Claude Frenay
Actor: Robin Langford
Gender: Male
Type: Human
Service of: Laufer
Relationships: Sean Renard, co-belligerent
Hans Tavitian, co-belligerent
Dead Martin Meisner, co-belligerent
Dead Sebastien, co-belligerent
Dead Constantine Breslau, former co-belligerent
Status: Living
Languages known: English

Claude Frenay is a member of the Resistance that first appeared in "Cold Blooded".


"Cold Blooded"Edit

When Sean Renard, Sebastien, and Meisner arrived to the Resistance meeting place, Constantine Breslau, the man who set up the "safehouse" for Sean and Meisner, was being interrogated violently by Frenay. Frenay beseeched Breslau to tell him what "her" name is, not wanting to hurt him more than necessary. He told him that even though Breslau did not know "she" worked for the Verrat, he should have known. After Breslau finally complied and whispered to him her name, Frenay thanked him, stood up, and walked over to Meisner, handing him a gun. He told him Breslau betrayed them all and asked Meisner if he would prefer someone else to do it (kill Breslau), but Meisner said no. Breslau was then led outside. Frenay shook hands with Sebastien and Sean. Sean commented that Frenay saved his mother once, and Frenay told him, "It's good to have you with us." After a gunshot was heard outside, signifying the killing of Breslau, Renard told him he was glad as well.

"Twelve Days of Krampus"Edit

When Tavitian arrived to the meeting place, Frenay was among the group who greeted him and informed him of Breslau's betrayal, saying they almost missed meeting Sean Renard because of it, whom he nodded towards. Tavitian and Renard then introduced themselves to one another. Later, during the meeting, Frenay cautioned, in regards to the assassination of Eric Renard, "Sometimes when you cut off the head of the snake, two grow back." Sean was able to persuade everyone at the meeting though that they needed to stick together and fight back against the Royals, reminding them that he could help them because he had a Grimm and had connections via his Royal blood.


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