Kehrseite-Schlich-Kennen (SHLISH-kannen; Ger. schlich or originally Schliche being an old fashioned word for "trick" or "ruse" + kennen "to know, be aware of") are people who are aware of Wesen. Most Royals, along with their human subordinates, fit into this category, as well as humans who have been told of Wesen.


  • The phrase is actually not correct German, modern or otherwise. Kehrseite can be translated to "flipside," "reverse side," or "backside," but that's just the verbatim translation. The actual meaning is "downside," "drawback," or "disadvantage." The idiom die Schliche kennen means "to know the ropes," or be familiar with something. While the intent of the phrase seems to be "someone on the other side who knows our tricks," this is not proper use of Kehrseite.

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