Classification of Wesen
Crystal Clear app babelfish vector (bony fishes) Cartilaginous Fish (cartilaginous fishes) Turtle (birds and reptiles) Tango Style Cow Head (mammals) Tux Paint spider (spiders and allies) Honigbiene(Apis mellifera) (insects) Earthworm (worms and allies)
Mammalian Wesen
"African Beasts":
Cartoon Elephant (elephants, manatees, hyraxes)

"Northern Beasts":
Face-monkey (primates) Lemmling Simple cartoon mouse-1- (rodents) Rabbit (rabbits, hares, pikas) Tango Style Cow Head (whales, cows, hippos) Bat (bats)
Wolf (carnivores) Tete de cheval (horses, rhinos)

Cetartiodactyl Wesen
Tango Style Cow Head (cows) Cartoon kudu (goats, antelopes) Pig (pigs, peccaries) Cartoon hippo (whales, dolphins, hippos)

Bovine Wesen resemble cattle, buffalo, yaks, and other oxen.

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