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Bud Wurstner
Actor: Danny Bruno
Gender: Male
Type: Eisbiber
Relationships: Phoebe, wife
Three children
Louise, sister-in-law
John Oblinger, friend
Arnold Rosarot, friend
Irv, friend
Roscoe, friend
Jerry Baxter, friend
Nick Burkhardt, friend
Juliette Silverton, former friend
Monroe, friend
Rosalee Calvert, friend
Hank Griffin, friend
Trubel, friend
Adalind Schade, friend
Eve, acquaintance
Handcuff.png Prosecutor, former chiropractor
Status: Living
Job: Refrigerator repairman
Comics: X
Books: X

Rupert "Bud" Ferdinand Wurstner is the owner/operator of Wurstner's Refrigerator Repair. He is an Eisbiber and an active fan of the Oregon State Beavers. He first appeared in "Danse Macabre".


Season 1[]

"Danse Macabre"[]

He was struggling to fix the refrigerator in Juliette Silverton and Nick Burkhardt's home when he turned around to look at Nick. Nick saw him turn into a creature of some sort, and Bud immediately recognized Nick as being a Grimm. He reacted with extreme fear and fled, leaving behind his tool bag. Later, he came to get it when Nick was working; he got it swiftly and left.

"Let Your Hair Down"[]

He told two others of his species, Irv and Roscoe, that he had been in Nick Burkhardt's house, but they were skeptical. The three went to spy on Nick's house after dark and saw him arrive home. They then sped away in a car.


Bud was starting to tell a number of Wesen about Nick being a Grimm. Nick found this out when two Eisbiber kids egged his house. Nick then paid a visit to Bud and his friend, John Oblinger, who were having some drinks at John's house. Nick instructed them to stop telling everyone about him, saying he did not want to have to stop by again. The two agreed and were terrified; they thought Nick was going to kill them.

"Island of Dreams"[]

Nick and Juliette get a quilt from Bud.

Bud arrived at Nick's home while Nick and Juliette were eating supper. Although Nick was initially angry, Bud apologized for any trouble he and his friends may have caused and told Nick and Juliette that they had taken steps to ensure that Nick and Juliette were no longer bothered. He left a quilt as a gift, which the couple agreed was beautiful. Juliette later, at home, came to the door after she heard a noise and opened it to find Bud repairing unspecified damage to the front door of the house. Bud also gave Juliette a freshly baked pie.

"Leave It to Beavers"[]

Bud, (presented as Eisenbud Wurstner by the Lodge leader), his friend John, and a female Eisbiber, Monique, wanted to take action against the Hässlichen. This came as quite the shock to the otherwise passive Eisbibers who "don't want to upset tradition."

Eisbiber Bud1.png

Even in the background, Eisbibers could be heard saying, "That's the way it's always been," pleading for what they knew over change. Still, John, Monique and Bud bucked that tradition when they voted for Arnold Rosarot to go to the police, specifically the Grimm Nick, and defied the traditional subserviency they had under the Hässlichen and asked Arnold to report what he saw.

The vote wasn't close and in the end, the Lodge leader requested that the Grimm "not cut off our heads for opposing him." Still, John and Bud realized that they, the Eisbibers, were in the wrong and that this, combined with Arnold's basic decency, allowed them to go to the police. Arnold, accompanied by Bud and John, went to the precinct and identified Sal, a Hässlich, as the murderer of another Eisbiber.

Season 2[]


Troubled about her inability to remember Nick, Juliette looked into the refrigerator. She suddenly remembered Bud being in the house as a repairman and being afraid. She invited him to tea and, as they discussed what Bud knew about Nick and Juliette's relationship, Bud mentioned that Nick was a Grimm. When Juliette did not know what that meant, Bud realized that he was giving her information that Nick did not share with her. Bud covered his mistake by saying that a "Grimm" was a cop that helps people. When Juliette seemed confused by that, he suddenly "remembered an appointment," excused himself, and left.

"The Good Shepherd"[]

Bud met with Nick at a bar, and Bud recounted his meeting with Juliette. He was nervous about what he did and woged. Nick reassures him that everything was alright. They agreed that if Juliette called Bud again, he should be "unavailable." Bud was left alone when Nick sensed something and left.

