Opening Quote: "Sleep is good, death is better; but of course, the best thing would to have never been born at all." – Heinrich Heine

Scene: Dan Wells returns to the Englewood Hotel.

Scott: Hey, Dan, let's try and keep it down in your room. I'm tired of getting calls, you hear me? You hear me, Dan? No more calls. Oy.
[Dan heads upstairs to his floor]
Laura: [She steps outside her door] Hey. [She follows Dan to his door] You did it again. People are trying to sleep here, Dan. Yeah, you keep this up, and you're gonna end up back out on the street.
[Dan goes into his room]
Laura: [She heads back to her room and looks back at Mr. Lynk in his wheelchair at the end of the hall] What are you looking at, old man? [She goes inside and slams her door]
[Dan locks all the locks on his door and puts a chair up against the door knob. He pours out large chains onto his bed and makes sure a window is locked before looking in his closet and under his bed. Dan then uses a hammer and nails to put the chains over the windows. He gets ready for bed, but hears the floor creek in his closet causing him to gasp so he checks it out after grabbing the hammer. He finds nothing out of the ordinary so he gets into bed, still holding the hammer. Later in the night, an Alpe belches a green gas that Dan breathes in, causing him to wake up, but paralyzed, while the Alpe feeds]

Scene: Nick goes into the tunnel.

[Eve opens her eyes as Nick goes in, and she follows him. Nick takes pictures of Eve's drawings as Eve climbs down the ladder]
Nick: Didn't mean to wake ya.
Eve: I don't sleep that much anyway.
Nick: Do you remember why you did this?
Eve: I just remember I had to.
Nick: Diana could see it too?
Eve: Yeah, Diana could see more symbols on the cloth than I could.
Nick: This has gotta be related to the stick.
Eve: Do you think the seven Grimm Crusaders knew what they had?
Nick: That's probably why they buried it. The answers must be right in front of us.

Scene: Dan finally becomes unparalyzed in the morning.

Dan: [He quickly gets up and flips his mattress. He goes over to one of the windows, checking the chain] No, no! No, no-no-no-no-no-no, not again. Not again, this is impossible. [He has distressed breathing before going to the door, removing the chair, unlocking the locks and exiting his room] This is impossible, this is impossible.
Laura: [She steps out of her room] I warned you, Dan! I told you what would happen! [She goes back into her room]
[Mr. Lynk continues to sit in his wheelchair at the end of the hall, watching]
Dan: [He walks away from the hotel, blubbering] How did he get in there? Maybe it was... It had to be the door. It had to be the door. There's no other way, right? I mean, there is no other way!
Michael: Hey, sir, excuse me. [He walks behind Dan]
Dan: I'm such an idiot. I should've nailed the door shut.
Michael: Hey, sir.
Dan: I should-what- [He stops and turns around]
Michael: Do you need help? Is there someone I could call for you? Listen, it's gonna be okay. I work at a shelter. I could take you there. You could get a warm meal and some sleep.
Dan: You want me to sleep?
Michael: I want you to be safe.
Dan: It's you, isn't it?
Michael: What?
Dan: How-how did you get into my room?
Michael: Your room?
Dan: How did you get into my room? [He knocks Michael to the ground]
Michael: What are you doing?
Dan: Huh? [He screams as he repeatedly slams Michael's head against the pavement] How? [He repeatedly hits Michael]

Scene: Nick, Eve, Monroe, and Rosalee work on deciphering the cloth symbols.

