Hi, new fan here who just recently finished the series a couple of days ago lol.

I came searching for answers cuz I was really unsatisfied with the end ship and I am quite amused by how much I am seeing a 50/50 likeness of fans here on which pairing they prefer.

I on the other hand prefer Nick/Juliette. They just seem to fit so perfectly well and better than, Nick did with Adalind. With Adalind it felt rushed and the normal procedure of what girls do of "I'm pregnant with your baby, you need to love me and take responsibility." that kind of shenanigan. Also, I'm on board with the rape case on this. Even if Nick did willingly say yes to the sex, it was a yes to Juliette, not Adalind. Had he known, it would've been a flat "Fuck no."

And now don't get me wrong, I don't hate Adalind, just thoroughly annoyed with her. And I actually can give her some kudos on the fact that she tried to be a good mother to her children. I tried to understand her on that part cuz, I'm still young and ya'll know what everybody says about the sacrifices parents make for their children lol so in a way, I tried to rationilized everything she did for her children.

Still did not sit well with me, but she's a neutral on my book anyways lol

Then, with Juliette. I have to admit her relationship with Nick ran rather stale for a couple of seasons. And then, I thoroughly disliked her at s2 because of how horribly she treated Nick. Like yeah, we all know she has amnesia but come on, the dude's trying and giving his best, she should at least try some more as well. Or maybe she did try but it was still too awkward and such for her.

I can't fault her too much but at the same time, you can't help but get pissed at her actions still.

And then, moving on to more of their faults. Nick has his own faults too, he's too heroic I guess? Too much of a saviour for everyone that he does sometimes lose focus of those around him. He also has a demanding attitude to him when it comes to help. Like, I know Monroe is his bestfriend and that lives are at a stake here but... He sometimes has no disregard for other people, sometimes his needs are at a priority even when those needs are for saving people. Bottomline is, he cares too much about the community that he doesn't realize how careless he can be sometimes until it's too late.

Oh btw, one more thing I noticed in the thread is that people saying that Juliette became selfish when she only offered to help Nick get his grimm back when Monroe and Rosalee were being harrassed already. In all honesty, I saw nothing wrong with that. They didn't know at that time yet how horrible the world was becoming, Juliette thought that maybe there were still more grimms in the world and that maybe, one less grimm was alright just so she and Nick could have a normal life. They had tried it for a few weeks, they didn't deliberately stop trying to fix the problem.

Now back to Juliette, cuz I really loved her when she became a Hexenbiest lol I think the Hexenbiest part of her was a really interesting take and made Juliette and even better character. Yes, given that she betrayed, become a bltch, then had Kelly killed. We also can't forget the fact that being a Hexenbiest makes you like that.Juliette is a new Hexenbiest who knows nothing on how to control her new self. And besides, it's normal for someone to want to kill the person who their s/o cheated on with, most especially had a baby with. But, the difference is the thought and action. Anyone would think like that but, not a lot of people would act upon it. But, given the circumstances of Juliette being a newborn Hexenbiest, I let it slide like 50% lol

Only 50% cuz she has yet to really apologize for killing Kelly and such.

The saying is true, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned lol

In my opinion, the only difference between Adalind and Juliette (Hexenbiest) is that Adalind wasn't successful with her kills and Juliette was. Adalind literally tried to kill Nick and everyone because of just who he is and that is their way in general, how she was raised. Juliette on the other hand, killed because of not only revenge but also because she still could not control the Hexenbiest in her. If Juliette had not become Eve, then I think she and Nick really would have ended.

I think Nick held onto Adalind because he thinks Juliette doesn't love him anymore and that Adalind gave him what he and Juliette couldn't have, a family. Adalind would hold onto Nick because she gave him a sense of security and safety. In my opinion, Nick loved both women but, with Adalind he loved her in a sense that she was the mother of his child. I think, instead of truly loving her as his lover, he loved her because she gave him what he wanted, what he thought he couldn't have with Juliette. And so, he held onto that because he didn't want to lose them the same way he lost Juliette.

Also, I love one of the comments here saying that Adalind loved Nick because she needed him but, Juliette loved Nick because she wanted him.

Besides, in the long run both relationships would've been really toxic anyways given the psychological rappor between the two so either way I'm good lol I just prefer the psychological damage and toxicity with Nick and Juliette bwuahahahahaha but also at the same time I think their love for each other is stronger than, that of Adalind and Nick who just had a baby together then, developed feelings lol not really a good grounds for starting a relationship, statistically a lot of couples break up and/or leave a child scarred if they decided to get together just for a baby. 

Ohhhh last but not least, I still stand firm on the idea that Nick and Adalind did not last after 20 years lol it was such an open ending, like yeah I know Diana saying "Mom and Dad" were waiting for them but, that was all. No indication otherwise.

That's all, thanks so much for reading my non-sense Ted Talk/Comment lol

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