Wu-niversalGrimm wrote:
WesenZoo wrote:
3 sneak peeks
Well that answers a couple of questions. Whether Nick tried using the stick on Wu and Hank or not. And also what was going on with the merging of blood. Certainly makes sense that in order to defeat the ultimate evil opposing forces need come together. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. 

Love being able to see decent length clips a good amount of time before the episode airs, helps satisfy the crave.   

I also like lots of sneak peeks. Maybe the stick works but just not to dead people, cause that’s just too much then he could have resurrected EVERYONE!  Maybe it heals but not resurrect,  also may not work on humans, the two people Nick healed was a Blutbad and a Hexenbiest and of course himself. 

Its funny how everyone keep saying "I/we will need to kill this thing" haven't they noticed? The guy is unstopable! No mortal weapon will do damage. 

I'm curious why was he in the precint? He didn't kill Nick and he didn't take the stick from Nick esp if he "sense" it. Looks like there's no more police in Portland! 

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