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A character is any avatar created by a player in Grimm: Dark Legacy. All characters players create are Grimms, and these may be male or female. All characters must have a unique name. If a character is deleted, or if a character played in Iron Man mode dies, the character's name is freed up for any player to use once again. A player may have up to five characters, of which he or she may play one at a time.


  • Stamina - Stamina is used for running. Once stamina runs out, the character begins to become hungry. Stamina restores any time the character is not running, even if he or she is still moving.
  • Health - If health drops to 0, the character dies. Health can be restored by eating food when the hunger meter is full.
  • Hunger (100) - If hunger drops too low, the character loses health. Eating food will refill the hunger meter partially. Hunger will increase as long as the character is on a mission. Sprinting, attacking, and blocking will also make your character hungry.
  • Difficulty mode - Each character may have any of three difficulty modes:
    • Easy - Start with 1000 coins, 10 roasted meat, 3 campfire kits, 10 stones. Respawn at the village if you. 200 health points.
    • Rogue - Start with 500 coins, 10 raw morsels, 1 campfire kit, 5 stones. Restart the first level of the country you died in. 150health points.
    • Iron Man - Start with 100 coins, 10 moss. Your character gets deleted (freeing up the name for any player to use) if you die. 100 health points.


A character can hold two weapons, one in each hand. He or she can also carry a shield and a potion.

Each character begins with a crude shield.


A character may only hold provisions that add up to a total weight of 60.

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