"The Hour of Death"[]

While talking to his wife about her mother coming for a visit, Bud saw the Grimm Sterbestunde symbol on the news. He frantically called Nick to ask about this, and Nick told him that he didn't know anything. Later, Bud arrived at the police station to ask if Nick had any information yet, which he did not. As he left, he was captured by Ryan Smulson and nearly murdered in his shop, but Nick and Hank came in time to save him when they were alerted by his cries for help. Shortly after Ryan Smulson was arrested, Bud hugged Nick and Hank out of gratitude for saving his life and then headed for home.

"One Angry Fuchsbau"[]

Bud helped Nick and Monroe collect the sweat of a Ziegevolk lawyer who was using his powers to help acquit his murderous Löwen client. The sweat was needed for a potion to neutralize the pheromones the lawyer released that suggested alternative testimonies in the minds of jury members and people testifying. Following the successful conclusion of the case, Bud joined Nick, Hank, Monroe, and Rosalee in toasting their victory in the spice shop.


Bud took part in a concerted effort to cheer Nick up by watching sports with him and Monroe.

"The Waking Dead"[]

Bud was fixing Monroe's fridge, when Juliette arrived. When informed that Monroe was going to show her his woge, Bud became hysterical, saying that they could ruin her for life. Fearfully, he went with them to the spice shop. After a failed attempt of getting Rosalee to talk Monroe out of it, Rosalee agreed with Monroe, and the three took her to the back of the shop to woge. Rosalee went first, and, after stressfully and fearfully saying that he couldn't just "woge off the top of a hat," he showed his true Eisbiber form to Juliette. He was so flustered that when Juliette asked him what type of Wesen he was, he couldn't remember and Rosalee answered for him.

Season 3[]

"A Dish Best Served Cold"[]

Bud showed up at Monroe's house as one of the surprise party goers for Nick's going away party, as he was moving back in with Juliette. Bud's wife baked the cake for Nick. Their party was disrupted when Kimber called, and Bud volunteered to put the cake in the fridge.

"Twelve Days of Krampus"[]

When Nick and Hank arrived at Quinn Baxter's house, they were surprised when Bud answered the door. Bud assumed that they were there because Quinn's father, Jerry, reported Quinn's disappearance.

Later, Bud went to Nick and Juliette's home because he was worried about Quinn. Bud commented on the arrest of the Food Cart Santa that was all over the news and asked Nick if that was the man responsible for the kidnappings. Nick stated that all he found was two lumps of coal, before leaving for work. Stunned, Bud mused over what Nick said, before making a connection and running out frantically.

Monroe, Nick, and Hank were discussing which tree was the tallest in Portland and where the tallest point was as well, when Bud knocked, and Monroe answered the door. Bud told them about the connection he had made between the coal and Krampus, and Nick, Hank, and Monroe let him know they realized the same thing. Bud believed the tallest tree and the tallest spot were in Council Crest, and the team decided to go there, despite Bud denying Krampus' existence.

The team arrived at the forest, but Monroe's Blutbad senses were overwhelmed by "the smell of fear on Bud." Nick heard the cries of the victims in the distance and led the team to the tree where the children were hanging in baskets. Hank, Monroe, and Bud rushed up to help them while Nick went after Krampus.

"Blond Ambition"[]

At the Zimmer Mountain Lodge, Rosalee and Monroe were going through a rehearsal for their wedding. Nick stood by Monroe as his best man while Juliette and DeEtta Calvert stood by Rosalee as her maid of honor and matron of honor, respectively. Bart, Alice, Gloria Calvert, Hank, and Bud all watched the rehearsal from their seats. Later, everyone from the wedding rehearsal had a rehearsal dinner.

Bud quickly ran up and greeted Nick and Juliette when they arrived at Monroe and Rosalee's wedding and then went back inside. Bud watched as Monroe and Rosalee got married and was among the surprised Wesen who freaked out when Trubel ran into the room with the antidote for Nick.

Season 4[]

"The Last Fight"[]

Bud entered Monroe and Rosalee's Home and told them that a lot of Wesen had become worried after Monroe and Rosalee's wedding because of Trubel's appearance. Hank informed him that Trubel was a friend of Nick's. Monroe and Rosalee then told Bud about how Nick lost his powers and to keep that news to himself.