Monroe: First time we translated the cloth at least there were letters with recognizable Latin roots.
Rosalee: And only two words.
[Monroe sighs]
Rosalee: You carved all this into the walls?
Eve: Yes.
Monroe: Okay, I think this one is Sumerian, and this one is Aztec-I mean Mayan.
Rosalee: Some of these don't have any correlation to ancient texts.
Nick: But it is some kind of language.
Rosalee: Or languages.
Monroe: Yeah, if you speak hodgepodge. This appears to be alphabetic, logographic, symbolic, syllabic. I mean, we need our own Rosetta Stone to crack this mess.
Eve: It has to mean something.
Monroe: Wait a minute. I think I know this- Seven. It's ancient. Seven stars. It's gotta be the Pleiades.
Rosalee: The constellation. [She goes to her laptop]
Monroe: Yeah. The Pleiades was a-was a cluster of seven stars that held significance for literally every ancient civilization you can think of. The Aztecs, the Celts, the Greeks, obviously. It's usually associated with times of mourning. [He grabs a book]
Eve: Like sunrise morning?
Monroe: No, no. Dead mourning, as in, you know, cemeteries, Halloween, Day of the Dead. The reason we hold festivals celebrating the dead in the fall is because between the autumnal equinox and the winter solstice, these seven stars rise as the sun sets.
Nick: Seven stars, seven Grimm Crusaders.
Rosalee: Seven keys.
Monroe: Lucky seven, except-I mean, maybe not so much in this case.
Rosalee: You know, when I was a teen, I used to wish upon the first star I saw at night.
Eve: What did you wish for?
Rosalee: Oh, a way out of my messed-up life.
Nick: Well, I think we all wished for that.
Monroe: Didn't do much good, did it?
Eve: Not really.
Nick and Rosalee: No.
Rosalee: Well, except for that last wish. [She looks at Monroe] That one came true. [She smiles]
Nick: So... we have exactly one symbol that we recognize.
Rosalee: I wouldn't call that much of a translation.
Eve: It's a start.

Scene: Nick arrives at the precinct.

Nick: Hey.
Hank: So... how's it going with the new roommate?
Nick: A little strange.
Hank: I can imagine.
Nick: That is not what I'm talking about. [He takes out his phone] She, uh, she drew this in the tunnels. [He tosses his phone in front of Hank to show Hank the pictures he took]
Hank: Eve drew this?
Nick: Scratched it into the wall and ceiling while in some kind of trance.
Hank: [He sighs] Yeah, that's kind of strange. [He gives Nick his phone back] She say why she did that?
Nick: She only sort of remembers doing it. I showed Monroe and Rosalee. Monroe said this one is the constellation Pleiades.
Hank: And what is it? Some kind of map of the universe? [His phone rings]
Nick: That's one possibility.
Hank: [He answers his phone] Wu. Yeah, we're at the precinct. Northwest Park and Couch. Got it. Yeah, we'll be there. [He hangs up] Got a fun one. Someone woke up in a bad mood, smashed a guy's head into the pavement.
Nick: You're happy about this?
Hank: No, but I'll take a cold-blooded murder over an unsolvable ancient riddle about the universe any day. The only Big Bang Theory I wanna deal with is the one from a gun.

Scene: Nick and Hank meet with Wu at the crime scene.

[Police radio chatter]
Wu: Hey.
Nick: Who's our vic?
Wu: The winner for Good Samaritan of the year. Michael Sobek, 34, volunteers at a nearby shelter. Eyewitnesses say he was attempting to help a man in distress, screaming that someone was trying to kill him. The screamer attacked Mr. Sobek and did, well, that.
[After Nick and Hank look at the body, Hank signals for CSU to cover the body up]
Nick: We know anything about our killer?
Wu: Fled the scene on foot. Uh, perp is described as white male, late 30s, early 40s, slender, disheveled, wearing only a white tank and boxer shorts.
Hank: Any idea which way he went?
Wu: One of the witnesses followed him around the block, and down the street, but lost him in the traffic. We set up a ten-block perimeter.
Nick: He have any weapons on him?
Wu: None reported-witnesses say it was all by hand.
Officer Welsh: [He walks up] We just got a call. A man matching the suspect's description was seen entering the Englewood Hotel.
Hank: I know it. Four blocks over.

Scene: Nick, Hank, Wu, and other officers quickly drive to the hotel, and Nick and Hank go in.

