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3 sneak peeks
Well that answers a couple of questions. Whether Nick tried using the stick on Wu and Hank or not. And also what was going on with the merging of blood. Certainly makes sense that in order to defeat the ultimate evil opposing forces need come together. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. 

Love being able to see decent length clips a good amount of time before the episode airs, helps satisfy the crave.   

I also like lots of sneak peeks. Maybe the stick works but just not to dead people, cause that’s just too much then he could have resurrected EVERYONE!  Maybe it heals but not resurrect,  also may not work on humans, the two people Nick healed was a Blutbad and a Hexenbiest and of course himself. Its funny how everyone keep saying "I/we will need to kill this thing" haven't they noticed? The guy is unstopable! No mortal weapon will do damage. 

I'm curious why was he in the precint? He didn't kill Nick and he didn't take the stick from Nick esp if he "sense" it. Looks like there's no more police in Portland! 

I keep coming back to the idea that maybe the gang get ahold of the staff in the end and reunite the pieces. And with this great power that has been stated a few times includes the ability of raising the dead. I just feel it's a little odd to show death in the promo, takes away the dramatic surprise, so may be death isn't the end or isn't real at all.

I've considered that maybe the spell/potion that is preformed might be a glamor of sorts. Especially with the ep picture of Eve face to face with Mr Glowing Eyes. Maybe the death of Monroe and possibly Adalind are an illusion of some sort to trick Zerstorer.  It's just rather hard to believe that they'd kill them off, especially with Monroe set to be a father to triplets.

I keep trying to figure out answers to why he'd go to the precinct but none of them make sense. He went there for Nick, he didn't do anything permanent to Nick so that doesnt work. He went to stop the police from interfering, but he doesn't care about police so that doesn't work. I think it was written this way to give a more epic scene for Wu and Hank to meet their fate.   

I also think that once Nick kills the skull guy and takes the stick, he might have the "power" to turn back time or something where no one dies.  But I think that is BS, someone should die, this is Grimm after all. 

No doubt how Wu and Hank died was dramatic, shotting the guy with assault rifles and then when those high powered weapons didn't work Wu think he can stop him and Hank think by swing the rifle would do harm, not to mention Nick jumping towards him LOL.   That was such a stupid setting. They had ZERO chance! 

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