some sandwiches. Would you like one?
Adalind: Yeah, anything.
Nick: Ham and cheese okay?
Adalind: Sounds perfect.
Nick: Lettuce, tomato, mayo?
Adalind: I'm allergic to tomato.
Nick: That's good to know. [He eats a tomato slice] So I am thinking of selling the house.
Adalind: Oh...
Nick: Find us someplace safer. [He gives Adalind her sandwich]
Adalind: We're going with you?
Nick: Yeah, if you'd like.
Adalind: Sure. This is really good.
Nick: Is there anything else you're allergic to?
Adalind: Just raw tomatoes. I can eat them cooked. I actually make a pretty good Bolognese.
Nick: I like Bolognese. I actually make a pretty mean- [His phone rings] Sorry. [He answers his phone] Hank.
Hank: You home?
Nick: Uh-huh.
Hank: You okay?
Nick: Yeah. What's up?
Hank: I hate to bug you, but I might have a Wesen problem. I need you to confirm. I'm bringing the suspect in. Any chance you can make it down here?
Nick: What time?
Hank: Half hour.
Nick: [To Adalind] Hank needs me to get to the precinct.
Adalind: We'll be fine.
Nick: [To Hank] I'll be right there. [He hangs up] If you need anything, just... call. [He leaves]
[Kelly starts crying, so Adalind goes to check on him]

Scene: Wemlinger is brought in to be interrogated.

Hank: Okay, thank you.
Officer: You bet. [She walks away]
Pogue: [He walks up to Hank] Wemlinger's in interrogation. Take a look at this M.E. report first. "Victim's throat was torn out by what appears to be some kind of an animal." I don't think Wemlinger's an animal.
Hank: Probably not.
Pogue: Our killers must've had some kind of a garden tool. You know, one of those claw things.
Hank: Maybe. [He's sees that Nick has arrived] Let's go talk to Wemlinger.
Pogue: Do you know something I don't? 'Cause I don't see how this guy could have done that.
Hank: Just a gut feeling.
Pogue: All right. It's your gut.
Wu: [He walks up] Hold on. Just got the prints back. Got a hit on your suspect.
Pogue: Wemlinger?
Wu: AKA Simon Kincaid. Wanted for embezzling $975,000 from the Bankers Trust in Sacramento three years ago. Doesn't make him a murderer. But it certainly puts him at the party.
Pogue: I'm starting to feel it in my gut too. [He and Hank go to interrogate Wemlinger]
Hank: You and Mr. Childs were working pretty late last night. You always work that late?
Wemlinger: Depends on the work. You stay till it's done.
[Nick watches the interrogation from the room next door]
Hank: What were you working on last night?
Wemlinger: Getting out the quarterly reports. We have 217 clients.
Pogue: Why was Mr. Childs there so late?
Wemlinger: I don't know. He was the boss. He was under a lot of pressure.
Hank: You have access to all the accounts?
Wemlinger: Yes. But I'm not the only one.
Hank: Any money missing from the company?
Wemlinger: No.
Hank: You sure about that.
Wemlinger: As far as I know.
Hank: Isn't it your job to know?
Wemlinger: My job covers a wide range of responsibilities.
Hank: You ever heard of Bankers Trust in Sacramento?
Pogue: Maybe you've heard of Simon Kincaid.
Wemlinger: I don't know what you're talking about.
Hank: Yeah, you do. You were stealing money from C&E Investments just like you were stealing from Bankers Trust.
Wemlinger: I was not! I told you, there were two other men inside. I saw them.
Pogue: Security cameras didn't.
Hank: Mr. Childs found out what you were doing, and you killed him.
Wemlinger: No, no- [Hank grabs him] Unh!
Hank: You're Simon Kincaid, and we have fingerprints to prove it! [He presses Wemlinger against the mirror so Nick can see him up close. He then whispers] And I know you're Wesen.
Wemlinger: [He woges and turns around. He then retracts] You don't know what you're talking about. And I want to talk to a lawyer.
Hank: Give him his call. [He leaves the room and goes to talk to Nick] Did he woge?
Nick: Yeah. I think he's a Quijada Vil.
Hank: Have we dealt with one?
Nick: No, but I've read about 'em.
Hank: Capable of ripping a throat out?
Nick: Oh, yeah.
Hank: So we know he did it. We just can't prove it.
Pogue: [He knocks and comes in] What're you doing here, Nick? Thought you were takin' time off.
Hank: I asked him to observe while we were questioning Wemlinger.
Pogue: You think he's going to see something I don't?
Hank: It's got nothing to do with that.
Pogue: No, no, no, I want to hear. Did I miss something? You got something for me to book this guy on?
Nick: Take it easy.
Pogue: All I'm saying is, you want to bring another guy in, tell me. But right now, we got bigger problems-two U.S. marshals just got here.
Hank: What do they want?
Pogue: Our suspect. [He and Hank go talk to the marshals]
Hank: Hey, I'm Detective Griffin. This is Detective Pogue.
Reeves: Dan Reeves, Ray Durant. We got a hit on Simon Kincaid this morning. Guess you know him as Paul Wemlinger.
Durant: He's wanted in Sacramento. We're taking him back to California. That's the warrant. [He shows the Detectives the warrant]
Hank: He's a suspect in a murder case.
Durant: Sorry, guys. He's ours now.
Reeves: Where is he?
Pogue: Right this way. [He takes the marshals to Wemlinger]
Nick: [He walks up] We can't let them take him.
Hank: They have a warrant.
Nick: And no idea what they're dealing with. I gotta warn them.
Hank: How you gonna do that?
[Nick leaves]
Hank: Nick...