Scott: Oh, hey, I was just about to call you guys.
Hank: Anybody walk through here just wearing underwear in the last 15 minutes?
Scott: That would be Dan. He's a mess.
Nick: Dan have a last name?
Scott: Yeah, Wells, he just came in screaming about something, ran upstairs to his room, and locked the door.
Nick: What's his room number?
Scott: 308.
[Nick heads upstairs]
Hank: How man rooms on that floor?
Scott: Um, ten.
Hank: How many are occupied?
Scott: All of them, but the guests aren't in at this time of day.
[Hank follows Nick upstairs as Wu comes into the hotel. Upstairs, Nick and Hank hear hammering]
Nick: The hell's going on?
Hank: It sounds like a hammering.
Laura: Hey, are you the police? Oh, thank God, someone finally called you. That man never sleeps!
Nick: Ma'am, you need to get in your apartment and lock the door.
Laura: Ooh, what's happening?
Hank: Now, ma'am.
[Laura goes inside]
Nick: [He knocks on Dan's door] Dan Wells, Portland PD! We're gonna need you to open the door.
Hank: Dan, if you don't open the door, we're gonna break it down.
Dan: If-if I let you in, it'll get me.
Nick: Dan, it's just me and my partner.
Dan: No-no-no-no-no, I can't open this door. I-I-I don't know how it gets in, but it does.
[Nick signals for Wu and another officer, who is carrying a battering ram, to come over]
Hank: Last chance, Dan. Open the door.
Dan: You-you-you don't understand, it'll kill me!
[The officer starts smashing through the door. Dan picks up a chair, but puts it down as Nick comes in, gun drawn. Hank then follows Nick in]
Dan: No-no-no, no, no-no-no-no. No, he'll come for me! He'll come for you! He won't let you sleep!
Hank: Calm down, calm down. No one's gonna hurt you.
Dan: [He is handcuffed] No, you can't hide from him! He finds you wherever you are! [He's led out of the room by Wu and the other officer] Please! Please, no!
Nick: He's afraid of something getting in here.
Hank: I think whatever it is is in his head, and it may be a little late to nail that shut.
Nick: So you're thinking this is just mental?
Hank: [He chuckles] Nah. We're never just thinking that.
[Nick looks at the chain on one of the windows]
Hank: But one could always hope. We know he's our killer. What are we looking for?
Nick: A reason. [He and Hank leave the room, and he notices Mr Lynk still sitting in his wheelchair, watching]

Scene: Nick and Hank talk with Scott Mudgett.

Scott: I don't really know much about anybody that stays here. I really don't wanna ask. They really don't wanna tell. This is not exactly the deLuxe.
[Hank chuckles]
Nick: Well, how long has Wells stayed here?
Scott: Uh, about two months. You know, I didn't have a problem with him at first, then he kinda got weirder and weirder. I think he stopped taking his meds, or he started taking something he shouldn't.
Hank: Do you know if he was using drugs?
Scott: Uh, no, I mean, I didn't see it, but, you know, he acted like he did sometimes.
Nick: Do you have that previous address?
Scott: Yes, actually I do. Uh, another hotel, The Jensen.
Hank: Also not the deLuxe.
Nick: Do you know if anybody's threatened Wells?
Scott: I don't think anybody in the hotel did. Out-outside, who knows?
Nick: Well, did you know that his door and his windows were completely nailed shut?
Scott: [He sighs] Crap, I know he was making a lot of noise. I didn't know that's what he was doing. Eddie! Eddie, Eddie, get out here, I need you.
Eddie: [He comes out of the back room] Yeah, what is it?
Scott: Uh, we got a problem in 308. The idiot nailed shut his windows and doors. Go take care—
Hank: [He stops Eddie] Nobody goes in that room until we're done with the investigation.
Eddie: Okay.
Scott: Yeah, yeah, yeah, um, that's what I meant.
Hank: Thank you. [He and Nick start to walk away]
Eddie: I'll be around.
Nick: Actually, the... the guy in the wheelchair.
Scott: Mm-hmm.
Nick: Did he have any contact with Wells that you know of?
Scott: Mr. Lynk? Spelled with a Y, by the way. First name Charles. Been here since before anybody can remember. He don't make contact with anybody, as far as I know. [He whispers] No one's ever heard him speak.
Nick: Thank you.

Scene: Renard arrives at his office and sighs after closing the door.

