Lucille55 wrote:
Marzarret wrote:
Yeah, but they were enemies back then. In an act of war, that's to be expected. Adalind never took advantage of Nick's trust or love the way Juliette did when she betrayed him and got his mom killed. One that makes Adalind's former action more tolerable than Juliette is because she's an enemy to Nick and Nick will expect the worst from her. On the other hand, Nick remained to have faith in Juliette that she won't go that far but unfortunately, she did and that...well, let's just say that if an enemy hurts you, you can shrug it off but when someone you love betrayed you, that kills a part of you and that's the ultimate fate of Nick and Juliette's relationship.
Actually they were not enemies as Nick didn't know who Adalind was, so in reality, it makes Adalind's actions more appalling. The fact that she could hurt someone who she didn't know really shows what a cold person she really is.

And betraying and hurting the people you claim to love is not any worse? Are you serious?

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