Scene: Nick goes to warn the marshals as they take Wemlinger to their car.

Nick: Hey, you guys got a minute? I'm Detective Burkhardt.
Reeves: What?
Nick: You have to be careful with this guy.
Durant: [He puts Wemlinger into the backseat] I think we can handle him.
Nick: No, you don't understand. He's not what he seems.
Reeves: We know all about him.
Nick: No, you don't. This guy, he's dangerous.
Reeves: He's an ink man. What's he gonna do, forge us to death?
[Wemlinger briefly woges as he looks at Nick. He then retracts]
Nick: You don't know what this guy's capable of.
Durant: You know, Detective, just 'cause we got babysitting duty doesn't give you the right to bust our balls.
Nick: I'm not bustin' your balls.
Durant: [Looking at Wemlinger] You a badass?
[Wemlinger looks at Durant and then back at Nick]
Durant: [He chuckles] Let's go, man. [He gets into the car]
[Wemlinger looks out the rear windshield at Nick with a smug look on his face as the marshals drive away. Hank walks up to Nick]

Scene: Nick and Hank go back inside the precinct.

Hank: You can't stop them.
Nick: I can follow them.
Hank: All the way to Sacramento?
Nick: Whatever it takes.
Renard: What part of "take time off" don't you understand? [He walks up to Nick and Hank]
Hank: Sorry, Captain. I had no choice but to bring him in. Marshals picked up our murder suspect for a prior, and he's Wesen.
Nick: They have no idea what they're dealing with.
Renard: Where they taking him?
Hank: California.
Nick: I have to go after them.
Renard: In my office. [He, Nick, and Hank go to his office] You want to lose your job?
Nick: They're not gonna make it to Sacramento.
Renard: You've already screwed up with the FBI. You want the marshals on your ass too?
Hank: After what this guy did to his last victim, I wouldn't want to ride in a car with him.
Renard: I can call the marshals office, tell them there's a death threat on their fugitive. They'll beef up security themselves. Now go home, and don't come back until you hear from me.
[Nick leaves]
Renard: [He looks at Hank] What?
Hank: This job is hard enough. It's even harder when you know what's going on and you can't do a damn thing about it. [He leaves]

Scene: Rosalee goes to Nick's house to check on Adalind.