Renard: [He sighs again as he opens his briefcase and starts taking things out. He then hears an item clatter and he turns around] Meisner? Meisner, are you here? Look, don't play games with me. I'm tired of this.
[Anselmo Baledin opens Renard's office door and walks into the office, closing the door behind him]
Renard: I'm sorry, do I know you?
Anselmo: We've spoken on the phone. I am Anselmo Baledin.
Renard: What are you doing here?
Anselmo: It's important that we talk, now that Bonaparte is dead, and you've killed your political career.
Renard: Look, I told you. The Grimm was responsible.
Anselmo: You also told us you can handle the Grimm. Instead he seems to have handled you quite well.
Renard: Well, he had help.
Anselmo: So did you.
Renard: Yes, but the help he had was much better than what I had.
Anselmo: I'm here to clean up your mistakes.
Renard: What exactly does that mean?
Anselmo: Our goals have not changed. We want you to pick up where we left off.
Renard: You mean with everyone dead?
Anselmo: Except you. You were the sole survivor. You said the Grimm killed Bonaparte. How do you know this? Were you there?
Renard: I was there. The Grimm should be dead, but he's not. Like I told you, he's being protected by something very powerful.
Anselmo: And that's the part I'm having a hard time understanding.
Renard: Oh, well, maybe you could understand this. I'm done taking orders, I'm done with Black Claw, [He opens the door] and I'm done with you. You were right, it, uh... it was important that we talk.
[Anselmo leaves and Renard closes the door]

Scene: Eve, Monroe, and Rosalee continue to work on figuring out what the symbols mean.

Eve: If these seven dots represent the constellation Pleiades, could some of the other symbols represent other constellations?
Monroe: Okay. This is the Babylonian symbol for the Pleiades, which means these two would be Taurus and Orion.
Rosalee: Then it's possible this could be some kind of map of the universe?
Monroe: I mean, it totally makes sense. Ancient civilizations charted the stars for all kinds of reasons. Religion, cartography, you know, timing the harvest based on what constellations were visible.
Eve: So maybe it could be an ancient calendar.
Monroe: A calendar of when?

Scene: Nick looks up Dan Wells' police record.

Nick: Dan Wells has no criminal record to speak of. He's been cited for public intoxication and vagrancy a couple times, but never anything violent.
Hank: [On the phone] Yeah, I'm still here. Uh, how long has Mr. Wells been on welfare? Uh-huh. No-no-no, that's good for now. Thank you. [He hangs up] According to Housing Authority, Dan's been living on general relief and hotel vouchers.
Nick: So... Wells didn't know the victim. There's no motive that we know of.
Hank: But he nailed his windows and his doors shut, because he was scared someone or some thing could break in.
Nick: And yet, to date, no record of mental illness?
Hank: How does this guy have no record of mental health issues?
Nick: Because whatever happened to him probably just started.
Hank: Yeah, people do have breakdowns.
Nick: Especially when they first encounter Wesen.
Hank: Yeah, let's go ask him.

Scene: Nick and Hank talk with Dan in an interrogation room.

Hank: Do you know why you're here, Dan?
Nick: Do you remember being attacked?
Hank: Why did you nail the windows and door shut?
Dan: What else could I do?
Hank: We're here to help. What are you afraid of?
Dan: Sleeping.
Nick: Why?
Dan: Because that's when it gets me. That's why you can't sleep. You can never sleep, never.
Hank: What gets you, Dan?
Dan: I don't know what it is, but when it's there, I can't move.
Hank: You're paralyzed?
Dan: I said I can't move at all. But I see it, and it's big, and it comes for me with its disgusting breath, its huge mouth full of... not teeth exactly.
Nick: Then what?
Dan: [He starts having flashbacks of the Alpe, and stands up and screams]
Nick: Hey. Hey, hey. Take it easy.
Hank: It never can hurt you in here. [He and Nick try to calm Dan down]
Nick: Hey.
[Dan kicks Nick away]
Nick: We're gonna need a chemical restrain in here!
[Dan headbutts Hank and Hank punches Dan, causing him to fall to his knees]
Nick: Or that.

Scene: Monroe, Rosalee, and Eve start to associate symbols to various calendars.