"Cry Luison"[]

Bud came over to Nick and Juliette's home and offered Nick his condolences for him losing his powers. He then asked if Trubel was there, and he introduced himself when she entered the room. With Nick present, he asked Trubel for help with a Wesen who was bullying his kid at school. She said she could help, and Nick then left for the precinct. As soon as he left though, Bud admitted to Trubel that he lied about the bullying problem and that he had really come over because Nick was in danger. He disclosed that he told one of his friends about Nick losing his powers, and word eventually got around to a friend of Bud's named Joe, who told a Klaustreich named Shaw. Bud said that this Klaustreich had been boasting to everyone that he would teach Nick a lesson, and Bud believed that Shaw really meant that he was going to kill Nick. Trubel then told Bud that in order to find Shaw, they needed to talk to Joe.

They went to where Joe worked, and Joe confessed that Shaw had overheard him telling one of his friends at work about Nick, and he told Shaw what he knew after Shaw threatened him. All three then went to Shaw's residence in Bud's truck and waited for him to come out. Trubel confronted Shaw when he came out of his house, but when things started to escalate rather quickly, Bud pleaded with Trubel not to kill Shaw. Trubel pointed out to Bud that Shaw had threatened him too, and she then proceeded cut Shaw's neck with her machete before giving him a final warning.

"The Grimm Who Stole Christmas"[]

After Trubel disclosed to Nick the real reason Bud had come over to his house recently, ("Cry Luison") Nick told Trubel that they needed to learn more about Shaw and his associates; Trubel figured that since Bud knew about Shaw, he might know about his friends, so she, Bud, and Josh scouted out Shaw's home from a distance while Bud identified several of his friends that were there.

Back at Nick and Juliette's home, Trubel, Bud, and Josh then went over how all the people that were at Shaw's house knew each other. Bud told Juliette that they thought that the men that were at his house could have a connection to the threats that were being made towards Monroe and Rosalee.


Eibsbiber Woge - Bud.gif

Nick brought Bud to the precinct so he could demonstrate a woge for Wu, who was now a Kehrseite-Schlich-Kennen. Bud struggled to woge at first, but as he became emotionally flustered over the situation, Wu saw him woge into an Eisbiber. Wu collected himself and sat back down and asked Bud to do it again. As Bud was leaving the precinct, he got a call from Juliette asking her to come over to her house, so he headed off that way, unaware that he was being followed by Harold Johnson and another vehicle.

When he arrived at Juliette's, Rosalee was there as well, and she asked him to go over the list he made with Trubel along with the wedding guest list. Rosalee specifically wanted to know who John Oblinger's plus one was, and Bud told them it was Suzanne, though he didn't know her last name and that she and John had just started dating. He knew where she worked, however; he tried calling John to get more information, but he didn't pick up, so Bud left him a message that he was coming over to talk to him. He told Rosalee and Juliette that he'd call them once he spoke with John, but they decided to go to Suzanne's office because they couldn't afford to wait. As Bud got in his truck to leave, Harold Johnson, who had also followed him, punched Bud, knocking him out. He then drove off with Bud.

At Monroe's Wesenrein tribunal, Bud was brought out with a bag over his head when the Prosecutor called forth an "eye witness." The bag was removed once he was placed standing next to Monroe. Charlie Riken threatened him to testify, or else he'd die; when the Prosecutor asked him how long he'd known Monroe, he attempted to sidestep the question and started rambling. He then forgot the original question, prompting the Prosecutor to punch him.

As the trial continued, Bud continued to be questioned and was asked if he knew that Monroe was helping the Grimm hunt and kill Wesen, and Bud denied having any knowledge of this. Bud was then asked if he had personally helped the Grimm and if he had any regrets for doing so, and he admitted that he had and that his only regret was that he couldn't help Nick now. Charlie Riken then declared the trial was over as Monroe was brought forward. When Monroe was unanimously found guilty and sentenced to death, Bud futilely tried to plead with them, saying they couldn't do that to Monroe, and the bag was then placed back over his head. Once the stake was prepared, Charlie ordered Monroe to be placed on it and also ordered another Wesenrein member to cut Bud's throat, but Nick, Rosalee, Hank, Juliette, and Wu all arrived just in time at that moment. Nick stayed with Bud and freed him as everyone else chased after fleeing members of the Wesenrein. The Prosecutor tried to attack Nick, but Nick killed him quickly and removed his mask, with Bud recognizing him as his chiropractor.

