Isa0na wrote:
I have downright despised Juliette for four seasons. She annoyed the sh*t out of me even when she was still Human, almost from episode one on, however I think Nick loved her more than anyone else. She was the one for him. Also everything negative said towards Juliette goes to Adalind as well - what she did was equally as bad as what Juliette did. She spent four seasons being vile and bad to the core. She is responsible for everything bad happening in Juliette's and Nick's life. Juliette becomes a Hexenbiest because of Adalind. And then when Adallind realizes that Juliette is stronger than her and that Kenneth has no interest in protecting her, she uses her pregnancy to get Nick on her side (the finest manipulation from her side, again! She did that four seasons long, let's not forget that) How did Juliette feel seeing Nick protecting the woman who did so many horrible things to her and them as a couple? He sent her away. He kept her imprisoned. And while I understand why he did it, I can completely see why Juliette was raging and hated him for it. He was a s*** boyfriend in these episodes (not saying this justifies Juliette helping the Royals to get his mother, and also not saying that Juliette was a great girlfriend. I pretty much hated her for most episodes.)

So, don't get me wrong, I don't like Juliette, and I don't like her with Nick. I wished they would have split up in season 2 already. I think partly this is also the fault of how the character was written, and quite honestly Bitsie Tulloch is not the greatest actress. Unlike Sasha Roiz who did a lot of shady stuff as Renard, she wasn't able to project the feeling of being torn the way he did. And unlike Claire Coffee she wasn't able to raise sympathy with the viewers.

But I don't like Nick with Adalind either. She raped him. And to everyone who says she doesn't: She did. Rape by deception. In many countries this is a crime! Just imagine the gender roles would be diversed and it would be a guy taking advantage of a woman. None of us here would let it slide the way everone does with Adalind.

I'm so sick of this shipping war. Both women are pretty much crap imo. The only difference between them is that Nick and Adalind's relationship is fanfiction level. And I'm honestly a bit shocked that the writers of this show went down such a fanfiction route within only a few episodes (!) and that many viewers buy it! Adalind pregnant with Nick's child and they both fall in love because suddenly she changed into a complete new person? This is so... weird and far from good storytelling (but then all of  Season 5 is completely weird. Including the super-power child Diana, the sudden appearance of Eve, and Renard's involvement with Black Claw. We are talking about Renard here - the interesting part about him was always that he was neither good nor bad. Renard would have never let an organization use him like BC did. He would have always kept a few backdoors open. Also the way they changed the plot completely with BC appearance made me shake my head. Wesen Council - cancelled. Royals - cancelled. Resistence - cancelled. Wesenrein - cancelled. All major plotlines gone for the sake of a new, boring one that appeared out of nowhere. But that's another topic.)

I honestly wish the show wouldn't have gone down such a soap opera level. Rosalee and Monroe - great. Wesen cases - great. Nick's working relationship with Hank, Wu and Renard - great. Trying to create a world beyond ours with the Council, Wesen groups and Royals - interesting.  Trying to be a Grimm and a Detective, a man of justice - interesting! I wish the show would have kept all these ingredients which made it popular in the first place. Sadly they didn't. And sadly it's probably why it got cancelled with season 6.

God, I'm so frustrated at this. Grimm is my one of my favorite shows. I hate that I feel so pissed at what they did with season 5 and parts of season 6. And the relationships between the characters.

Yeah, I kind of agree with you. Though I liked Adalind more as a character all throughout the series, neither of those two actually deserved Nick. But Adalind acquired the upperhand when Juliette exited the picture. They have a kid to consider and it's not that hard to like someone if that person is actually likeable especially if you two are stuck in the same roof. And that's what happened between Nick and Adalind during the 5th and 6th season.

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