FANDOM wrote:
The new "Eve" character fits the actress' limited acting ability and her lazy eye. Now her robotic delivery fits the character. Plus her weird bug eyes are now supposed to be scary, not attractive.

That was rude. And I totally disagree. You need to go rewatch the Dämonfeuer episode where she's kidnapped. She puts up a hell of a fight, and shows her good acting. Bitsie Tulloch and David Giuntoli have been in movies together. And various other TV shows respectively. Bitsie Tulloch even won an award. Unless you're a worldwide famous actor, don't diss her incredible acting skills. She's one of my favorite characters on the show. wrote:
No matter what Juliette did, I can't forget that it all began over her trying to help Nick become a Grimm again. He was such a whiny ass and the point of the show was gone when he lost his powers. I was not fond of her character, but the writers really have not done her justice. They had her do everything, short of killing Nick, to make her despicable. She burned the trailer, she killed his mother, she tried to kill Monroe..... They should have just left her dead.

I don't think he was a whiny ass. He even told her he couldn't put her through that. They did it because of a pressing need to due to Monroe & Rosalee's safety. He never even asked her to, she was the one that said she would.

But yeah, she did all that horrible stuff, but like you, I focus on the good. She saved Nick's life. Atleast twice. She saved Monroe, Renard, Wu and whoever else was at the ambush's life too. She spent hours studying his world just to try and help, not to mention actually helping on alot of his cases. She helped him as a translator, as a vet, as a friend, as a lover, as a supporter.

That's how I'm going to remember Juliette.

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