Later that night, with the group together at Monroe and Rosalee's house, Bud thanked everyone for saving him, and Monroe told them how Bud had stood up to the Wesenrein members at his trial.

"You Don't Know Jack"[]

Nick, Hank, Monroe, Rosalee, and Wu decided that the best place for Adalind to stay for the time being was at Bud's house, as they thought it would be the last place Juliette would look for her. They brought Adalind to his house, and Bud assured Nick that his house was secure. Nick then introduced Adalind to him, as Bud told her that any friend of Nick's was a friend of his. Nick then explained to him the importance of nobody knowing Adalind was there, with Hank adding that not even his wife could know. Bud told them that his wife wouldn't be back with his kids for a little more than a week, as they were visiting his sister-in-law, Louise, in Ann Arbor. Bud noticed Adalind was pregnant and started to go on one of his signature ramblings about it before asking Nick what they needed him to do. Nick told him that he just needed to keep her inside his home, not answer his phone or any knocks on the door, and generally keep her safe. He then slowly gathered that Nick was the father of Adalind's unborn baby and that Nick and Juliette were not together, much to his disbelief.

Later at Bud's house, Adalind, Nick, and Hank returned, with Adalind now having had her powers and inner Hexenbiest suppressed. Bud asked Nick what happens now, and Nick told him to still keep Adalind there and that he'd find another place for her "as soon as it's done," referring to Juliette taking the same suppressant Adalind drank. Hank said that he thought he should stick around just in case, and Bud asked him, "Just in case what?" Hank responded that they didn't know, and that's why he was staying. Bud then said that was probably a good idea.


As Bud slept in his couch chair with a bat in his hands, he was suddenly awakened by Nick calling him. He quickly grabbed for the phone, and Nick told him that they needed to talk to Adalind. Bud asked what was wrong and if Nick wanted him to wake her up. Nick told him to let him wake her, and Bud then asked him how long it would take him to get there but immediately heard knocking on his door. He briefly woged in some panic and told Nick that someone was at the door, and Nick told him it was them. He opened the door for Nick and Hank, telling them that they almost made him have a heart attack. He asked what was happening and if they were in any trouble, and Hank tried to calm him down by saying everything was okay. Nick asked where Adalind was and Bud directed him towards the bedroom she was sleeping in. Bud stated he was out of breath, and Hank asked him if he was getting enough sleep. At first, Bud said he was fine, but after a disapproving look from Hank, Bud admitted he wasn't and said that he didn't know how they managed to deal with living with so much tension all the time. Hank responded, "For one thing, we don't use bats."

"Cry Havoc"[]

As Bud slept in a chair with his baseball bat on his lap, he was awakened by knocking on the door. Nick said that it was them, and he, Hank, and Trubel entered. He told Trubel that he was very happy to see her. Nick then asked him where Adalind was, who then entered the room. Nick told her about the Royals having Diana and added that they killed his mother, shocking Bud. After Bud heard Hank tell Nick that the Royals wouldn't stop and could come looking for him at Monroe and Rosalee's home, Bud said that they needed to warn them. Nick told them to bring them back to Bud's house.

As Bud drove to Monroe and Rosalee's with Trubel, he told her that it was good she came when she did because Nick really needed her. He was still in disbelief that the Royals killed Nick's mom and asked Trubel if Josh was okay, to which Trubel answered that he was. Trubel then got a call on her cell phone, which she didn't answer at first, but upon Bud urging her that it could be Nick, Trubel answered it and pretended to talk to Nick while the woman on the other end told her that she needed to talk with her and would be in touch.

Trubel and Bud then arrived at Monroe and Rosalee's house and got them up to speed on what had happened to Nick, his mom, and Diana. Bud told them that they could stay at his house, and Trubel reassured him that they'd be safe there because the Royals didn't know about her or Bud.

