Carly Kampfer

Carly Kampfer

203 - Carly Kempfer morph

Actor: Maddie Hasson
Gender: Female
Type: Coyotl
Relationships: Jarold Kampfer, father
Dead Lisa Kampfer, mother
Handcuff Hayden Walker, uncle
Handcuff Kyle Walker, cousin
Handcuff Todd Walker, cousin
Hank Griffin, godfather
Status: Living

Carly Kampfer is a Coyotl and the daughter of Jarold Kampfer. She appeared in "Bad Moon Rising" and was kidnapped by Hayden Walker's pack because her father disgraced the family's name by moving Carly and his wife, Lisa, to Portland.

She is also the goddaughter of Hank Griffin.


"Bad Moon Rising"Edit

Carly was abducted in her own bedroom by her uncle and cousins in order to reinstate her back into the family pack and to perform a ceremony called the Aseveración. She was rescued by Hank and Nick, who led her into a nearby large barn to protect her. When she was panicking about the Walkers and the Aseveración ritual, she woged her eyes. When Nick noticed and she realized he was a Grimm, she panicked and ran to Hank for protection. Hank tried to calm her down, but she became increasingly emotional that he wouldn't listen to her and then woged into her Coyotl form, frightening Hank, who swiftly pulled out his gun. Nick jumped forward and protected Carly, explaining to Hank about his recent encounters with Wesen and having seen them woge, which earned Carly's trust. Nick and Hank then used Carly as bait to capture Hayden and four of his sons, while she ran outside to help her father take down the final one.

Back at the precinct, Carly and Jarold both thanked Nick and Hank for their help, and Hank reassured them that their true nature as Wesen did not change the relationship between them in any way.


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