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Brenda Braxton
506-News Anchor Brenda Braxton
Actor: Brenda Braxton
Gender: Female
Type: Human
Relationships: Reporter, colleague
Status: Living
Job: News reporter

Brenda Braxton is a TV reporter for KGW who first appeared in "Big Feet".


Season 1Edit

"Big Feet"Edit

She reported that the bigfoot rumors turned out to be false.

Season 3Edit

"El Cucuy"Edit

She reported the news of the robbery and attack at the store Andres Venegas was working at.

Season 4Edit

"You Don't Know Jack"Edit

She was present at a press conference that Sean Renard and the mayor of Portland were holding on homicides that appeared to be committed in the style of the notorious killer, Jack the Ripper.

Season 5Edit

"Wesen Nacht"Edit

She reported on site where the attacks on Xavier Arivaca and Ken Honeycutt's stores took place.

"The Believer"Edit

She moderated the political debate on television between Sean Renard and Steven Gallagher.

"Bad Night"Edit

She reported throughout the day of the mayoral election, urging Portlanders to vote. Voters ended up turning out in record numbers, and while the election was a close race early on, it turned out to be a landslide victory for Renard over Gallagher.

Season 6Edit

"Oh Captain, My Captain"Edit

She was one of the reporters who came to the precinct to ask Renard, who was actually Nick in disguise, about his statements regarding abdicating the Portland mayorship and the manhunt for Nick Burkhardt.



  • Brenda Braxton was the first eponymous character to appear on Grimm. Her name was first said in "Wesen Nacht".
  • Brenda Braxton really is a long-time journalist and reporter for KGW News in Portland; at the time of her first appearance on Grimm, she was a 23-year veteran of the station, having first joined KGW in 1989.

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