Back at Bud's, Monroe, Rosalee, Trubel, Adalind, and Bud discussed what had happened to Nick's mom and how Nick found her head in a box. Bud said that Nick would need them now more than ever, and they then told Trubel how Juliette had become a Hexenbiest, torched the trailer, ("Iron Hans") and almost killed Adalind and Monroe. ("Hibernaculum") ("Headache") Nick and Hank then came back to Bud's house, and as they left to infiltrate the gated compound where the Royals were, Rosalee offered to stay with Adalind and Bud just in case.

As Adalind slept and Bud kept watch, he thought he heard a noise from outside and was startled when Rosalee came up behind him and touched his shoulder. Rosalee offered to keep watch, which Bud agreed was a good idea. He then told Rosalee how he'd been thinking what would happen after Adalind had her baby, and he asked her if she thought they'd move in together. Rosalee cut him off and responded, "And get married? No." Bud was glad to hear that because he didn't think it would work, adding that he thought the "old Juliette" was so right for Nick. He then wondered what they would name the baby, and Rosalee gave him a disapproving look.

Nick, Hank, Wu, Monroe, and Trubel returned later that night from the Royals' rented compound and broke the news that they escaped with Diana in a helicopter. Bud asked if Juliette was there, and Nick said that she got away too.

Season 5[]

"The Grimm Identity"[]

He was serving Adalind breakfast when she suddenly started going into labor and told him they needed to get to the hospital immediately. Once they were there, Bud called Nick to tell him what was going on and that they were at St. Joseph's Hospital.

Nick arrived with Rosalee, and Bud greeted them and showed them to the front desk as he told them how he and Adalind barely made it to the hospital and that her water broke on the sidewalk as they were coming in. Bud struggled to tell a nurse at the front desk who Nick was and who he was there for, but the nurse eventually figured out what he was trying to say, and she got up to walk Nick and Rosalee to Adalind's delivery room. As they walked away, Bud told Nick how memorable the sounds and language that he'd hear would be.

"Wesen Nacht"[]

Bud was on his way to work when he heard about recent attacks in Portland on the news, so he went to Monroe and Rosalee's house. He told them that Ken Honeycutt had been killed and that he knew him through Ken's brother, who he went to high school with. Monroe told him that he also knew Xavier Arivaca, who had been kidnapped in the attacks the previous night as well. Bud then said, "How could somebody do something like that? I've got a bad feeling about this. I mean, a really bad feeling. I mean, a feeling so bad that it's got to mean something. Something bad."

Rosalee and Monroe called Nick to tell him that Bud and they knew some of the people who were involved in the attacks, and Bud offered to help Nick if he needed any assistance from him. He told him that Ken was one of the nicest Eisbibers you'd ever want to know, before Nick said that one of the group's marks had been found inside Xavier's bakery. Bud mistook what Nick was talking about for a Wolfsangel, and Monroe and Rosalee tried to get Bud to stop talking, but he interrupted them and told Nick that he was at Monroe and Rosalee's house, and Nick told them he and Hank were on their way over.

Once they arrived, Nick and Hank showed everyone pictures from the attacked businesses. Rosalee wondered why they'd kidnap Xavier since he was harmless, and Monroe added that he was a Hasenfussige Schnecke, whose woge Bud said was quite disturbing. Nick said that every time they had seen the claw mark, it involved Wesen, and Bud confirmed that the two people they knew that were attacked were both Wesen. Hank noted that it was Wesen who probably were responsible for the attacks, and Nick wondered why Wesen were attacking Wesen, with Monroe also asking why they were all wearing black shirts. Monroe said the motto of this revolutionary Wesen group, "Occultatum Libera," which Monroe explained to Bud meant "free the hidden." Bud asked, "Who's hidden?" and Rosalee said, "The Wesen that are using that mark." Bud noted the symbol looked like a claw mark.

Later in the spice shop, the group talked about other riots that had been caused by Wesen in the past, despite what most of society believed. Bud said the lesson to learn from this pattern repeating throughout history was to not rile up Wesen. Monroe said that the recent attacks felt like other Wesen were being made examples of by other Wesen, however, and Nick asked if Xavier had been involved in any groups. Monroe and Rosalee both highly doubted Xavier would've been involved in anything other than his bakery, and Bud said that Ken was the same way and never liked groups. Nick then got a call from Wu, who informed him that he'd found Xavier and that he was alive, albeit pretty beat up. Nick and Hank left to go see Xavier at the hospital, and Bud commented that Xavier had been luckier than Ken.

