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Celeste Vincitore was a Grimm in Grimm: Dark Legacy who took on the task of controlling a Wesen uprising in the late 15th century.


Iberia, October 1492Edit

The Journey BeginsEdit

To my descendants:

Should any one of you encounter "blood-driven Wesen", for the lack of a better term, you will find answers in my tale. These pages are too important to be lost!

To my shame, my latest adventure left me dry with no food and no weapon. If I wanted to survive on my own and find the origin of the mad Wesen, I needed provisions and at least a weapon to defend myself. Fortunately, I was able to gather some material to build one...

Leisure HuntEdit

I was never able to have too much food in my saddlebag, thus i would spend some of my off-time to go hunting. The sport kept me fed and in good shape. As long as I avoided inconvenient encounters...

Survive the NightEdit

October 1492

I left the comfort of Santiago de Compostela weeks ago and traveled alone since then. My feet were light and my breath never short, but the city of Huesca was still far away.

The stars would look upon me once more that night... as well as glistening eyes hidden in the shadows. It might just have been wild animals, but it could also have been something far worse. I had to stay alert!

Mannaggia tua! Huesca could not have been that far away! I just had to survive another night...

Voice of HungerEdit

December 1492

Christian Monarchs may have taken back their Kingdom from the hands of Muslims, but people struggled with the transition. Especially merchants. They literally tried to rob me with their prices in Plasencia. Porco Dio! I would have rather eaten my own belt than pay for their cheese!

I had no other choice now but hunt my own meals if I wanted some food in my stomach and survive another day. I was so hungry, any animal would have done!

Farmer In TroubleEdit

March 1493

During the weekly market in Albacete, I overheard a farmer selling a couple of gaunt chickens. Obviously shaken and afraid, the husbandman rambled about wolves lurking in his lands. I offered my help for a roof and a loaf of bread.

After all, I knew that "wolf" was usually a mundane term for Wesen... If the "wolves" were to be one of the rampaging ones I've been tracking down for months, I might find new clues about them. May God be by my side on this one.

Iberian EscapeEdit

July 1493

I travelled the Christian Kingdoms from North to South, but the origin of the blood-driven Wesen still evaded me. After visiting Granada where the righteous reconquista of Ferdinand and Isabella pretty much ended. I was convinced the Wesen had fled back to the former Almohad Realm to escape slavery, or a worse fate.

Staying any longer here would have been a waste of time. I has to leave Andalusia for Maghreb and pursue my quest there. An old friend of mine, Sahid Al Bashar, agreed to help me cross the strait of Gibraltar in order to reach his native lands. I met with him on a shady night, not to far from the road to Málaga.
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