Monroe: I am pretty sure this is a piece of the Sumerian calendar.
Rosalee: I think this one is associated with the Mayan calendar.
Eve: So how did the Sumerians get mixed up with the Mayans? That's two different continents, two very different cultures, two different times.
Monroe: Yeah. I mean, the Mayans and the Sumerians are, like, 3,000 years apart, give or take a century or two.
Rosalee: Unless they're connected in a way we don't understand.
Monroe: What do you mean, like wormhole-connected?
Rosalee: Yeah, why not?
[Nick and Hank walk downstairs]
Rosalee: Hey.
Eve: Hi.
Nick: Having any luck?
Eve: We think this might be an ancient calendar.
Nick: So... this is a calendar? [He holds up a drawing of all the symbols]
Monroe: Here's the deal. We're thinking that, if this is a map of the stars, right? And some of these symbols are constellations, maybe a reason to map them out this way is to tell time.
Eve: What if this was some event a very long time ago? And that might tell us where the stick came from.
Hank: That would be good to know.
Nick: That would, but it's not why we're here.
Monroe: You looking for a Wesen?
Nick: Have you ever heard of a Wesen with a big mouth, strange teeth?
Hank: And it paralyzes you in bed.
Rosalee: Hmm, does it have bad breath?
Nick: That's what he said.
Monroe: That sounds like an Alpe.
Hank: An Alp? Like a Swiss Mountain Alp?
Monroe: No, different kinda Alp. Alpe, with an E. I got this in one of my books. [He goes to get the book] According to Germanic folklore, Alpen are responsible for sleep paralysis and insomnia. Here it is. Check this out. When I was a teenager, a lot of my family still lived in Germany, and I was spending the summer with my great-aunt Ada. She was always a little loopy, which is why she was my favorite aunt, but her mental state had begun to seriously decline. And we didn't know this until later, but the reason Ada was going mad was because of an Alpe. [He shows everyone an Alpe picture in his book]
Nick: These are definitely not teeth. [He turns the page]
Monroe: Yeah, I don't know if there's a word for them, but, uh, I know what they do. They get inside your head, and feed.
Eve: On what?
Monroe: Well, they feed on your sleep. Basically, they steal it. I mean, with good reason, because Alpen go insane if they don't feed nightly on the proteins our brains create during REM sleep. But if the feeding goes on for, like, a few too many nights, then it eventually makes their victims go crazy, like my Aunt Ada.
Hank: How does these Alpen find their next victims?
Monroe: Melatonin, lots of it. And the heavier the sleeper, the more melatonin. An Alpen can sense that. It's like a drug addict with a drug.
Nick: Why would an Alpe keep attacking the same victim?
Rosalee: Because when the body's overcompensating, the brain produces even more melatonin when it's not sleeping. Where was this victim attacked?
Nick: The Englewood Hotel.
Hank: And how it got in that room, we know not.
Monroe: Well, a hotel makes sense. Lots of sleeping victims to choose from.
Nick: So it could be anyone in that hotel.
Monroe: Or who has access to the rooms.

Scene: Nick and Hank try to figure out who the Alpe could be.

Nick: Over 35 people staying at the Englewood Hotel the night before Dan attacked our victim, not including the manager or the maintenance man.
Hank: Well, anyone of them can be an Alpe, but how can we justify dragging them in for questioning if it's about eating sleep?
Nick: But Wells nailed his windows and doors shut. How did this Alpe get in?
Hank: Well, maybe the Alpe was in there, and Dan didn't know it.
Nick: Not that big a room.
Hank: Oh, listen to this. In 1954, a long-term guest killed a maid. That one was linked to psychosis, but there have been several problems since then, including six suicides and three murders.
Nick: So what are we thinking? This Alpe has been using the Englewood Hotel as a buffet for the last 60 years?
Hank: Hey, what was the name of the old guy? The one in the wheelchair?
Nick: Lynk, with a Y, Charles.
Hank: The-the manager said he had been in the hotel a long time.
Nick: [He pulls up Mr. Lynk's police record] There it is. Middle name: Herring. No record.
Hank: That doesn't mean he's not a Wesen.
Wu: [He walks up] Got your info on the once lovely Englewood Hotel, owned by Beverly Garwood. According to this, she lives in L.A.
Nick: You have a number?
Wu: No, it's my first day on the job.
[Hank chuckles]
Wu: She is in the 323. [He gives Nick his laptop with the phone number on it]
[Nick calls Beverly Garwood]
Beverly: [Answering her phone] Hello?
Nick: Beverly Garwood.
Beverly: Yes?
Nick: This is Detective Burkhardt from the Portland Police. We're checking on a property you own here, The Englewood Hotel.
Beverly: What's this about?
Nick: One of your guests was involved in a murder yesterday.
Beverly: Oh, my God, on the property?
Nick: No.
Beverly: Well, how can I help you?
Nick: We're looking for a little background information on a couple of the employees, Scott Mudgett and Eddie Holmes. You know them?
Beverly: [She sighs] I don't manage the property on a day-to-day basis. I inherited it from my grandfather. I can't tell you much about them, except that they keep the place running. It's not what it once was.
Nick: Well, have you ever had any problems there?
Beverly: What do you mean?
Nick: There seem to have been a few violent incidents over the years.
Beverly: That happens in every hotel. Is there something out of the ordinary?
Nick: No. Thank you for your time.
Beverly: Feel free to call me if there's anything I can do.
[The call ends]
Wu: She was a big help.
Hank: We still don't know how the Alpe got in Dan's room, 'cause his place was a fortress.
Wu: These things can't walk through walls... can they?