Still at the spice shop, many worried Wesen eventually showed up, significantly worried about how everyone that had been attacked was Wesen, as if they were being targeted. Rosalee tried to calm everyone down, but Bud was worried as well and asked her if Nick had found anything out about the claw mark.

Season 6[]


Expecting a normal work day at his repair shop, Bud arrived to see an apparent intruder and started panicking, but he was relieved to see that it was actually just Nick, who needed Bud's help in making some calls. Bud sensed the severity of the situation, which was confirmed when Nick told him that Renard wanted him dead. Bud was able to get Hank, Wu, Rosalee, Monroe, and Eve all together at his shop, where they spoke with Nick about what his next move should be. The general consensus among the group was that Nick might have to leave Portland, but Nick raised the point that him leaving would allow Renard to control everything, and Rosalee agreed that they couldn't afford to lose Nick. After Hank and Wu left, Bud tried to keep up with the strategizing going on and was clued in that they'd would need to find out if there was a BOLO put out on Bud's truck.

Later, the doorbell of Bud's shop rang and Bud started going into panic mode again, but Nick helped calm him down, and Bud went to go see the "customer," who Nick told Bud when he came back was actually likely an undercover cop. Nick then thought of the idea of using Bud as a diversion tactic to allow him to escape from the shop, and Nick instructed Bud to load a freezer large enough to hold a man into his truck, which he did with some help from Monroe. After loading the freezer, however, Bud saw several SERT teams pull up outside and start surrounding the shop, causing Bud to rush back inside and tell Nick they were being surrounded, before worriedly exclaiming, "We're all gonna die!"

"Trust Me Knot"[]

Bud continued to panic as Nick told everyone that the SERT teams were coming. Trubel urged everyone to take them on, and in a similar moment of panic, Monroe blurted out that Rosalee was pregnant, taking Bud, who tried his best to look at it in the moment as good news, and everyone else by surprise. Nick convinced everyone to just allow him to turn himself in after that, and the SERT teams broke in and momentarily had Nick in custody, before the SERT Team Leader took the stick from Nick's pocket, causing it to release a shock wave that knocked out the entire SERT unit. The group escaped in the SERT Team Leader's truck, before heading to a secret entrance to Nick's loft that Monroe and Rosalee had previously discovered. ("Fugitive") As they headed to look for an old furnace door per a map that Monroe had drawn, Bud worried about them being followed and about the well being of him and his family. He started to speculate that they would actually have to live in the tunnels for a while and wondered what he should tell his wife, but Nick and Trubel calmed him down and told him they'd make sure his family was alright.

As the group continued walking through the tunnels, Bud learned that Nick had been shot in a fight with Black Claw and that the stick had saved his life. ("The Beginning of the End") He also learned that Eve had nearly succumbed to a death grip ("Fugitive") and that the cloth that the stick was wrapped in had mysterious symbols on it that Eve could only see after her death grip experience. Bud noticed that Nick started to act differently after Eve convinced him to put the stick away and stop carrying it on himself for a little while, and Nick suddenly went back to get the stick. Despite Bud's pleas with Nick to put the stick back, Nick was in his own trance for a couple moments, before nearly throwing the stick back into the metal box, much to Bud's relief.

Bud and Nick eventually met up with Hank and Wu, who Bud informed about what the stick had done earlier to help them escape the SERT team. Hank and Wu told Nick and Bud that they'd charged Renard with the murder of Rachel Wood, ("Set Up") but Nick said they'd still need to get Renard to drop the charges against Nick. Bud asked if there was anything he could do, and Nick told him he'd done enough and that he could go back home.


"Bad Hair Day"[]

Part 1, "A Sore Subject"[]

Bud showed up at the spice shop to meet Monroe and Rosalee, whom Nick Burkhardt recommended he see regarding his hair loss problem. Bud asked if Rosalee had a remedy for hair loss for his "friend," and satisfied with Rosalee and Monroe's answer, he excitedly left.

Part 3, "Friendly Neighborhood Eisbiber"[]

Bud returned to thank Monroe and Rosalee for preparing the formula "for his friend."

