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Bud Wurstner's Home
422-Bud keeping watch
Location: Portland, Oregon
Regulars: Bud Wurstner
Others: Nick Burkhardt
Adalind Schade
Hank Griffin
Theresa Rubel
Rosalee Calvert
Drew Wu

Bud Wurstner's Home is the private residence of Bud Wurstner, where he lives with his wife, Phoebe, and their three kids in Portland, Oregon. The home appears to be relatively small, but it has an open living room directly adjacent to the front entrance, as well as several bedrooms. In the living room are several framed pictures depicting different aspects of nature or natural environments.

Bud's home was notably used as a safe house for Adalind Schade and her unborn child after Juliette, her humanity nearly lost to the Hexenbiest side effect she'd suffered from the Verfluchte Zwillingsschwester potion, had become a significant threat to them. ("You Don't Know Jack") ("Headache") ("Cry Havoc") Later, Adalind started to go into labor at Bud's home, before being taken to the hospital. ("The Grimm Identity")

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