Scene: The Alpe attacks Laura Driscoll.

Scene: On his way out of the precinct, Renard comes across Meisner sitting on a bench.

Meisner: I'm not here to haunt you.
Renard: Really? Then why don't you go wherever it is you go?
Meisner: Well, you might wanna reconsider conversing with someone no one else can see.
[Renard looks around and when looks back at where Meisner was sitting, he is gone. Renard walks a little ways down the hallway]
Meisner: I believe they're going to kill you.
Renard: Who?
Meisner: Two men waiting by your car.
Renard: Why you telling me this?
Meisner: You trust me?

Scene: Anselmo Baledin and another man wait with guns in hand for Renard in the parking garage.

[Meisner comes up from behind the man and waves his hand in front of the man's face, causing the man to not be able to see anything. Renard then sneaks up on Anselmo and kills him. Meisner makes it so the other man can see again, and as soon as he regains his vision, Renard shoots him]
Renard: You saved my life. Why?
Meisner: This time, you chose the right side, Sean. [He turns around and starts walking away]
Renard: Are we done?
[Meisner continues walking away, but gestures goodbye to Renard before disappearing]

Scene: Laura Driscoll finally regains the ability to move again.

Laura: [She falls out of bed] Oh, my God. [She struggles to get to her door, but manages to open it] Oh, my God. [She stands up and runs out of her room to the stairs, but trips and falls over the railing to her death]

Scene: Nick and Hank meet Wu at the Englewood Hotel.

Wu: It's Laura Driscoll, room 305, across the hall from Dan Wells.
Scott: I don't know what happened. I really don't know why you guys are here. I mean, uh, you know, she tripped, she fell. These things happen.
Nick: What? Nobody saw it? Uh, no.
Scott: I mean, we just heard a scream, and then she fell.
Nick: And who found the body?
Scott: Uh, maintenance man, Eddie.
Wu: We got him in the office. I'll get him. [He walks away]
Hank: She's not dressed to go out. She ever wander the halls in her pajamas before?
Scott: Hey, guys, I don't stay up all night. The guests are gonna do what they do.
Nick: How long has she been staying here?
Scott: About three months.
[Wu returns with Eddie]
Hank: You found the body?
Eddie: Yeah, I was, uh, covering the front desk when I heard the scream. I didn't think much of it at first, you know. You get that down here. But then...
Hank: Anyone else around?
Eddie: No, it was pretty early. About 6:00 this morning.
Nick: Let's go check out her room. [He and Hank go upstairs, and he notices Mr. Lynk still watching]
Hank: Other than the bedding on the floor, no signs of a struggle.
Nick: Well, the windows are locked. At least there're no chains or nails this time.
Hank: When I checked the door, no sign of forced entry.
Nick: Then why did she run out of her room?
Hank: Dan Wells was gone. Maybe she was the Alpe's next meal.
Nick: Well, if she was, how is this Alpe getting in?
Hank: I don't know, but I got the manager on my list.
Nick: Looks like this window was nailed shut before.
Hank: All we got now is an accident.
Nick: We need to catch this Alpe in the act.

Scene: Nick and Hank talk with Monroe at the spice shop.