Part 4, "Late Night Crisis"[]

Bud came into Rosalee's shop panicking because his hair (and his friend's hair) was growing out of control. Monroe and Rosalee washed the cure into his and John's hair.


Part 1, "Deep Freeze"[]

Bud was working in his shop when Sgts. Wu and Franco knocked on the door to ask if he had seen or heard anything strange that day. He replied that the only thing that had happened was that his wife had called him three times to talk about dinner that evening, but that was normal. Wu said that he was to call them if he had any problems. Bud returned to work and put his phone down on a packing case. He then heard a noise, and when he went to investigate, he was chased into a disconnected walk-in freezer by a zombie. He managed to lock the door using a wrench, but he then realized he had no phone.

Part 2. "On Hands and Knees"[]

Once the banging on the door had stopped for a while, Bud cautiously opened the door. Seeing no sign of the zombie, he crawled to where he had left his cell phone and retrieved it. He called Nick but only got his voicemail. In his exasperation, he made a sound, attracting the zombie, who chased Bud back into the freezer. Once there, Bud tried to call 911, but the call failed due to no service.

Part 3 "Tight Squeeze"[]

By opening the door a crack and holding the phone in his hand while extending his arm out the door, Bud was able to make a 911 call. He shouted his details to the operator, and then the zombie grabbed his arm. Bud fell back into the freezer and woged into his Eisbiber form so that he could bite the zombies arm, forcing it to release him so he could re-lock the door.

When he heard voices outside, he opened the door to see Wu and Franco, and just as he introduced himself, the zombie attacked. All three retreated into the freezer, where Wu called for backup on his radio. Bud said that he was surprised that the radio worked, because his phone didn't.

Part 4 "Dance with the Dämmerzustand"[]

He was telling a story about Peru when Wu heard something outside. When Wu opened the door in response to Hank's call, he ensured that he was behind the officers while Hank dealt with the zombie.


Bud is a stereotypical Eisbiber. He's kind, friendly, mostly cheerful, naturally timid, and cowardly. He is always very polite, though this is partially due to fear of offending others. He has a lot of friends, mostly fellow Eisbiber. Although still a coward, unlike most Eisbiber, he dislikes this trait and has tried to overcome it on occasion. He is normally cheerful, but he is prone to panicking in tense situations, resulting in him having trouble controlling his woge at times. He takes a slight leadership role amongst his Eisbiber friends. He also seems to take pride in working with and being trusted by Nick and Nick's friends. When he was faced with being put on trial by the Wesenrein and was directly asked if he had helped Nick, Bud stated that he had and that his only regret was that he couldn't help Nick now. Overall, Bud is a nice and harmless man who cares deeply for his friends and family.

As a result of his many friendships and his garrulous nature, Bud has both let things slip, which have caused problems for Nick and his friends, and he has retrieved vital information, sometimes in regard to the same incident.


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  • (To John Oblinger): "Yeah, well, I never thought I'd say this, but for the first time in my life, I'm ashamed to be an Eisbiber." ("Leave It to Beavers")
  • (About to be branded by Ryan Smulson): "If you think I'm going to stop screaming while you're doing that, you're crazy. Not that I mean to criticize." ("The Hour of Death")
  • (To Monroe about woging in front of Juliette despite her relationship with Nick): "I mean, she's with, you know, and he's... he's been very clear about... You know, and we just can't... you know." ("The Waking Dead")
  • (To Joe): "I'll tell you what's gonna happen. The next time you tell somebody about something you shouldn't tell them about, you're gonna shut up before you tell them!" ("Cry Luison")
  • (After woging): "Oh, no. I prematured again." ("Tribunal")
  • (To Charlie Riken and the Secundum Naturae Ordinem Wesen): "The only regret I have is that I can't help him [(Nick)] now, because boy, would he have a field day here!" ("Tribunal")
  • (After Nick knocks out the Prosecutor): "Oh, my God. It's my chiropractor." ("Tribunal")
  • (To Hank): "I don't know how you guys do it, living with all this tension all the time." ("Headache")
  • (To Monroe and Rosalee about the recent Black Claw attacks): "How could somebody do something like that? I've got a bad feeling about this. I mean, a really bad feeling. I mean, a feeling so bad that it's got to mean something. Something bad." ("Wesen Nacht")