Rosalee: This an okay time?
Adalind: Yeah, he just ate. I'm trying to get him back to sleep.
Rosalee: Just came by to see if you needed anything. Nick here?
Adalind: No. He's at work. It's a little weird getting used to being here again.
Rosalee: I can't even imagine.
Adalind: Don't. Do you want to see him?
Rosalee: Sure. [She looks at Kelly] Oh... He really is a handsome guy.
Adalind: He's been pretty good so far.
Rosalee: How about you?
Adalind: Oh, I don't know. I'm really happy about him and being a mom again, but...
Rosalee: Nick?
Adalind: No. Nick's been great. And I didn't expect him to be great, and that makes it even greater. As long as it lasts...
Rosalee: He's not going to walk away from this.
Adalind: Not now, but what happens when I turn back? The suppressant doesn't last forever. Sooner or later...
Rosalee: I know. I've been thinking about the same thing.
Adalind: I don't want to be a Hexenbiest again.
Rosalee: Seriously?
Adalind: I was not very nice, I know that. But I can't do that to him-or Nick-after what happened to Juliette.
Rosalee: Maybe it won't come back.
Adalind: It will come back.
Rosalee: Maybe not in the same way.
Adalind: I don't want it in any way. What we did makes it too unpredictable. I don't mean to scare you off, but you're the only friend I have.
Rosalee: I'm not scared at all.
Adalind: I just want a normal life, like what you and Monroe have.
Rosalee: I'd hardly say what we have is normal.
Adalind: Yeah, but you have each other, and that comes before everything else.
Rosalee: You and Nick have something you both love. That's a really good start. Did Nick tell you what happened to Juliette?
Adalind: Trubel killed her. What happened to Trubel?
Rosalee: We don't know.
[There's a knock at the door] Are you expecting anyone?
Adalind: No.
Rosalee: Then let me get it. [She goes up to the front door and looks out the door's window] May I help you?
[Agents Rosten and Brady are waiting outside, and Rosten shows Rosalee his badge]

Scene: The marshals stop at a gas station on their way out of town.

Durant: You want something from inside?
Reeves: Yeah, grab me a juice.
Durant: All right.
Wemlinger: Can I use the bathroom? It's such a long ride.
Durant: [He looks at Reeves] I got him. [He opens the back door] Let's go.
Reeves: Don't forget he's a "dangerous guy."
Durant: So I've been told. [He takes Wemlinger into the bathroom] All right. Do what you got to do.
Wemlinger: Can you please take these off? [He holds up his hands]
Durant: No. And the door stays open.
[Wemlinger goes to the bathroom while Durant looks at himself in the mirror. Durant turns around when the toilet is flushed, but he is quickly attacked by a woged Wemlinger. The scene shifts to Reeves on the phone by the car]
Reeves: Hey, boss. I'm just gassing up, about to get on the 405. Nobody said anything about a death threat. All right, we'll wait for 'em. [He hangs up and goes to the bathroom where he finds Durant's body in one of the stalls with blood all over the ground. He looks in another stall for Wemlinger, but Wemlinger comes up from behind and kills him]

Scene: Hank and Pogue talk to Renard about Wemlinger.

Pogue: We can't let this guy go down for just embezzlement. We need to find the murder weapon. This is aggravated murder! Hank and I have to go back and tear that office apart. The murder weapon, it's got to be there. He never left that office.
Renard: All right, any idea what kind of weapon Wemlinger used?
Hank: We think it was a garden tool.
Wu: [He knocks on Renard's office door] The marshals just got hit.
Pogue: What?
Wu: Gas station on Southwest Barns.
Hank: Wemlinger?
Wu: Don't know. [He, Hank, and Pogue leave]

Scene: Nick arrives home and sees Rosten and Brady.