Nick: So, we think the Alpe is using the Englewood Hotel as its own personal cafeteria. We need someone to spend one night in there, so that we can catch it the next time it strikes.
Monroe: Right, and it can't be either of you guys, since you've both been there as cops, which is why you're looking at me.
Rosalee: [She walks into the room] I don't want him getting hurt.
Monroe: I'm in complete agreement with her on that.
Nick: Well, there will be a camera inside the room, and he will be wearing a wire.
Hank: And we'll be right outside.
Monroe: Look, just think of it as payback for Aunt Ada.
Rosalee: I guess.
Monroe: The only problem is, Alpen are attracted to heavy sleepers, which I am not.
Nick: Well, melatonin is the chemical in the brain that makes you sleep, right?
Rosalee: That's why your brain produces it.
Hank: You can take melatonin. Couldn't you give him a little boost?
Rosalee: I can give him a big boost, but I'm still concerned about that whole paralysis thing.
Monroe: It's never gonna get that far. Nick and Hank will be there the second the Alpe walks in the room. Right?
Nick and Hank: Yes.
Nick: We will be monitoring Monroe from the second he steps foot in that hotel.
Rosalee: I'm not sleeping a wink until you get home.
Monroe: That's very sweet. Now how do we get enough melatonin in me?
[Rosalee takes out a large syringe]
Monroe: Okay.

Scene: Nick, Hank, and Monroe pull up near the hotel.

[They all get out of the car]
Hank: Okay. Be sure to set up the camera so you have a view of the whole room. [He hands Monroe a camera]
Monroe: Got it.
Nick: And the only way you're gonna be able to hear us is with this earbud, but don't put it in until you're in the room. [He hands Monroe and earbud]
Hank: And here's your Housing Authority voucher.
Nick: We see or hear anything, we're coming in.
Monroe: Good.
Nick: Sure you're ready?
Monroe: If I don't get into that hotel room pretty soon, I'm gonna fall asleep in the lobby. [He heads to the hotel]
[Nick and Hank get back in the car and Monroe walks up to Scott to check in]
Scott: Need a room?
Monroe: [Yawning] Yeah. [He gives Scott his voucher]
Scott: Just one night?
Monroe: It's all I need. Just passing through.
Scott: Name, previous address if you have one, checkout's 11:00.
[Monroe fills out his information]
Scott: [He gives Monroe a room key] 305. We have an elevator, but it's not working.
Monroe: [Yawning] Thank you. [He goes upstairs and before he unlocks his door, he notices Mr. Lynk. He then goes into his room] Wow. [He puts his earbud in] Well, I'm in room 305.
Nick: All right, lock the door and windows, set the camera, and go to bed.
Monroe: [Yawning] Doing it now. [He locks the door] Door locked. [He locks the first window] Window locked. [He locks the second window] Window locked. [He takes the camera out of his bag and turns it on] All right, so... this is the room. Um, it is-it-I mean, palatial. I'm gonna put the camera right here on the dresser across from the bed, so you can't miss me. [He turns the light on the dresser off] Can you see me?
Hank: Loud and clear.
Monroe: [Yawning] I'm going to bed. [He pulls the blankets back on the bed] Whoa. No, I'm not. Not in there.
[Nick and Hank chuckle]
Monroe: [He groans as he lays on top of the bed] Boy, I hope this works fast, because this is a really uncomfortable bed. [He turns of the bedside table light] Can you still see me?
Nick: Yeah, we got ya.
Monroe: All right. [He groans in disgust]

Scene: Hank returns to the car with coffee for him and Nick while Monroe sleeps.

