Chloe Bennett
Actor: Jenessa Grant
Gender: Female
Type: Willahara
Relationships: Dead Oliver Bennett, father
Beverly Bennett, mother
Dead Peter Bennett, brother
Status: Living

Chloe Bennett is a Willahara who appeared in "Bad Luck".


"Bad Luck"Edit

She agreed to cover for her brother, Peter, while he sneaked out to meet up with his girlfriend. While he was out, he was killed by a Leporem Venator named Nigel Edmund, who had also murdered their father. After her brother's death, her mom took her to a hotel before they caught a flight to Calgary. Chloe was kidnapped from her hotel room by Nigel Edmund in order to sever her foot. He was unable to get her to woge, however, before she was ultimately rescued by Nick and Hank.



  • Bennett is an English and Irish surname related to the medieval name Benedict, both ultimately originating from the Late Latin name Benedictus, meaning "blessed," apropos for the history of the Willahara.

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