Nick: What's going on?
Rosten: Is there someplace we could talk?
Adalind: We'll go upstairs. [She and Rosalee go upstairs with Kelly]
Nick: What's the problem?
Rosten: Agent Chavez is missing. Didn't show up for work, hasn't returned calls.
Nick: How long has it been?
Rosten: Since last night.
Brady: The argument you had in her office, what was it about?
Nick: She didn't tell you?
Rosten: Why don't you tell us?
Nick: I thought she was investigating me.
Rosten: Not sure I follow.
Nick: The Weston Steward case. He was killed right in this room. She always thought I was involved.
Rosten: We weren't still working that case.
Nick: Maybe you weren't. She interrogated me at the precinct. Did she tell you that?
Brady: We went by her house today. There were signs of a struggle in her bedroom.
Rosten: Where were you last night?
Nick: You got to be kiddin' me.
Brady: Where were you?
Nick: At the hospital.
Rosten: Not feeling well?
Nick: I was helping deliver my son. You just met him. Would you like the doctor's name?
Rosten: If you had anything to do with Agent Chavez' disappearance, it's just a matter of time.
Brady: Congratulations on your baby. [She and Rosten leave]

Scene: Hank and Pogue meet Franco at the gas station.

Franco: Hey, Hank, Pogue. This is bad.
Hank: Where are the bodies?
Franco: Restroom. It's bloody. Marshals are all over this. They're pissed, and I don't blame 'em. You got any idea who they were transporting? 'Cause he must be a badass. Watch your step.[He opens the bathroom door]
Pogue: Holy mother...
[Hank notices a bloody claw mark symbol on the bathroom mirror]

Scene: Adalind goes downstairs to talk with Nick.

Adalind: Is everything okay?
Nick: Yeah.
Adalind: Why was the FBI here?
Nick: It just had to do with an old case.
Adalind: Okay... I don't like this, Nick. If something happens to you... I have Kelly, but I have no job, I have nowhere to live, no place to raise him. I mean, what if he's like me? What if he's like you? What if he's some weird combination of both of us-like some kind of HexenGrimm or Grimmabiest-I can't do this alone!
Nick: [He grabs Adalind's shoulders] It's gonna be okay.
Adalind: I'm-I'm sorry. I really don't expect anything from you. I just don't want anything to happen to you.
Nick: [His phone rings] I got to take this.
Adalind: Okay. I know.
Nick: [He answers his phone] Hank.
Hank: Marshals never got out of Portland.
Nick: Where's Wemlinger?
Hank: We don't know. They stopped to get gas; happened in the bathroom.
Nick: I knew I should've gone after them.
Hank: There's something else. Same marks you showed us last night.
Nick: What?
Hank: Just texted you a photo.
Nick: [He looks at the photo] Yeah, those are the same marks.
Hank: So Wemlinger is tied to whoever killed Chavez?
Nick: I don't know, but if he is, it could be tied to what Chavez was trying to warn me about.
Hank: Could also be tied to Trubel's disappearance.
Nick: We know he was embezzling. If we find the money, we might be able to find Wemlinger.
Hank: Chances are, he's still in Portland. It's not gonna be easy to move with everybody looking for him. Forensic accountants are going through the books at C&E right now. Pogue will be stuck here for a while.
Nick: I'll meet you there. [He hangs up and leaves the house]

Scene: Nick and Hank talk to the forensic accountant at C&E.

Forensic Accountant: It looks like most of the money has been wired from the corrupted accounts to offshore banks in the Bahamas, the Caymans, and Puerto Rico. First transaction took place March of two years ago—
Hank: Can you get names and socials on the accounts?
Forensic Accountant: We have to go through the Feds on that. I wouldn't hold my breath.
Nick: We know the origin of the transfers?
Forensic Accountant: Wemlinger's computer, made between 2:30 and 3:30 a.m. every other Tuesday. Now, this may or may not mean something. But every time there was a data transfer, a phone call was made from here to a Portland number. The number's listed right there.

Scene: Nick and Hank meet with Wu.

Wu: So the phone number belongs to the company.
Nick: Got a billing address?
Wu: Yep. It's a P.O. Box.
Hank: So we don't know who he's making the calls to.
Wu: Well, you might not, but I was able to triangulate the Tuesday night calls, and each time a call was made, the phone that received those calls was at this location. It's an apartment building on Northwest 19th.
Nick: We know anyone there?
Wu: Yep. Betty Frame, the victim's assistant. Apartment 502.
Hank: That's why Wemlinger called her after he killed Childs. They could be working together.
Nick: Wemlinger might be there.
Hank: Let's find out.