Hank: [He sighs] Anything?
Nick: Nothing yet.
[Scott locks the hotel door]
Hank: This reminds me of some foreign films my second wife used to drag me to, except this one has a better plot.
[The camera falls]
Nick: What's going on?
Hank: Something's in there. [He and Nick quickly run to the hotel]
[Inside Monroe's room, the Alpe belches it's gas, paralyzing Monroe. The Alpe then climbs on top of Monroe as Nick and Hank try to get into the hotel, but can't due to the door being locked]
Hank: Back up!
[Right before the Alpe can do anything to Monroe, Hank shoots the door, shattering the glass, and he and Nick quickly go inside. Hank kicks in Monroe's door, but the Alpe is already gone]
Hank: Monroe!
Nick: Where'd it go? Monroe, [He pulls Monroe up] can you move?
Hank: Camera got knocked over. They had to have come from behind the dresser.
Nick: Check behind it.
Hank: [He knocks on the wall] It's hollow.
Nick: Looks like it's attached to the wall. [He and Nick pull on the dresser, revealing a hole in the wall behind it] Some kind of passage way.
Hank: If he went out this way, we've gotta go in. [He goes inside the passage way]
Nick: We'll be back.
[Monroe tries to talk]
Nick: It's getting away. We gotta go.
[Monroe tries to talk again]
Nick: [He looks at Monroe] Ah! [He goes into the passage way]
Monroe: [Strained] Don't leave me like this! [He slowly falls back, until he is laying down again]
[Nick and Hank make their way through the passage way, and see Scott exiting into a room from behind another dresser. Nick and Hank chase him down the hall, and Scott tries to close a room door, but Hank runs into the door, knocking Scott backwards. Scott stands up and woges into a Hundjäger]
Nick: Yeah, Hundjäger.
Scott: Huh? [He attacks Nick and Hank, and get hits on them both before Nick breaks his neck. He then retracts]
Hank: Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought we were after an Alpe.
Monroe: Hank. Hank!
Nick: In here. So I guess you were trying to tell us that he was a Hundjäger.
Monroe: What?
Nick: Scott. The manager.
Monroe: I didn't see any Hundjäger. Dude, I saw an Alpe. God. Where is he?
Nick: There's gotta be another passageway. [He and Hank find another hole behind the dresser in the room]
[Nick, Hank, and Monroe all go inside]
Nick: [He is able to hear rumbling in the distance] I hear him. [He leads the way until they comes across some stairs]
Hank: Well, we've come this far.
[They go up the stairs and come out from behind a dresser into a much nicer room compared to the rest]
Monroe: This is a welfare hotel?
Beverly: [She walks into the room] Oh, my God. Who are you? What are you doing here? I'm calling the police.
[Nick shows Beverly his badge and she sees Hank's badge around his neck]
Monroe: I left mine at home.
Nick: Beverly Garwood. [He puts his badge away]
Hank: So you don't live in Los Angles after all.
Beverly: What do you want?
Monroe: Little payback for my Great Aunt Ada.
Beverly: Huh?
Monroe: [He sniffs intensely] Oh, yeah. You're the Alpe. [He woges]
[Beverly woges into an Alpe in response, but Nick steps in front of Monroe before either of them does anything else. Both Monroe and Beverly retract]
Beverly: Oh, my God, you're a Grimm.
Nick: So you can see. We kinda have a problem.
Beverly: Don't talk to me about problems. You don't know what it's like to live without any sleep. Besides, what would you charge me with? Being an Alpe? I didn't kill anyone. I suggest you leave.
Nick: [He starts walking closer to Beverly] The way I see it, Beverly, you have two choices. One, you sell the hotel, you give all the proceeds to local homeless shelters, and you leave Portland forever.
Beverly: I don't think so. What's the other?
Nick: As you said, [He tosses his badge to Hank] I am a Grimm. [He hands his gun to Hank also] One less Alpe in the world? Who's gonna lose any sleep over that?
Beverly: [She stares at Nick] I'll call my real estate agent first thing in the morning. [She acts like she is going to walk away, but woges and tries to attack Nick, but he moves out of the way and she hits her head on the edge of a table, and dies]
Monroe: Hmm.
[Beverly retracts]
Monroe: Well, like the man said, life is a nightmare that prevents one from sleeping, so... sleep well.

Scene: Mr. Lynk starts manically laughing and woges into an Unnamed Red Herring-like Wesen.

Scene: Rosalee and Eve try to figure out what date the calendar marks.

Eve: You know how the Mayan calendar ended in 2012?
Rosalee: Mm-hmm.
Eve: Well, the problem is, you can't predict specific years from the stars, because they don't actually move, but if we could map the position of the planets in our solar system, wouldn't we be able to figure it out?
Rosalee: You mean, because our planets will never be in the exact same alignment ever again?
[Eve nods]
Rosalee: You know, I actually have a program that could roughly calculate the date based on planet position. [She opens the program on her laptop] Okay. Cool, that's our solar system. There's Earth. Now if we can just try to match the drawing on the cloth with our planet's position. [She opens an image of the cloth drawings] I'll match it with today's date, and work backwards from there. [She runs the program]
Eve: Is it working?
Rosalee: Not really. The farther back I go, the more out of alignment it gets.
Eve: Maybe it isn't a calendar after all.
Rosalee: Wait, hold up, let me try it again.
Eve: That looks right.
Rosalee: Oh. No, I went way too far forward.
Eve: No, what do you mean? It matches.
Rosalee: Yeah, but that's not in the past, that's in the future. March 24th.
Eve: So it is a calendar.
Rosalee: I think it is. Over something that hasn't happened yet?


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