Classification of Wesen
Crystal Clear app babelfish vector (bony fishes) Cartilaginous Fish (cartilaginous fishes) Turtle (birds and reptiles) Tango Style Cow Head (mammals) Tux Paint spider (spiders and allies) Honigbiene(Apis mellifera) (insects) Earthworm (worms and allies)

"What's this?" you ask? Well, scientists like to group animals together by specific features so they can make generalizations about an entire group of animals. Below is a collapsed hierarchy of categories.

Here are a few pointers:

  • Deuterostomes are the higher-level animals, like birds, reptiles, mammals, amphibians, and fish. Protostomes are lower-level animals like bugs and squishy things.
  • Mammals have hair. Sauropsidans have scales and/or feathers.
  • Cetartiodactyls are either whales or animals with hooves. The hooved animals in this group have either two or four toes. This would be your cows, antelopes, sheep, deer, and hippos.
  • Euarchontoglires are mice or men, and their relatives-- other rodents and primates.
  • Pegasoferaean means "wild winged horse". "Wild" refers to the meat-eating dogs, cats, and bears. "Winged" refers to the bats. "Horse" refers to horses, rhinos, and tapirs-- hooved animals with one or three toes.
  • Feraeans ("wild animals") are clawed meat-eaters. Perissodactyls have hooves and usually are vegetarians.
  • Caniformes are dog-shaped. This includes bears and their relatives. Feliformes are cat-shaped.
  • Arctoids are bear-shaped. This includes wolverines, raccoons, and weasels. Canids are dogs and their close relatives, including foxes.
  • Canines are virtually all the same shape and easily confused with one another.
  • Pantherines are big cats that are panther-shaped.
  • Primates are human-shaped, and this includes monkeys.
  • Rodents are furry creatures with buck-teeth for gnawing. Mice, rats, beavers, porcupines. However this does not include rabbits, hares and pikas.
  • Lagomorphs are creatures resembling pikas, hares and rabbits.
  • Avians are birds. Serpents are snakes.

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