Scene: Nick, Hank, and Wu arrive at Betty's apartment.

[Nick, Hank, and Wu stand outside the door]
Nick: I hear something. Electric motors, a lot of them.
[Wu breaks in the door]
Hank: Portland police!
[Wemlinger quickly stands up from a computer]
Betty: What was that? [She comes out from another room and is grabbed by Wemlinger] Aah!
Wemlinger: [He woges] Move, and I'll kill her! I'll rip her throat out! [He takes Betty back into the room she came from and closes the door]
Hank: [To Wu] Watch the hall.
[Nick opens the door, and Wemlinger shoves Betty towards him before he goes down the fire escape]
Betty: Help me! Help me! He made me do it. He made me do it. He made me help him!
Hank: I'll take the stairs!
[Nick goes out the window after Wemlinger]
Betty: He's some kind of animal.
Hank: Stay here. [He runs out of the apartment. To Wu] He jumped out the window.
[Nick chases Wemlinger down the fire escape as Hank and Wu run down the stairs. Once they get outside, they see Nick chasing after Wemlinger]
Hank: Follow him.
[Wu goes to his patrol car as Hank starts running. Hank soon hears Wemlinger jump a fence and goes to investigate]
Nick: [He runs up] Behind you!
[A woged Wemlinger attacks Hank, and they start fighting. Nick joins in to help, and Wu soon pulls up as Wemlinger tries to escape, and he runs at Wu]
Wu: Stop! Stop! [He shoots Wemlinger twice in the chest, killing him on the hood of his patrol car]
[Nick and Hank run up]
Wu: I had no choice.
Nick: Stay here. Call it in. [He and Hank go back to Betty's apartment, and they see Betty on the computers] What are you doing?
Hank: She's deleting the files.
Nick: Get away from the computer. Now.
Betty: Not even a Grimm can stop what's coming. [She woges into a Drang-Zorn] Occultatum Libera! [She runs and jumps through the window. Nick and Hank look down out of the broken window at Betty's body]

Scene: Nick, Hank, and Wu go talk to Monroe and Rosalee at the spice shop.

Monroe: "Occultatum Libera"?
Hank: Uh-huh. That was the last thing she said.
Monroe: Loosely translated, it would mean something like "free what's hidden" or "free the hidden."
Rosalee: What does that mean?
Monroe: I guess it depends on who's hidden or what's hidden.
Nick: It's got to be whatever group uses this as its symbol. [He hands Rosalee the picture Hank took]
Rosalee: Yeah, we're still working on that.
Monroe: There have been some funky Wesen symbols over the years. So...
Rosalee: Horns, hooves, eyeballs, tails, representing everything from death to fertility to war. We got the Reaper's Scythe, the Hundjäger's Verrat tattoo.
Monroe: Let's not forget my personal favorite, the Wolfsangel, which still gives me nightmares.
Rosalee: Unfortunately, nothing so far that looks like that.
Wu: [He picks up the picture and sighs] What the hell does it mean?
[Everyone starts looking through the Grimm diaries]

Scene: Hank talks with Pogue about the Wemlinger case.

Pogue: It doesn't make sense.
Hank: Sure. Wemlinger and Betty were in it together. Working from the inside, stealing lots of money, skimming percentages.
Pogue: Yeah, yeah, I get all that. But she didn't kill anybody, so why did she jump out the window?
Hank: Wemlinger was dead. She had nothing left to live for.
Pogue: Wait a minute. Are you saying that Wemlinger and Betty, they were sleeping together?
Hank: Isn't it obvious? [He leaves]

Scene: Nick looks at Kelly as he lays in his bassinet.

Scene: Meisner comes out of the cell containing the unknown person or thing with a bloody lip.

Guard: How'd it go?
Meisner: Better.


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