Actor: Jenny Wade
Gender: Female
Type: Human
Relationships: Kelly, sister
Status: Living

Casey is the sister of Kelly, one of Andre's victims, who appeared in "Mr. Sandman".


"Mr. Sandman"Edit

Casey went to visit her sister, Kelly, and interrupted Andre's attack, causing him to flee, but not before he had blinded Kelly. She was able to confirm a sketch of Andre as Kelly's attacker and give a description of his car to Nick and Hank.

When Nick and Hank came to talk to Kelly in the hospital, Casey told them the doctors had given her something to sleep. While she was talking with them, Kelly woke up in pain calling for Casey, and she ran to her sister.

When Andre came to her house and attacked her, Casey knew enough to cover her eyes while defending herself until Nick and Hank arrived, accompanied by Monroe and Rosalee, forcing Andre to hide upstairs in the attic. While everyone else was upstairs, she armed herself with a kitchen knife. When Andre came downstairs after having his left eye removed, she used the knife to stab and kill him.



  • The name Casey is derived from the Irish Gaelic word cathasaigh, meaning "vigilant" or "watchful."

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